Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Worlds Dustin Zito/”Spencer’s” Videos

MTV's language conceals the fact that Dustin did gay porn: Performing as "Spencer" on FratMen ("erotic nude jackoff porn"), he masturbated and engaged in oral sex in two videos. On its sibling site Fratpad ("straight frat boys in sizzling hot chat and webcam shows"), Dustin had sexual contact with other men, and gave and received anal sex with another man in a live pay-per-view show.

He also blames all his homophobic comments on MTV editing where he says "People were put on the earth for one fucking reason, and that is to reproduce." When the house was about to get a new roommate, he expressed his fear over the potential that the new roommate could be gay: "Over the years, you get a level of paranoia. You're walking and you see a gay person and you get nervous."

Whether you like him or hate him, check out some of his clips... Enjoy.

EuroPride Roma 2011 Animated Video

8Teenboy / Barely 18 Trailer

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boy Butter Extreme H20

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Bareback Asian Twinks Trailer

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jet Set Mens "Bad Ass Bottoms" Trailer

This week on the Podcast we review Jet Set's "Bad Ass Bottoms" with 3 Big Splats. "Who would believe it? Brad Star, the formerly dedicated and sought-after “Top” explores the excitement of being a self-proclaimed Bad Ass Bottom. He identifies first as just a “bad ass”, a tough guy, a stud whose cock bottoms want up their butts, on his way to showing his “other side”. His revelations are interspersed with 5 sex scenes in which seven hot guys and he demonstrate the “thrill of man-on-man sex”, and bottoming specifically. This John Bruno directed DVD for Jet Set Men features the equally hot Jet Set Exclusive Angel Rock, Seth Haus, and Cliff Jensen as the “Tops”, with Hunter Vance, Connor Maguire, AJ Irons, Mick Gibson and, yes, Brad Star as the Bad Ass Bottom"

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