Friday, August 1, 2014

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Trent Davis and Topher Dimaggio From Titanmen

First scene from the new Titanmen movie In Full View with Trent Davis and Topher Dimaggio.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Are Gay Men Born Gay. Survival of the Fabulous Trailer

Survival of the Fabulous Trailer from Scorpion TV on Vimeo.

Are gay men born gay? It seems the evidence says they are, but if that’s the case, how could same-sex attraction, a trait that prevents reproduction, evolve into the human race and survive generations of history? This question boggles the mind of openly gay and proudly flamboyant filmmaker Bryce Michael Sage, who sets out on a cross-country adventure to uncover the truth.

WATCH: Fran├žois Sagat's Leading Man Debut in 'Man at Bath'

In Man at Bath — first released in 2010 and now available online and DVD on August 5 — Sagat plays Emmanuel, a gay hustler living in France with his lover, Omar. After a fight, the two part ways and Omar leaves for New York City to study film. The story follows both characters as they deal with the fallout of their separation and attempt to move on from one another.

Scene from Big Cocks And Deep Holes

Big Cocks And Deep Holes
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Hot Male Striptease

Striptease-gay from Adrien Masseur on Vimeo.

Video of San Francisco’s “Up Your Alley” Street Fair

2014 Up Your Alley Fair - BDSM Demo from Icarus on Vimeo.

Thousands of leather and fetish enthusiasts from around the world, many of them barely clothed, took part in bondage, whipping and animal role play at San Francisco's Up Your Alley Fair on Sunday.