Friday, April 3, 2015

Hot Cub with Long Poppers Jerk

Long Poppers Edge powered by XTube

Titanmens "Hard at Work"

The stress is building. The tension is aching. The distraction is right in front of you. You’ve been Hard at Work and need a release. Let the likes of TitanMen exclusives George Ce, Eric Nero and Nick Prescott help you get off the clock…and each other. Landon Conrad can’t offer blue collar stud George Ce any overtime, but he can offer his big cock and jock ass as their construction site wood gets wet.

Bel Ami's Preview "Perfect Match"

The Boys from Bel Ami, Perfect bodies. Perfect chemistry. Perfect sex

Perfect Match
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hugh Hunter Talks Strips It all Away at Flex Spas

Hugh Hunter wants you to let it all out on the Gym floor.

Move over Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chip Tanner Middle Splits

Chip Tanner is a hot flexible stud.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lukas Ridgeston Thanks Fans for "Best International Porn Star 2015

Damn, Lukas Ridgeston is still a fucking hottie even after more than 20 years in Porn. Ridgeston performed nearly exclusively as a top in his films; however, he does bottom in the films Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy[5] and Lucky Lukas.[6] (Lukas' Story and Lukas' Story 2 have since been combined and marketed as Lukas' Stories.)

Bel Ami Boys for Addicted Underwear "Back Side"

Bel Ami Boys, Kris Evan, Kevin Warhol and Hoyt are presenting the new Back Side Underwear campaign.