Saturday, January 4, 2014

Frosty 3 Ways are HOT!

Introducing 7 of the New 21st Century Poppers

 They have been around forever and called different things in the past from Video Head Cleaner, Brown Bottles, Rush, Pig Juice, but they all were poppers. Some guys loved their favorite brand so much that won't even look at a cock without a bottle in hand.

Now they are known as "Original Electrical Cleaner". Due to some new legal rules and problems, gone are the Rush, Jungle Juice, and other famous names (at least here in the States) and replaced by the new "Get Smart" line of 7 different formulas. 5 different "Super Strong" formulas and 2 different "Extreme Formulas", Ultra Clean Plus and Power Gold.

While you might see some of you past favorites floating around the Web, they will be fazed out completely. Now is the time to pick a new favorite, just in time for the new year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ken Doll on the D.L. Video

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scene from Bel Ami's Kinky Angels 3

Kinky Angels is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 3!

Kinky Angels 3
Watch Full HD movie now in Adonis Enterprises

Documentary New York City’s Naked Cowboy

Billy Eicher List Sex Moves in Front of Mr Rogers

Rap and Celebration about Glory Holes

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dominic Ford Embraces Google Glass

True to his reputation. Dominic Ford is embracing Google Glass with his customary zeal for new technology. According to The Sword, "Early adopter Dominic Ford has jumped right in and filmed what he’s claiming is the world’s first ever P.O.V. porn scene using (in part) the Google Glass to shoot it. It’s a flip-flop scene with sexy Jacob Durham (pictured) and Scott Harbor, and it’s just another in a series of technological leaps that Ford has made with his site."

Sword writer J.W. Waxner-Herman was thumbs up about the results of the shoot, noting, "For today’s Google Glass scene, the site is saying it’s 'Point of View Like You’ve Never Seen It Before,' and it’s true, without even a handheld camera, you can now see a performer face-fucking his partner with both hands on the pillows in front of him.