Thursday, May 5, 2011

Masked Obessions Trailer

"Jamaican Guys Need Dick Too" Shot on location by the only Gay studio in Jamaica.

Get Hard and Cover UP with Viagra Condom

The new Viagra Condom Near Approval, The Wall Street Journal reports the new condom aimed at helping men who have difficulty maintaining an erection is nearing approval in Europe.

The “Viagra” condom, as it has been dubbed in the press, was developed by U.K. biotech company Futura Medical and licensed to the maker of Durex condoms. Research suggests that men who have trouble maintaining an erection are less likely to use condoms consistently and more likely to have unprotected sex.

TheWall Street Journal says Futura Medical has yet to confirm if it will move forward with plans for FDA approval stateside. Unlike Viagra, the condom is not intended for men with erectile dysfunction in general, but for men who have trouble maintaining an erection while wearing a condom.

Super Porn Couple Roman Heart & Benjamin Bradley Breakup on Twitter

The hottest couple in Porn Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart call it quits via Twitter after 6 years. The studs have a popular pay website where we get to see them in all their glory with live sex shows, will remain under Roman's ownership. They say it was a mutual decision but are still friends. Roman tweeted " I need a divorce lawyer, this is stressful".

Compliments of RocketTube

Gay Porn Star Erik Rhodes Accused of Rape

Erik Rhodes ex-girlfriend accused him of fucking her when she was asleep via Facebook "I just need to know a couple of things when we where together u used to fuck me when I was sleeping well u thought I was sleeping it was a test and u failed."

Rhodes responds on his blog "I remember the ONE time this happened. You were high on X and I was tripping my balls off on 2, 8ths of shrooms. Sure, i thought you passed out, and I tried to stick it up your ass… but i never forced myself on your like some sex depraved rapist. Dumb bitch… You, i guess now , pretended to wake up and proceeded to punched me in the face, saying i raped you… The next morning, after the drugs wore off, we both acting as if it was like a joke… "

Check out Erik in action in Ringside

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Kate Middleton's Brother James Loves to "Bottom"

24 year old younger brother to the future Queen, James Middleton has found himself in a pubic scandal for showing some ass (a nice one at that). Others show college dropout who later became a cake designer, exposing his rear end, and two feature him and pals mimicking sex acts. In one of those, he is dressed in a French maid's costume.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ken Rykers Comeback Goes Limp with DUI Arrest

Just before the retired gay for pay porn star Ken Ryker was to make his comeback tour going to gay bars around the country, he got arrested for his third DUI offence (just this year) in South Dakota. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) was going to be his first appearance at Mickey's Cocktails with the Stars and had promised fans he would be hitting the gym and tanning salon but looks like he was hitting the bottle.

From The Rapid City Journal "Gary Pokorney (aka Ken Ryker), 38, was traveling on U.S. Highway 16, about 10 miles west of Custer, when his Hyundai Santa Fe left the road about 10:30 p.m., according to South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Shann Barrick.

The vehicle struck the rock wall on the right side of the road, rolled and then traveled down the hill on the left side of the road about 50 feet, Barrick said. Alcohol was a factor in the accident, and Pokorney was cited for driving under the influence, Barrick said."

Manager David Forest says "Ryker will go to court next on May 17. He expects that he’ll be sent directly to an alcohol treatment program. After a few months, he’ll be able to leave each day for work. He should be out before Thanksgiving. He’s only going to miss the Mickey's appearance AND one in Detroit on May 13th. There were also some “private meetings” that we’ll have to try and re-schedule later this year. I think this is a “wake-up alarm” for Ken.

Just to give you a "porn fix" Check out this hot stud using his Ken Ryker Dildo!