Thursday, January 28, 2010

COLT Invades Mexico City with Adam Champ

Colt man Adam Champ is going to be live and in person at Mexico City's Boy Bar Club Feb 4th doing Erotic Performance and Signing Autographs. Champ once lived in Mexico City and did many TV commercials and was the poster boy for one of the most largest discos in the City. He also was in a very popular soap opera.

He's not just a beauty with a hard hairy body and a big cock, he's smart too. The 33yo who's real name is Gustavo, is originally from Buenos Aries Argentina has a masters in physiology. Guess he can shrink my mind while he makes my cock grow.

Check out a video I found with Adam Champ working out with Carlo Masi

Active Duty's "Randy" Passes Away from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

It was very surprising and bad news to hear that the 22 y.o. up and comer who starred in multiple Dink Flamingo productions and appears in the new "Brent Corrigan's Working Hard" passed away this week from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Corrigan issued a statement about the star, "With a mouth full of metal, Randy was easily one of the most adorable models. Braces or not, he never stopped beaming! Like the very glint of silver flashing at you every time he pursed his lips to smile - Randy's happiness, friendliness & unequivocal acceptance of everyone around him made him absolutely unique in our often overtly judgmental world.

Randy was a soldier of life. Though handsome and sturdy, his personal appeal far exceeded his physical. He was simply that much of a joy to be around! He was goofy and fearless because of it. He spoke with the cutest little affectation: It made you want to grab hold of his head in your hands and plant the most generous kiss on his big, silly mouth. When he revealed to me I was the first boy he had ever kissed in a scene I blushed and worried if I was a worthwhile first time for him.
When we say that everyone loved him and relished being in his company, we really do mean everyone. Randy was more than just a paramour to us. His zeal and vibrancy simply just emanated from him indiscriminately."

Dink Flamingo has created a tribute video.

Mason Wyler Wants To Be A Bigger Slut for 2010

If you thought he was slutty in 09, Mason Wyler tells us in his blog that he wants to make 2010 a real Cum-Fest

"For more than two months I have let life pass me by. I've lost fifteen pounds of muscle and I'm seriously behind on my blog. What's even worse is the fact that I have only had sex with twelve people since I became single back in October. That's pathetic for a self-described cock-a-holic like myself. For gay CHRIST'S sake, what kind of porn slut am I? A pretty bad one for sure. Twelve boys in nearly four months?! God that's a sad realization. It should be more like twelve hundred. [...] Starting today I will be a new man. A man that works out every day, goes to bed before 2am every night, and wakes up before 10am every morning. I will limit the amount of time I spend on video games. I will make an effort to write at least once a day. And I will stop ignoring my sex addiction and actually go out and get some dick. It's time I start living again."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ted Haggard Prayed the Gay Away

He might have prayed the gay away, but what about the meth? Haggard was on Today Show with his wife who just wrote a book on why she stayed with the gay meth-head. Crazy wife tells Meredith Vieira "Our sexuality is conditioned, and we can be conditioned in any number of ways" and "Ted was dealing with certain compulsions that were unwanted."

Ted said that he has to be "super accountable" when traveling, and regularly checks in with his wife on his whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter and trys to stay with another male pastor when he travels rather than with a hotel room (with an gay escort). It sounds like he could have a little gay left in him, pray harder Ted.

CalExotics Releases Travel Jackmaster

If you like to take your sex toys when you travel this is for you. The Travel Jackmaster has many of the same features as the original Jackmaster, but is now available in a smaller size. Featuring the same design as the larger version, the smaller Travel Jackmaster is an inch shorter and a quarter-inch narrower than the original.

“Being a frequent traveler myself, I understand that luggage space is a precious commodity,” said Susan Colvin, president and founder of Cal Exotics. “Given the great success of the Jackmaster, it made perfect sense to make a smaller version for those who have busy, travel-intensive lives.”

The Travel Jackmaster features a dual-sided, TPR pleasure chamber with unique ridges and has a flexi-grip design for controlling stroking pressure. And just like its larger version, it opens for easy cleaning and drying.

“While the Jackmaster still remains a great option for many people, we think that the travel version will be the perfect solution for others on the go,” said Al Bloom, CalExotics director of marketing.

Lady Calston Ventures Into Gay Sex Toys

After more than 20 years of manufacturing sex toys for women and couples, Lady Calston has launched the "Man Line" targeting gay men with inflatable anal sex toys.

