Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review: "Reflex"

Studio: Titan Men
Director: Brian Mills
Year Released: 2010
Running Time: 108 minutes

Reflex was not an easy one for me to sit through. Because the name Titan Men is synonymous with standard-setting, award-winning gay porn, I felt like I SHOULD have liked it much more than I actually did. But even industry stalwarts such as Titan can miss the target every now and then. Reflex certainly has more going for it than against it (namely the appearance of Titan Men exclusive David Anthony), but it’s still a tough one to recommend as a whole. Featuring three sex scenes (as opposed to the porn-standard five) it starts out with a volcanic pairing, hits a serious speed bump in the middle, only to end with a final ferocious fucking. For my money if you’re going to shoot fewer sex scenes, then make damn sure what you do shoot is consistently hot. But unfortunately, that’s just not the case with this feature.

Scene one takes place at night poolside with buzzed-headed, scruffy-faced Christopher Saint sitting in a chair while playing with his uncut cock and just generally grooving on his own delicious naked bod. The scene is gorgeously lit, with the house behind him bathed in a blue glow with shadows falling sharply across the facade and a turquoise ember burning behind the French doors. Muscular, mustached David Anthony descends the staircase behind him clad only in a pair of tight jeans (hot!). He comes up behind Saint and feels him up slowly and passionately as they make out. Anthony drops trou to reveal a truly massive cock (his body is so tan that I swear even his cock has a tan), and Saint can’t help but snack on it immediately. Anthony is a huge fan of his own saliva throughout the proceedings as he lets it drip out of his mouth and onto his cock while he’s getting sucked off or spitting right into Saint’s mouth as he’s coming up for air. I’ve never been a fan of music in porn, but the music in this scene is actually pretty good (very Depeche Mode) and adds to the overall heat rather than being a distraction from it. Saint stands up on the chair, giving Anthony easy access to his banana-shaped dick. Anthony is not the deep-throated cock sucker that Saint is, but he’s no slouch, either. And again with Anthony being a huge fan of sloppy wetness as he spits quite a bit on Saint’s cock while sucking him off. What’s truly a feast for the eyes here is the shadow of Anthony’s enormous schlong projected against the back of the chair. It looks like an elephant’s trunk. Fans of huge dick: behold and rejoice! Saint jerks himself off to climax as Anthony stands over him and blasts his load all over Saint’s muscular abs.

Next up Saint is bent over a lounge chair with Anthony eagerly exploring his cheeks and hole. Saint has a really great ass, don’t get me wrong. But I’m guessing he just had it waxed before this scene, as there are a number of ingrown hairs clearly visible on his cheeks which I found to be a bit distracting. One word for Titan Men: Dermablend. Anthony licks and (of course) spits on his hole. A shot that will make bottoms swoon with delight features Anthony slowly sinking his massive member into Saint’s willing hole. Another awesome shot from below features Anthony’s ball sack swinging back and forth as he pounds away. One thing that’s seriously off-kilter here is the audio. The moans and groans on the soundtrack are definitely those of the performers, but clearly do not match the movement on their lips. Saint lies back on the lounge chair, legs raised, with Anthony also on the chair and facing him, drilling Saint’s hole (and in signature style spitting on his chest). Saint is clearly having the time of his life here and comes while getting plugged. Anthony pulls out and produces a nice creamy finish to the pairing.

Scene two begins in the kind of bathroom I simply must have for my own: a multi-person marble shower room (not just a stall, mind you, a room!) featuring a huge glass wall overlooking a patio and pool with a waterfall-style shower head on the ceiling. Please, Santa, please! Dakota Rivers and Dario Beck wander in and make out under the running water, with Rivers’ stiff cock standing at attention against Beck’s leg. Beck kneels down to inhale Rivers’ rod. Shirtless shorty Will Parker watches the duo intently outside the massive glass wall, pulling down his jeans and skivvies and jerking himself off. Water sports fans should appreciate Rivers peeing in the shower. He turns the water off while Parker saunters in to feast on both of their cocks. DVD cover boy Beck sports a lightly hairy chest, an uncut cock that curves upward and a nice thatch of pubes. All three jerk themselves off to a sticky finish, with Rivers and Beck blasting their butter onto Parker’s chest.

It’s lunchtime on the patio and man sandwich is served as Parker sucks off Beck and Rivers eats Beck’s hairy hole. Later, while Rivers is fucking Beck, the camera shot from below captures what appear to be drops of lube on the lens. It’s distracting, nasty, and sort of hot all at the same time. A triple fuck follows, with Beck fucking Parker and Rivers fucking Beck, ending with Beck flat on his back, Rivers on top and Parker squatting over his face. All three blast off to climax and honestly, I could have cared less. There is no heat or chemistry between Beck and Rivers and they barely say anything to each other throughout the entire scene. And I’m not talking about dialogue here; I’m talking about simple sweet nothings or moans and groans of pleasure. The only one even trying to heat things up here is Parker but he can’t carry the entire scene as the focus is primarily on Rivers and Beck, with him being relegated (unfairly) to second-fiddle status. Following the white-hot poolside pairing of Anthony and Saint, this lackluster triple play just sticks out like a sore thumb. It plays out more like a throwaway scene that should have been included in the DVD extras, but not as a part of the main feature itself. Wah…wah…wah….

The final scene showcases total cutie Marco Blaze and walking-brick-shit house Tyler Saint. Saint is on a ladder fixing Blaze’s ceiling fan. Clad only in a towel (which he soon conveniently drops), Blaze makes a bee line for Saint and pulls his cock out of his jeans and munches on it. Blaze sports a really nice uncut cock (and equally tasty shaved balls) which stays rock hard while he’s sucking off Saint. Strangely the visual focus here is on Blaze’s cock but not on the cock he’s sucking off. Saint comes down off the ladder to return the favor on Blaze’s aforementioned beautiful dick. He gives his cock a spit-filled workout, grabbing it by the balls and taking it all the way down his throat. Blaze blasts a load onto Saint’s chest, and they head off into another room (what, no orgasm for Saint after all that hard work?).

On a couch between two tall and rather frightening phallic sculptures, Saint snacks on Blaze’s hairless hole. Saint eats hole with the same hearty zest that he sucks cock. He rolls on a condom and fucks Blaze doggy style. Actually everything Saint does here, from sucking cock to eating hole to plowing ass, is Grade A. He jack hammers Blaze’s ass and gives him a formidable fucking. Saint himself also has quite a large cock which Blaze definitely enjoys being rammed with here. Changing positions, Saint lies back on the couch and Blaze squats ass down on his long dick. Blaze might be on top but it’s Saint that’s in the driver’s seat as he continues to pound away at Blaze’s butt hole. Blaze jerks himself off onto Saint’s He Man-esque chest. Saint proves he can also take it like a man when Blaze gets on top and sinks his cock into his versatile hole. Blaze holds onto Saint’s cock while he’s plowing him, and the chemistry between these two is palpable throughout. The fucking isn’t a long and varied as it was when Saint was topping, but it’s heated nonetheless. Both jerk themselves off to sweet finish.

The extras on the DVD feature behind the scenes footage but unfortunately no interview segments with the performers. Why that is I have no idea, as Titan features an interview on their website with David Anthony shot on the set of this film. Other extras include a cumshot reel, previews for other Titan Men releases, as well as ads for TitanMen Lube (made in Germany!), TitanMen Tools, and the company website. A bit underwhelming, and I expected a little more in terms of extra features from the MGM of gay porn. All in all, three splats for Reflex.

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