Friday, May 15, 2009

Online Porn Star Scott Abbott AKA “Joe” Arrested for Horrific Murder

24yo Scott Lamar Abbott aka "Joe with 10 hard inches" from Southern Storkers has been charged with capital murder for a March 7th 2009 quadruple homicide in Hueytown Alabama.

Police Chief Chuc Hagler says "It was a large, complicated and very violent scene," Hagler said earlier Sunday. He called it one of the most horrific he had seen in 20 years in law enforcement, "It was worse than any horror movie." Abbott apparently slashed and stabbed them while they slept early Saturday, March 7, 2009. What follows comes from Hagler's affidavit:

Around 11:52 a.m., officers were dispatched to 225 Woodland Drive on a welfare check. Mrs. Vicky Shotts, great aunt of Nika Sandlin [one of the murder victims], had gone to the residence (Nika Sandlin's current residence) to see why Ms. Sandlin had not reported for work earlier that day. Getting no answer at the front door, Mrs. Shotts went to the rear door and found it to be unsecure. She opened the door and immediately saw large amounts of blood in the kitchen area and she called the police department. Several officers responded to the residence and in clearing the house found two white males and two white females deceased inside. All of the victims appeared to have multiple stab/slash wounds and most every room in the residence had large quantities of blood on the floors and walls. I was contacted at approximately 12:00 p.m., and responded to the scene.


Joe is one of our tallest models. And he's not shy. Standing at six feet three inches with a 10 inch cut cock, he has lots of length to offer.

Joe is the kind of guy who would do anything for you, and he'd follow through just to make you happy. Like many of our Southern Boys, Joe likes to please. He has a southern twang and a tender heart. But don't get me wrong, this boy loves to stroke it just about everywhere. When asked about this, Joe's reply was "Not many places I haven't stroked it!"

Some may call Joe a flirt, cock tease, or just cocky. But for us he sure knew how to please the camera with the right amount of charm!

Without hesitation, he flings out his limp cock and strokes until it's stiff while rubbing his balls, all for the enjoyment of being watched! It's funny how these straight boys love to be watched, the excitement they get from being nervous to relaxed, and the loads they shoot! And Joe had plenty of it stored up for you!

Joe lets you, the viewer, know he is thinking of you the entire time he's stroking away! From Joe's light pink nipples to his hairy pits, there's something about Joe that makes you want to see his face when he strokes out his load! He shoots it all up his smooth body and rubs his wet liquid over his cock. Joe gives ya just what ya wanted!

RJ Danvers Too Lubed to Twitter Sex Scenes

The youngest Raging Stallion Exclusive RJ Danvers try’s to twitter in his latest flick (tentatively titled "Getting Screwed") to let us know every inch of pleasure he is experiencing but has to give up because of all the slippery lube.

Danvers says "Before the shoot, I received an e-mail asking if I'd update my Twitter throughout my scene. The idea initially sounded like fun, so in between breaks I was more than happy to give a try... I quickly discovered that tweeting when you're covered in lube is a lot harder than I anticipated and I wasn't able to update too many times before I gave up hehe."

He even posts pics of "Battle wounds from scene with Junior" where it look like his knees got a work out. This is one hot tweet you will love to get.

You can see Danvers in "Hotter Than Hell", "Grunts 2 Disc Set" and my personal favorite "Trouser Trout" where he get his ass opened up by a huge dildo before Tyler Saint fucks him with his impressive meat.

Jobless Get Free Hard On with Viagra

Pfizer Inc. cares about your cock if the recession has hit you and you lost your job. Pfizer is to give away more then 70 of its most widely prescribed drugs, including Lipitor and Viagra, for people who have lost jobs since Jan 1st.

Now thats some good news in these "Hard" times.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gay Chicken Game in UK

As we talked about in the podcast the new “5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy” by Jet Set Men was inspired by the new game where str8 guys kiss and the first one that pulls away is the looser. Check out the guy on the left... looks like he likes it a little too much.

Get into Reese Rideout Man Panties

Unfortunately he won't be in them. The Randy Blue star is selling his underwear autographed on In the photo, he selling size med Elementos Brazil briefs he has worn a few times at club appearance. Rideouts's says “I walk around in bars with just these on and have been grouped a lot in them.”

Now you can get a piece of this muscle god, it may not get the piece you want but still very hot! Check out

2009 Hookie Winner Nick Capra Launches NICKCAPRA.COM

Winner of 2009 Hookie “Best Porn Star Escort” Nick Capra has starred some really hot porn like “How to Seduce a Straight Man” , “Rough Trade” and his latest hit “Slow Heat In A Texas Town”. Now the super-stud has launched his own paysite NICKCAPRA.COM. where member will have access to exclusive original material. You can even get a Free Trial to check it out.

“I want my fans to feel this is their site” says Capra. “I want them to become involved with me through it. I want to know who and how they want to see me fuck!” When asked if he plans on bottoming for the site Capra replied, “Definitely, but you gotta fit the bill to fuck me. I don’t bend over for just anyone.” Revealing his lust for exotic men, Capra grins “Foreign and uncut? Go to the head of the line!”