The Man Line launches with six offerings: the Expand-A-G, Expand-A-Dong, His & His Rabbits, Lil Rasscalls II, InJoy and the Y-Bullet

The Expand-A-G is a dual pleasure object that massages the prostate and offers testicle stimulation. The size of the prostate massager is controlled with a pump and testicle stimulation is delivered with a seven-function vibe that extends from the prostate device.

“Orders and feedback on the Man Line have been nothing short of incredible,” says owner Larry Gayne. “So much so, that in fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised. To be candid, this was, in fact, a test for us in this market direction and I could not have imagined a better response.

College Newspaper Writes a "How To on Anal Sex"

New Mexico University student newspaper runs "Clean and Painless Anal Sex" Finally, something a college student can use.

Daily Lobo reporter Hunter Riley goes into graphic detail about how to safely do it and quotes a person she calls a "sexpert" who produced videos on the subject.

Reporter Hunter Riley told Eyewitness News 4 on Tuesday she didn't have time to speak on camera, but did say she wrote the article to clear up misconceptions about the risqué topic.

In a written statement to KOB, she wrote: "Whether you like it, people will have anal sex, they might as well do it safely without spreading disease or damaging their bodies."

REVIEW: Barebacking Fuck Buddies 3

3, 3, 3, let's sing a song about three, how many is three? Three barebacking fuck buddy flicks! Astute readers will no doubt realize that this is not a sequel, but third in a series of scenes from (As listeners to the porncast know, the kind that Paulie just loves!) Directed by Jake Cruise but featuring him nowhere, all the scene are hot and feature some interesting pairings.

The first is between Lance Bennett and Seth Sweet (aka Hayden Stephens) and has Seth bottoming up a storm (personally, I like Lance as a bottom better, but that's because I like really noisy bottoms). Scene two has Jeremy Bilding and Mario Yanko, where Jeremy fucks Mario like he was a BoSox fan. Scene three has Brendan Cage and Brock Armstrong (no relation to stretch, I presume), and Bendan takes care of the hot, bald Brock. Scene four has Dexter and Enrique Currero, with Dexter's fine, cut body using every muscle to give pleasure to Enrique. Not earth-shattering porn, but some hot times can be had by all.

VPSotW: Danny Bliss

Yes he was short (if you call 5'4" short), and he wasn't your typical blond bottom boy (his hair was and likely still is brown) and he wasn't hugely muscled (although he beefed himself up when he came back as "Dan Elliot" for Vivid Man). But I loved Danny Bliss for the bliss that he seemed to get from bottoming. Whether it was a gang bang or an intimate coupling, he took it all and never made it seem too easy (no top likes to hear "is it in yet?") Also went by: Danny Bliss Eliott, Daniel Pryce, Daniel LeBrun, and Pryce.

Videography (does not include compilations):

