Thursday, November 3, 2011

Falcon Studios The Guys Next Door Pt 1 Review and Trailer

The Guys Next Door, Part 1- What do you get when you cross the hot Big Dicked boys next door that you want to fuck and the famous Hot Porn Stars and quality filming that only Falcon can deliver, you get a 2 part Blockbuster Porn Event of the Year. Falcon has teamed up with Next Door Studios to match up some of the biggest names in Gay Porn like Cody Cummings and Landon Conrad in an All Oral Cock sucking gang bang that will knock you undies off. 5 Scenes and 143 long this DVD is 3.5 Splats.

Check out the Cock Sucking Orgy Here

Michigan Republican License to Bully

The Michigan GOP have made a blue print to bully, Democratic Senator Gretchen Whitmer is ashamed.

Michigan Republicans are some of the vilest creatures imaginable and have several bills moving through the legislature to screw over our LGBT community.

The house passed a bill to take partner benefits away from state employees with the sponsor stating: "Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for benefits for somebody's roommate." They're also trying to pass a bill to overturn any individual city's protections for LGBT citizens.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Study Finds 78.5% Men Use Sex Toys

Manhunt has made a great interactive page from the info of Indiana University's Kinsey Institute sex survey. The community report, based on a recently published study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which analyzed responses from nearly 25,000 users of Manhunt™ and DList™.

“As highlighted in the community report, the sexual experiences that men are having are not all homogenous. For example, less than 40% of men engaged in anal intercourse during their last sexual event, challenging the notion that ‘gay sex always = anal sex.’ By providing this information to our members, we hope to normalize their sexual behaviors and ultimately reduce existing stereotypes about gay and bisexual men,” says Novak, Managing Director of the OLB Research Institute and Senior Health Strategist, at Online Buddies, Inc.

The study finds almost 80% of the gay men have used sex toys at least once and over 80% men report that they've swallowed cum at some point in their lives (hopefully while having sex). Check out the page for some fun facts.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taiwan Largest Pride Parade in Taipei

A record-breaking 30,000 people took to Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei on Saturday for the ninth annual Taiwan LGBT Pride parade.

The Taipei Times reports:

J.J. Lai, co-founder of the first Taiwan LGBT Parade in 2003, said the situation may have improved a little, but discrimination from the general public and politicians still exists. “Nine years ago, we departed from the 228 Peace Park with only a few hundred people. Today, we’re on Ketagalan Boulevard with more than 30,000 people,” Lai said. “Nine years ago, there was only one Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei, but this year parades are taking place in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hualien,” he added. “We can’t deny there have been changes. However, we should not overlook the threats posed by homophobic people and organizations.” Lai accused President Ma Ying-jeou of having broken his campaign pledges four years ago that he would promote LGBT rights in his policies. “Four years have passed and he’s running for

Porn Legend Matthew Rush Retires

Say it ain't so... one of the nicest and sexiest men in porn Matthew Rush announced this week on Twitter that he is going to retire from gay porn after 10 plus years. Rush was the first Falcon lifetime exclusive and won countless awards including 2010 Grabby Award as Best Versatile Performer and 2010 GayVn Award for the same category.

Rush Tweeted “I’ve told myself when I meet the man of my dreams, “Matthew Rush” dies. I’m sorry but “Matthew” died @ 11:45 PM last night…Hi, I’m Greg,”

Goodbye Matthew Rush, you have giving me many orgasms and have made my ass sore with your dildo, We wish you the best. You can still see "Greg" on stage in Making Porn in San Francisco.

Compliments of RocketTube

Kristen Bjorn Casting Couch 5 Trailer

Casting Couch 5 - While scouting the world's hottest men all around the globe, at KristenBjorn we shoot casting videos to see how new candidates perform in front of cameras. The auditions are usually made between experienced actors and new talent who have never done this before. The 10 scenes presented here were ranked by our members as some of their very favorites.

Monday, October 31, 2011

What to do with Pumpkins After Halloween

I think this might be Squash Abuse :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011