NICKCAPRA.COM offers trial, monthly and recurring memberships. The site is updated weekly with new videos and photo galleries. For a limited time readers can experience the site with a free 1 Day Trial when they use the promotional code FANCLUB.

Wolverine Blind Item or Fantasy… You Decide

I think we will just mark this one up to an incredible fantasy… But in a "Blind Item" article Which People Magazine's 03 Sexiest man alive got tag teamed by a dominatrix and a gay porn star? The dominatrix wanted to help humiliating her "mostly str8" client with an ass pounding.

From the blind item "The porn star recognized him immediately: “He had a muscular build and looked quite young… The dude peers up at me from the mat. I more than recognize the dude. I had seen him in countless big screen movies over the last few years"

"What the fuck?! I can’t believe this guy is into such a heavy scene! The second my dick enters him, he arches his back and he starts singing at the top of his lungs, “Onward Christian Soldier”."

We know he does have a very nice singing voice, but I would rather have him sing something from “Mame”. In case you don’t know who it’s supposed to be… Huge Jackman

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chi Chi Larue in RuPaul Video "Jealous of My Boogie"

The Queen of everything gay is now starring in RuPauls Video Jealous of My Boogie

Pirate's Booty Adult Industry's First Gay CGI Movie

See Pirate's Booty Free Trailer, get ready for the most erotic animation you will ever see. Pirate's Booty brings the legend of Jack Swallows as he and his crew set sail on harsh seas and encounter rough, dirty, hardcore sex along the way. You will never at a cartoon the same way.

Craigslist Dropping ‘Erotic Services’ Listings

After pressure law enforcement officials, Craigslist said it would remove its “Erotic Services” category and replace it with an adult category that will be reviewed by the site’s employees.

"We're very encouraged that Craigslist is doing the right thing in eliminating its online red light district with prostitution and pornography in plain sight,” Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. “We'll be watching and investigating critically to make sure this measure is more than just a name change."

Two months ago, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart filed a lawsuit calling Craigslist “the largest source of prostitution in America.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diesel Washington Comes Up with a New Sex Position “Cannon Ball”

He might be the most inventive top in Porn history seen above, in the "Motorcycle Position" in Titan’s Playbook where he rides the smooth twink nice and hard. In his latest flick “Taken” from Channel 1 that will be available on June 2nd he come up with another position he calls "the Cannon Ball".

From Washington’s Blog – “U saw me get pissed on In Folsom Prison (I was tied up) U saw me get pissed on again in Bound Gods (yet again tied up) This time around, I step up to the plate willingly and Be that Nasty Water Sports bottom in this one.....I told ya People I have tricks Up my Sleeve.... lets see if I can have a break out scene in this movie as well....
I'm dieing to see the movie.....

I'm a Free agent now!!!! I had break out performances in Playbook, Asylum, and Redlight.....
Hopefully I can standout in this stellar cast of performers!!!!!
Proof is in the pudding..... Wish Me luck!!!

Before I forget, I added another Sex Position for this Movie called the "Cannon Ball" U heard it here first!!!!!”

I can only imagine how hard this sex position will be, but bet it is hot as fuck to watch!

Brent Corrigan Heats Up June with Freshmens Coverboy

June will get a little hotter thanks to Freshmen Magazine cover boy Brent Corrigan. Porn star turned director with Dirty Bird Pictures Corrigan is having a great year with his multi wins from the GAYVN with Brent Corrigan’s Summit, Just the Sex, Just the Sex 2 and lets not forget the trophy for Best Bottom.

Damn I wish I was that rockin horse!

Historic Magizines Playguy, Mandate Honcho and Inches Folds

Reported by gossip blog Gawker. Founded in 1974 by pioneer George Mavety the company started out publishing Dilettante, a mainstream arts magazine that folded after one year and gave way to Mandate, which catered exclusively to adult gay men. By the late '70s, Mavety titles claimed a circulation of 100,000 and had become the industry's leading adult titles.

"George was a pioneer," says legendary gay adult director Joe Gage of Mavety, who was straight and also published hetero titles like Juggs and Leg Show. "And unlike magazines like Playboy, which was unbelievably snotty and condescending when it came to acknowledging that there was a gay wing to adult films, George was the first person to see not only the profit but also the viability of gay material. He was the first person to do it in a big way, and I always admired him for that, for being inclusive instead of judgmental and snide. It's sad to see his company go."

TitanMen Releases Nite Stix

Gay Adult Studio Titan Media and adult novelty manufacturer have teamed up again to produce “The Nite Stix”. Nite Stix are made of firm flexible TPR rubber in three sizes: 10” Trainer, the 12” Slave and the 15” Warden. All three items feature a grip handle and are packaged with sample size tube of TitanMen Titanium silicone lube.

“Our relationship with TitanMen is highly gratifying for us because not only do we get to join forces with a preeminent brand in the adult world, but we get to deliver the consumer hard-hitting product that they can’t find elsewhere,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s director of product development and licensing. “Our Nite Stix toy is a perfect example of two industry leaders coming together to develop a really great product that will resonate with the gay audience in a big way.”