Friday, August 21, 2009

Young Hottie on XTube Faces Deportation

This extremely popular XTube stud is being deported from Canada back to his native Philippines. He is now part of an art exhibit in Canada by Peter Kingstone that deals with issues of prostitution in Canada and has prostitutes and former prostitutes telling stories about their grandmothers.

He is also stepping up for Reyes, saying, "I think it's horrendous to send someone who's been here since the age of 11 back to a place he doesn't know. He spent over half his life in Canada. He fell into what the justice system considers illegal acts, but sending him back to the Philippines wouldn't help him, them or us. Canadians break the law all the time and we don't send them away. That's not how you build a community."

Diner that Ejected Lesbian Patrons Puts Surveillance Video on YouTube

The owners of Tastee Diner in Silver Spring Maryland refused to apologize and said that ejected the woman because acted in a sexual manor. They released a surveillance video on YouTube and said that this would vindicate their raciest, homophobic behavior. However the tape show no of the accused behavior. What it shows is a nasty bigot manager that hovers over the woman. I don't know what the owners are smoking, but give me some.

Adam Lambert Gets Hit By Dildo on Stage

You know he loves the dildos, but not sure if he likes them thrown on stage. He has to be the only singer to request for fans to stop hurling sex toys. Clay Gaykin would never have kick it back in the audience.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Gay Adult Site Offers Levi Johnston $

After telling Bravo TV on a live broadcast that he would think about posing naked if the money was right, Unzipped offered him a cover story and nude layout for an undisclosed amount of money.

Now has up the ante and offered him $25K to masturbate for them. Owner, Justin Clouse, touts 18 billboards around Las Vegas offering $500 to prospective male performers. "We're prepared to offer you 50 times the regular amount for a couple hours of your time," he said. The site will also cover first-class airfare, accommodations and a limousine should Johnston accept the offer.

Maybe Levi could bail out the cash poor Alaska and become a porn star.

Brent Corrigan's Whine's a little on Blog

Brent Corrigan's is upset and he is letting us know on his blog. He has a "Very" (notice the capital letter which Must make it important) detailed online entry about the abysmal sales of "Big Easy" and how hard it is to be independent porn star.

From the Blog "The abysmal way "Big Easy" is selling – after pouring everything of myself into it – I have very little to show for it...For years I have dedicated myself to a free blog, free photos, sharing thoughts, interests, opinions, and everything I have to give only to hear you say “You support ME” but not show it. I know I’ve shown less and less of myself on the blog here, why do you think that is? Because I don’t feel compelled to give anything away for free anymore."

"I am a passionate, loyal, creative perfectionist. I spend 6 days a week in the gym and I’ve all but sacrificed an active social life so that I can run a successful company...I’m here, I’m for real. And I’m standing in front of you, often naked as the day I came into this world, to ask you if you are going to return the favor?"

While times are hard and everyone is trying to make a buck, guess pornstars are no different.

Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo at Hustlaball London 09

The Hustlaball celebrated its tenth birthday this year. A celebration of Hustlers, hookers, pimps, streetwalkers, porn stars, a fantastic night of super decadence with a huge touch of glamour thrown in.

Hustlaball has achieved notoriety in New York, Berlin, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles but creator Jeffrey Davids has teamed up with Salvation's Alex Erfan to put it firmly on London's big gay map.

This year Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo heated up the stage to a very excited crowd in this 65 min video.

Barney Frank Takes no SHIT at Town Hall

Unlike some of the other speakers at Town Hall Meeting, Barney does not get flustered with the nuts that show up. With comebacks like "Having a conversation with you is like arguing with a dining room table" makes Frank the straight shooter of the week.

Raging Stallion’s JD Slater Releases New Music CD

The Multi Talented JD Slater has released a new music CD, two years after releasing the acclaimed cult hit album Naked. Western Skies and Eyes of Blue is Slater’s epic sonic ode to the sweeping majesty, power and romance of mythic western horizons.

The new album fuses traditional melodies including New Orleans voodoo jazz with dueling campfire guitars in the painted vistas of the Mojave Desert. The music evokes a pilgrim’s odyssey through sacred canyons, down dusty trails and through the Pacific Northwest’s mountains to rugged shores.

Western Skies and Eyes of Blue is available in the store at After a successful career as a gay adult performer, Slater co-founded the gay adult studio with business partner Chris Ward in 1999.

Diesel Washington reminds Francois Sagat he "Fuck The Shit out of Him"

Kinda dark video of Diesel Washington talking with Francois Sagat and Wolf Hudson. Looks like Sagat liked the fucking Washington gave him in the Titan DVD "Fear" as much as we like watching it.

Raging Stallion Goes Huge for "Gunner World"

Raging Stallion and Monster Bang Video releases a size queen’s dream in "Gunner World 2 Disc Set" starring 13 inchs of meat Gunner. Chris Ward says the vignettes were filmed recently at their San Francisco studio. "When Gunner came to us wanting to do a studio DVD, we jumped at the chance to take a ride on his huge cock. Gunner is one of the key players in the world of big dicks, so we are very excited to be working with him." "This movie is nonstop fucking: just huge dicks and the guys that can take them."

Headliner Gunner appears twice: he tops Ricky Sinz, one of gay adult's biggest stars, in the film's marquee scene, and also anchors a threeway with Erik Grant and Dominic Pacifico.

Remaining vignettes pair Antonio Biaggi with Ethan Roberts; Bruno Bond with Charlie X; and Jason Crew with Damien Rios. This DVD is so big that they had to make it a double disc.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bananarama Are Back for a Great MTFT

Long-time gay faves Bananarama are back with a new single Love Comes. They sound and look great with this sure to be club hit, a great MTFT!

Richard Hatch Thinks He Went to Jail for Being Gay

That's right the first naked "man you love to hate" Surviver winner thinks he was jailed for being Gay and not because he refused to pay taxes. Hatch was sentenced to 4 year in prison and is now under house arrest after serving 3.5 years.

Openly Gay Congressman Does Beer Bong with Colbert

I think Colbert is the only man in the world who could get a Congressman do a Beer Bong!
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Oscar Winner's Jamie Fox's Big Cock

Some people wonder if Jamie himself didn't leak these naked pics on the web and why not, He's Hot and Hung, looks like Jamie Fox could rock anyones world.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tightest Bottom in the World

How does one find out that he is good at picking up a computer with his ass. All I know is that I want to be that Laptop!

Erik Rhodes Jerks Off... 2 Times

Here are two clips of Erik Rhodes, one from behind the scenes from Bruce LaBruce's LA Zombie and a hot one from Randy Blue. Rhodes is superhot and can be seen in Best of Eric Rhodes pt 2 out this week.

Mc Steamy Greys Anatomy Sex Tape Leaked

Eric Dane has a 3 ways sex tape leaked with his wife actress Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen Kari Ann Peniche.

First reported by, and leaked by an unknown source, the 12-minute sex tape shows the apparently inebriated threesome (Gayheart says she needs to lay down because she’s so high) frolicking in Peniche’s apartment discussing what their porn names would be. Dane’s: Tuff Hedemen.

I love Eric making his porn name for us on the tape “Cocaine Manor”, he looks hot.

Dane is famous for playing Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” He married former beauty queen Gayheart in 2004. She was the former face of Noxema and has since acted in a variety of movies and television shows. Peniche most recently was cast in “Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew” airing on VH1 in the fall.

Fleshbot will post the uncensored with full cock shots of Dane