Thursday, July 7, 2011

2010 GayVn Awards on Showtime

If you ever wanted to see the Oscars of the Gay Porn World, the GayVn's now is your chance if you have Showtime. The Gay Porn Star Award Show with the funny Alec Mapa as the emcee will air tonight at midnight and will be re-played on Sho 2 July 8, 21 and 26. If Showtime warns "Nudity, Graphic Language, Adult Content, Strong Sexual Content", you know it's going to be fucking hot. You can also watch on Watch On Demand Available from 07/13/11 to 08/09/11

"Comedian Alec Mapa hosts the 12th annual awards show that honors the best in gay adult filmmaking. The "fleshtivities" include a red-hot red carpet, prison-theme dance number and the Top Ten awards, plus other categories that include Best Newcomer and Best Actor, with appearances by the hottest stars in gay adult movies."

Germany's Green Party Wants to Promote Safe use of Sex Toys

A new paper from Germany’s Green Party called “Sexual Health as a Consumer Protection Issue” calls upon the German government to help promote safe use of sex-toys to the estimated 20% of Germans who regularly use them.

The paper warns that many sex toys including “dildos, vibrators and anal plugs” contain large amounts of toxic substances like plasticizers (additives which give dildos their penis-like flexibility). When absorbed through mucous membranes these dispersant's “can lead to infertility, hormone imbalances, diabetes and obesity.”

The German Government doesn’t seem particularly roused about fighting toxic masturbation. Their response to the Green Party’s paper pointed to insufficient scientific evidence to support their claims, and added, “Moreover, a national government is not capable of regulating the flow of products, much of which comes from Internet orders and imports".

Nonetheless, “the use of phthalates and other toxic substances in plastics will likely only be allowed in products for a limited time to come, because Germany and other European Union nations have suggested the introduction of an approval procedure."

Almost all the sex toys sold in the US are phthalate free and when in question, make sure to check the box.

News Alert for Size Queens Tell a guys size by his fingers!

A new Korean study research found out that the size of a guy's finger really does correlate to the size of cock. Hold up your right hand. Take a look at your fingers. Is your ring finger much longer than your index finger? If it is, congratulations. You have a big dick.

But before you whip out the tape measure at your local watering hole, you need to know it's a little bit more complicated than measuring how long your potential shag's finger is. If a guy's ring finger on his right hand is much longer than his shorter index finger, he is more likely to have a bigger dick.

In a different study published last year, Danish men are said to have the biggest dicks in the world, with an average of 7.59 inches. Denmark also has the highest percentage of bottoms, probably meaning that there are a lot of happy Danish bottoms out there. Australia ranked fifth in that survey, with 7.41 inches being the average and American men coming in at number nine with 7.37 inches.