Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BREAKING NEWS : Exploding Manholes in NYC

No need to worry. Sources say manhole explosion not terror related.

Summer of Sequels

JUST RELEASED! Trunks 4: White Heat. This is why I like porn so much more then mainstream movies. The sequels can actually be better then the originals, especially with Steven Scarborough behind the camera. Judging from the preview, this one one won't disappoint either. (Is Palm Springs anything like the Trunks series? Readers leave feedback, I'm due for a vacation) I'm not afraid to say it, I love me some hot sun-bronzed men in bulging speedos. Remember when Josh Weston was casper-ass white. It might have set him apart from the pack, but he's definitely hotter tan. If Chi Chi starts doing skin cancer PSA's, I might reconsider my position. Angry Dermatologists and SPF pushers can send their angry emails to Paulie.

The other sequel that came out this summer is Hot House's "Pack Attack: CJ Knight". I promise I do not work for Hot House, I just think they do some amazing work. I probably need to give a few more studios a 2nd chance. This video looks so hot and so dirty, I'm sure it will be a favorite for the gang bang fans. The Bottom boy is super sexy CJ Knight and two of the 5 tops are Barrett Long and Chad Hunt. Sounds like a winning combo to me. I'll write up a full review of these when Evan sends me a copy *Cough *Cough

Big Brother 8 - 2 Gays and a Dick

The first few moments of Big Brother 8, I was shocked by the Extreme Diarrhea Mouthed Joe announcing that his ex-boyfriend gave him gonorrhea. This is after we heard the big twist this season, 3 people would have to have their worst enemy in the house. One a best friend from High School that owed $5, a fucked up father named Dick, and two twink ex-boyfriends. I know that I have a big mouth, but even I would not say to the American Public that I had VD. And so I have to admit that after all this I still signed up to Showtime to see the big Brother After Dark, an unedited 3 hour block of Big Brother on Showtime. Where the hunk Nick claimed during a hot tub chat to have once given a blow job, and with rumors that Nick starred in a Next Door Male gay porn video keeps me glued to the TV. It’s like being a peeping Tom without getting caught where you can see all the lame fights and bath scenes in bathing suits. Everyone deserves to be a voyeur once in a while and Big Brother 8 fills that need. So I guess I’m hooked for the season. Here’s to hoping that Joe doesn’t have any more diseases.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Video Reviews from GPT#110

Do you remember on Sesame Street when they would sing that jingle: 'One of these things, is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong'? (Excuse me in advance if your too old, too young, or too foreign for Sesame Street; just sit quietly and follow along) Sometimes, I like to review pairs of movies that have themes, like, European flicks, matching words in the titles, guys with huge dicks, etc. Other times, I will just pick them up at random. In this case, except for the fact that they're both gay porn (kind of a necessity, given the name of the porncast), they are as different, as different can be.

First movie is Stone Age, from Eon Films, which I think is Eddie Stone's directorial debut. He stars, directs, gets fucked, the whole ball of wax. I gave it three splats and I think it is a good first effort. Mr. Stone had some help with the directing from Rocky Brown, but we can already see some signature elements, that we would expect to see again. Does have a little tendency to 'mug' for the camera, but if your as attractive as Eddie Stone, that's not such a bad thing. In the first scene, Cole Ryan continues his his streak of getting me hard fast; your mileage may vary, but I look forward to all of his scenes. Eddie Stone is paired Trey Casteel in scene two and with 'the love of his life' (at least for this movie) Jesse Santana in the last scene. Great chemistry between the two. I also liked Tory Mason in scene three, but I think I liked him better in 'The Road To Redneck Hallow' and 'Big Boat' where he was a little more ripped, like a hot boy carved out of twink marble. What more can I say: Go get Stone!

Second movie, unrelated, was 'Striptease,' originally released by All Worlds in 1996. (My, how time flies!) There are a lot of actors/models/dudes in this one, where this is one of their few porn roles. Some did this and 'First Timers DC' so this may be you only opportunity. The plot, not that there's much, is that Doug Jeffries and Jay Anthony are in town (DC) to see the sights, see the AIDS Quilt on the Mall and have sex in their hotel room. Doug wants to go to Wet and Jay is more reticent. They wind up going separately and are promptly striped after they venture inside. (Was always happening to me, not!) Lots of sex on the bars and the stages and in the men's room and in the hallways. As a side note, Wet, the bar, is gone from DC; demolished to make way for a baseball stadium in DC. Wait, I have an idea: how about a reunion! Doug Jeffries, who is mostly a director these days could film it and it might even have a baseball theme! Little Big League 7: A Return to the Wet Showers. If anyone wants to take it and run with it (wink, Mr. Jeffries) only a small attribution at the end is necessary! Oh, and I gave striptease three splats. Buy it and watch it with a stripper that you love (or at least paid for).