Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paula Abdul Diva or Delusional?

Hey everyone its Paulie Again. As a gay man, I love to watch crack whores in a train wreck, I mean who doesn’t. My friends and I love to sit around seeing who does the best Anna Nicole or Whitney Houston impersonation from the reality shows the night before. This week Paula Abdul the wanna-be Diva who says “Why don’t people treat me like the gift that I am?” realty show premiered. In-between her ranting about not having sweat pants for a plane trip or her ugly QVC jewelry looking like circa 1990 not looking like a proto type she just say the dumbest things and laughs out loud (most likely drunk). My suggestion is, when you’re on your death bed and only have a few hours to live play the tapes of this show to make your last minutes seem like an eternity. Save some of your brain cells and skip this show.