2 Hard Up (Tempest Studios)
Black Jacks 2 (Stallion Video)
Jockstrap Wrestling 01 (BG Enterprise)
Jockstrap Wrestling 04 (BG Enterprise)
Jockstrap Wrestling 06 (BG Enterprise)
Muscle Showcase 22 (BG Enterprise)
Sales Force (A-Line Video)
Salsa Fever (HIS Video)
Spank Me Paddle Me (Bob Jones Prod.)
Taxi (Man 2 Man)
Your Ass or Mine? (Bacchus)
Trick Time (1984; Cosco Studio)
Wet Dreams (1988; Pryce InHand)
Young Warriors (1988; Natural Wonders)
Bat Dude and Throbin: The Sexxcapaders (1989; InHand Video)
Blue Collar Fantasies Original Recipe 03 (1989; Pan Tone Video)
Boot Camp 1: A Long Way From Home (1989; Panther Prod.)
Boot Camp 2: The Trenches (1989; Panther Prod.)
Hollow Weenie (1989; Natural Wonders)
Tease Me! (1989; Sierra Pacific)
Undercover (1989; Catalina)
Young and Notorious (1989; Dynamic Prod.)
Joker's Wild (1990; Vivid Man)
Knights of Thunder (1990; Video Resource Group)
Pay To Play 3 (1990; Vivid Man)
Rear Window, Patrick Dennis' (1990; Vivid Man)
Danny's Anal Ordeal (1991; Image Video)
Las Vegas Love Gods (1991; Conquest International Pictures)
Rex Take One (1991; HIS Video)
Beach Blanket Boner (1992; Conquest International Pictures)
The Big Dare (1992; Image Video)
Deception 1: Happy Birthday To You (1992; QT Prod.)
Deception 2: Hard Justice (1992; HIS Video)
Dirty Pool (1992; HIS Video)
Dream Team (1992; A-Line Video)
The Extra Day (1992; QT Prod.)
Horny Rent Collector (1992; Rick Savage Prod.)
I Dream of Weenie (1992; Conquest International Pictures)
Lights Camera Action (1992; Planet Group Video)
Rump Ranger (1992; Stallion Video)
Santa's Coming (1992; Video Resource Group)
Secret Report (1992; Dynamic Productions)
Sexmates (1992; Image Video)
Steel Pulse (1992; New Generation Video)
Wet Sex (1992; Video Resource Group)
X-Tasy (1992; QT Prod.)
Bi Golly (1993; Planet Group Video)
Danny's Anal Addiction (1993; Image Video)
Here Comes Peter (1993; HIS Video)
Just Can't Stop (1993; Mustang)
Mounted Police (1993; HIS Video)
Moving In (1993; Out and About)
The Muscle Club (1993; A-Line Video)
Need You Tonight (1993; Pleasure Prod.)
Neighborhood Games (1993; HIS Video)
Pits Tits and Feet (1993; Bob Jones Prod.)
Private Dancer (1993; Mustang)
Private Games (1993; All Worlds)
Rearended (1993; Close-Up Prod.)
Sex Games (1993; HIS Video)
Tickled Butch Guys (1993; Bob Jones Prod.)
Tightropes 25 (1993; Zeus)
Waterworks (1993; Mustang)
Wet Load (1993; Jocks)
Alone at Last (1994; Pride Video)
Gang Bang Towel Boy (1994; BIG Video)
Masquerade (1994; Odyssey Men)
Mentor (1994; Vivid Man)
Sex Police (1994; Studio Q)
Guys In Jocks and Jockeys (1995; Bob Jones Prod.)
Les Hommes Au Naturel (1995; Falcon Intl.)

Porn Cop Sues for Discrimination & his Job Back

Michael Verdugo is one good-looking guy. The former cop has been kicked out of service for failing to report his gay porn star past. Billed as Jeremy Wess in Rope Rituals, Mikey V put his formidable muscle to the test. Now he is looking to get his job back: his day job, that is.

Mikey V was fired not only by Hollywood Police, but also by HGTV's Design Star, where the hot cop was hoping to forge a new 'legit' TV career. He now owns his own interior design company, Verdugo Design Group. But he still hankers after his old police job.

Verdugo insists he is being discriminated against for his sexuality more than anything else. Not many police officers are open about their sexuality, Verdugo told the Miami Herald.

"[Police] don't want to come out because they see what happened to me," he said. "It's a double-edge sword,“Discrimination is still huge in the police community. It's just huge.

I wonder if he is free to decorate my dungeon.

Anyone Can Do Drag with the Dragulator

If you ever wanted to know how you would look in Drag, you can try Logo's Rupaul Dragulator. Just up load you photo, choose some makeup and hair and poof, your a Queen. Now all you have to do come up with you drag name and you have next year Christmas Card. Check out Evan's Drag persona, which I like to call, Miss Last Call because you would have to be loaded. Just a joke Evan! Click Here to try it out.

NBA Greg Oden is Hung like a Horse

NBA's Portland Trail Blazer Greg Oden sent some cock pics to some lucky lady and surprised, they ended up on the net. This stud could make anyone an athletic supporter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Andy Dick Arrested for Gay Kiss in W.VA

Andy Dick Arrested for Crotch Grabbing at Funny Bone; Insert Joke Here, and was charged with two counts of sexual abuse for groping a bouncer’s cock (who hasn't done that) and kissing a male patron in a comedy club where he was performing. His bail was set at $60,000 and he vehemently denies these allegations.

This is not Dick's first run in with bad sexual behavior (bad... guess it's who you ask). He has exposed himself to audiences on at least two occasions.

The manager of the club says the comedian performed last night and “had never been funnier.” He says Dick is still scheduled to go on stage tonight.

Big Brother Reality Star "I'm an Adult Film Model

From TMZ, Steven Daigle isn't ready to call himself a "Gay Porn Star" and talks about keeping his day job (really good idea) as a geographic information systems analyst... is he the voice in my G.P.S.?

As for whether his training as a cowboy came in handy, Daigle said, "The thing about riding a bull, you only have to stay on eight seconds. [The director] wanted me to stay on a lot longer than that. So no, my training didn't help me much."