Friday, November 30, 2012

Staxus Twink Gets Tripled Fucked!

I have seen guys get double fucked, but this is the first time I have seen a Triple fuck. Aaron Aurora from Staxus DVDs has done just that with a very hot 4-some.

 "We all know that Aaron Aurora is one of those bottom boys who can never get enough raw cock in his tight little butt. And we have all seen him getting plenty of it with the other boys on the site too. But he has never appeared in a gay triple penetration scene… in fact, I’m not entirely sure any boy has appeared in a gay triple penetration scene – ever! lol He’s in the middle of a hard dick sandwich, with an extra side helping of more cock too as Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Williams all enjoy his tight little hole and gang up to stretch him with all three shafts at once!"

Pole Vaulter Andy Zolner's Hung like a Horse

Nationally ranked field star Andrew Zollner hits the shower and takes some pics of his tripod.

Hunky Fitness Expert Jesse Shoots for teamm8

College Student Strips in Protest for Fundamentalist Preacher!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thresh Hold's "Wake Me Before You Breed Me" Preview

The title sounds like a bad Wham song. Wake me Before you Breed Me, how tired do you have to be not to wake up from a huge cock pounding?


Preview from Paddy O'Brians Fucking My Arse

Paddy O'Brian, the world's hottest new porn sensation stars in a movie devoted entirely to him. Five of Britain's top porn idols get fucked by the Cockney sex god in 5 pre-cum inducing scenes. Paddy's casting for 5 hot guys, from hundreds of applicants, for his next movie - and he needs to road test each and everyone of them. He loves every second - the taste of their lips, their mouths around his cock, their tongues up his arse and his awesome cock in their eager butts.

Paddy O'Brians Fucking My Arse
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New Webseries “My Gay Roommate”

Warwick Rowing Team 2013 Calendar

Discover the unpixelleated truth about what happens with Sportsmen get together.. and get Naked! The University of Warwick Boat club released this trailer for their 2013 calendar, featuring them frolicking in Warwick Castle, a large country house and their very own boathouse.

If you like what you see, you can order it HERE

Jeff Stryker’s Video Interview At Boardwalk Bar

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jocks Studio More Than Ready JVP158 Review and Photos

More Than Ready JVP158 8 Guys 4 Scenes 99 mins Long.  

This Collegiate sports theme gets 3 and 1/2 splats. Expertly filmed with some great pairings that exude sexuality, this DVD has one of Jocks best and hottest 3 ways ever filmed. starring Bobby Clark, Logan Vaughn & Alex Graham it is my favorite scene.

It starts off with Logan and Alex hot and sweaty after tossing the pigskin around. Logan says "I have been looking at your butt all day!" Alex replies by dropping and pants and gets ready to give it up to the very sexy stud. In between some ass eating, Logan "Butt Dials" Bobby, who is upstairs. He starts to jerk off hearing the two studs having sex. He soon realizes that he could be part of this hot outdoor action and joins the couple for a very sexy 3 way suck off. Bobby uses his cock to play with Alex's tongue ring before all three have a very hot anal fucking daisy chain. Bobby gets on a chair for the final ass pounding and Alex jumps on his cock and rides hard while  he sucks Logan. Bobby gives a great "O" face that will really turn you on before all three cum on his chest.

Three of the four scenes are filmed outside with the fourth taking place on a dining room table between a very sensual Jake Steel & Tyler Alexander. 

Overall this is a great DVD that you will love to watch and wish that you were a "Tight End" for these studs.


Take a Look at Kristen Bjorn Casting Couch 10

Casting Couch 10- While scouting the world's hottest men all across the globe, at we shoot casting videos to see how promising, new candidates perform in front of cameras. The auditions are usually made between experienced actors and new talent who have never done porn before. The 10 scenes presented here were ranked by our members as some of their very favorites.

Titan Men Wide Open Preview woth Conner Habib and Alex Riddick

Check out Conner Habib and Alex Riddick in Titan's new DVD Wide Open. Fast and hard? Slow and steady? It doesnt matter how you want iton your knees or on all fours, youre going to get busted Wide Open as big-dicked TitanMen exclusives George Ce and Hunter Marx lead the charge. Youve been warnedwarm up and stretch those holes.

Gay Comic Geek reviews Joe Gage’s Chainsaw

Monday, November 26, 2012

DVD Review & Preview Raging Stallion's "Fucked Hard"

Fucked Hard Raging Stallion Studios 140 mins 4 Scenes 4 Splats

The title says it all "Fucked Hard"! Eight of the hottest porn studs packed into one DVD. You will love seeing the raw sexual heat and hunger from these super hung muscle men that only a good hard pounding can satisfy. There is no romantic fucking here, not much rimming, or fingering, just cocks ramming hungry holes. The chemistry on this DVD is off the chain and will have you in a hard sweat. The best scene is a toss up between Bruno Knight and Dominic Sol who gets fucked in the basement so hard while on all 4s that both are left sweaty and Dominic's face a cum covered mess. The other is Charlie Harding & Ty Roderick who are both super hung, rough fuckers that can't get enough. Ty rides Charlies cock with his jock strap still on and both cum hard with Charlie between Ty's legs smiling with delight while he licks up all the cum like the hot sex pig he is.

This DVD will give you a rough and hard workout and will have you panting after you watch it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #340

This week they boys get stuffed, and then eat Turkey. Paulie thought "Black Friday" was something totally different and now walks funny. This week they bring you stories about Superheroes and DOMA, Elmo Quits after tickling some more under-aged guys and Ricky Martin gets your Bon Bons tingling and named Sexiest Man on Broadway. Paulie reviews and loved the New Jocks "More Than Ready" and thinks it has one of the best 3 ways that Jocks has ever filmed. Mostly filmed outdoors this DVD will have you wishing that you were a "Tight End" in this sports themed DVD. David reviews on of the largest toys ever on the podcast, Tom's realistic Cock and Ass, this 13 lbs will be ready for anything you give it, a hard ride or a pounding... you decide. David says "one of the most realistic fucks for a masturbator I have ever felt". They also answer listeners question about if a versatile guy is a better fuck and hope as always that you.. Stay Hard

Andrew Christian After School Special Starring Pandora Box