Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sad Story of Malachi Marx

Former gay-for-pay RandyBlue model, Malachi Marx recently sat down with the blog Dining With Strangers. He says: “I’m not gay and I don’t like pornography.” He alleges that he was coerced and under duress during the filming of his performances, mostly because of financial need. Of course, at the height of his RandyBlue career, he "was making close to $25,000 a month, filming scenes for Randy Blue and hitting five major cities in a week to see clients all over the country (and sometimes the world)." He is apparently writing a book about his 'adventures.' It's a fascinating look at the gay-for pay world.

Recent Porn Star Deaths

It's always sad news, but it's part of the gay porn reportin' biz. Two recent deaths were rather sudden. The first, Linkin Kurtis, passed away on Friday, July 16th, at his home in Dickinson, North Dakota, as reported by Hyde Park Production, who he did work for. He appeared in "Twinks At Play 2" (2007) and "Twink Playmates" (2006). He was 24.

The second was Shane Risk, who hung himself in his West Hollywood apartment just days ago. He starred in last year's "Taken: To The Lowest Level," from Channel 1 Releasing. He was reportedly a very talented musician who gave up porn after "Taken" to focus on his music.

Lucas Kazan's Pornstar Alex Magnum Loves Cum

Check out super hunk and cum addict Alex Magnum from Lucas Kazan from Milan. Alex is a pro. 6 feet tall, a mountain of muscles and an elaborate tattoo, Alex has long been stripping in many Italian clubs. He considers himself a "sex pig" and is drawn to all things filthy... or, as he calls them, "perverse." “I love all aspects of sex,” says Alex, “3ways, 4ways, orgies… I love fucking with lots of guys and getting covered in jism.”

Finally someone who loves the jizz as much as me.

Kansas Mayor Resigns After Emailing Nude Pics to Cop

Only in Kansas would the mayor resign after being accused of sending emails containing nude photos of women to a police officer at a bingo parlor. The headline of the local Fox News channel uses the term “pornography shake up,” but we know porn when we see it, and merely nude images isn’t it.

But council member Paula Cook, who just happens to be the sister of Danny Ruff, the officer who received the emails, was also in the Olathe bingo parlor when the email arrived, and according to Fox, “She said she considered the photos hard-core pornography.”

Thus was sealed the fate of Mayor Mike Vestal. It might have gone differently for Vestal if it was the first time, but it wasn’t. This was the second time in three years he had sent inappropriate emails from his work computer, said Fox. There was no mention of the exact nature of the first infraction.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Ask The Experts" Kylie Minogue O.K to be Gay

Logo's "Ask the Experts" series asks Kylie Minogue how to tell your brother that's it's O.K. to be gay.


Remembering the Jarics in Happier Times

Their song "Hit Me Up"… kinda of Ironic after getting smacked in the head with a glass globe.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

UK Government plans to Block Pope arrest

The UK Government has proposed changes to the law which will stop gay rights activists arresting the Pope when he visits Britain in September. British authorities were said to be "seriously concerned" that gay rights campaigners could try to bring a prosecution against the Pope under international criminal law.

Pink News reports that atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins and author Christopher Hitchens asked human rights lawyers to put together a case for charging the Pope over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of children in the Catholic church.

Campaigners are expected to protest during the Catholic leader's visit over his remarks on homosexuality, reproductive rights and AIDS.

Justice secretary Ken Clarke proposed changes to the law which would require the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions to any arrest warrant issued under universal jurisdiction.

Universal jurisdiction allows people to be prosecuted in the UK for serious crimes carried out abroad, such as genocide and torture.

Hot Daddies Hit Mobile Devices

If you are one of those busy guys who needs his "porn on the go" Pantheon Productions has announced the mobile version which features a mix of amateurs and porn stars like Zak Spears, Tim Kelly, Nick Moretti and Matthew Rush.

“We know delivering to mobile devices is the wave of the future in the adult industry," said Chris Roma, director of Pantheon Productions.

"Guys on the go can now view our content in a high quality, easily accessible format wherever they are. We’re very excited to be teamed up with Spankmo on the mobile frontier. Spankmo’s mobile technology and video quality are unsurpassed in the market."

Travelers' Digest Names "Best Nude Beaches"

Get ready to use your frequent miles because Travelers Digest has named the best and hottest nude beaches in the World. Tulum Beach in Mexico came in at number five and Perth’s Swanbourne Beach got the second-highest rating.

The digest lists the world's best nude beaches as:

1. Playa d'Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain
2. Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Australia
3. Mazo Beach, Mazomanie, Wisconsin
4. Baker Beach, San Francisco, California
5. Tulum Beach, Tulum, Mexico

Leave your swimsuit at home and go au natural, but watch out, if you end up having sex on the beach you will end up finding sand in the strangest places.

RandyBlue Releases "Never Been Fucked"

RandyBlue Adrenaline's newest title "Never Been Fucked" has five very hot studs getting plowed for the first time (at least filmed).

The movie stars Cayden Ross, Alex Eden, Reese Rideout, Braden Charen, Chris Rockaway, Leo Giamani, Lucas Vick and Brent Diggs.

“RandyBlue has done it again,” said Janet, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “The hottest guys in gay porn getting their cherries popped by big-name chiseled studs. What a concept! The fans have been dying to see Reese Rideout and Chris Rockaway do bottom scenes — and just that is enough to get the fans to go out and buy ‘Never Been Fucked.’ The preorders have been amazing!”

Gay Guys gets Named K-Y's Top America's Couple

Who knows lube better than gay men? One gay couple Geoffrey and Rusty shared their story about trust, intimacy and communication with K-Y Lube and got chosen as America's Top Couple. They have won a trip to New York City and a photo shoot, which will be used in the advertisement. Sometimes it just takes two men to get the job done.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christopher Reeve Dated Gay Porn Star

Casey Donovan's (AKA Cal Culver) lost interview before he died of AIDS-related illness in 1987, has been found and included in the new book "Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again". Culver met the soon to be "Man of Steel" at an audition for the same Broadway role in the mid 70's. In this interview he claims that he and Christopher Reeve had a passionate affair for several months and that Reeves was "The man of my dreams". The Gay Porn star says he didn't think Reeves was queer but just curious and was willing to try anything once. He also says that Reeves was a great lover and that he liberated him sexually.

Gives "Man of Steel" new meaning!