Saturday, November 8, 2008

SX Video Sleaze 4 Hits The Shelfs

SX latest release 2 Disc Set Sleaze 4 Scene 1 pairs ex-Marine Aidyn Michael, a fat-dicked, inked mother fucker, with pretty boy Johnny Walker. Aidyn has a lot of aggression to work out and Johnny gets it full force. Aidyn handcuffs Johnny before finger fucking him hard and shoving a dildo in hard and deep. Johnny is making too much noise so he gets a ball gag in that hole and cock in the other. Are his moans pain or pleasure?

SCENE TWO: Paul Black uses Tony Versacti like a rented mule in Scene 2. Paul does not spare the paddle on Tony's little rump. The punker takes every swat and asks for more as he sways in the sling. He shows what a good boy he is by sucking Paul's wank, eating his ass and licking his feet. For his reward Tony gets a big dildo in his red ass and then doused in a river of piss. The two passionately fuck, Tony riding Paul's big dick.

SCENE THREE: Scene 3 features porn pros Hawk McAllistar and Alan Gregory. Hawk takes charge of Alan, making him his boy for the session. And, as we know, every boy needs to be fisted now and then. Hawk expertly and slowly opens Alan up until he can bury his whole hand.

SCENE FOUR: Tazma, a Latino muscle brute, wants to have his way with Orion Cross. Orion can only resist a little while before he has Tazma's fat, uncut cock first in his throat and then in his ass pie. It doesn't take long before Tazma is stretching Orion's pucker with a huge dildo and fist. Orion grunts and groans, but he loves every minute. He also enjoys a mouthful of his own cum.

Nasty Sleaze at its Best!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rapper Khia Outs Diddy and Fonzworth Bentley

Girl Rapper Khia “My Neck, My Back” has outed Sean Combs a.k.a. Diddy on her web page. She says that he is having a “Gay relationship” with assistant and MTV Star of “G to Gents” Fonzworth Bentley.

She states “The 'hood already knew that you had a little SUGA in your TANK and that you FU*KED FARNSWORTH and that's why you never married Kim," before going on to levy claims that Diddy stole Danity Kane's money and is a "pedifile" based on a recent photo shoot that Combs did with his two children in outfits that'd normally be reserved for Chippendales.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Out Gay Man Elected to US Congress

While the election day was very up and down for gay Americans, Jared Polis has provided a bright note becoming the first man elected to the US Congress for his first term as an already openly gay man.

Polis, running for Colorado's second Congressional District in the House of Representatives, joined his fellow Democrats in turning the state of Colorado blue with big wins for Democratic house and senate races as well as President-Elect Barack Obama.

The new congressman from Colorado will become only the sixth openly gay person to serve in the House of Representatives.

While lesbian Tammy Baldwin was the first openly gay non-incumbent to be elected to the House in 1998, Polis will nevertheless hold a special place in the history of gay men in America.

Did ABC Make Grey's Anatomy De-Gay?

There are reports that the TV network ABC sent an order from higher up to remove one half of the gay couple from the TV hospital drama Grey's Anatomy.

Speculation is that while the Disney-owned ABC, like a lot of TV networks, may be comfortable with gay characters, sexually active gay couples don't sit as well with TV executives.

According to the TV and movie industry bible Entertainment Weekly, Grey's Anatomy sources claim the execs "had issues" with the "explicit" representation of the show's gay couple of Callie and Erica, dubbed Callica.

How "explicit" a primetime network lesbian storyline could even get is questionable, yet it looks as if Brooke Smith who plays Erica has been given her marching orders.

So another TV gay couple goes the way of many before it, ending with an unhappily-ever-after.

The show's creator released a statement on the back of the story saying, "Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. Clearly it's not an issue as we have a lesbian character on the show... Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke's character would sustain in the long run.”

UK Str8 Sues for Anti-Gay Slurs

Stephen English, 56, and happily married with three children claims he was often called a 'faggot' and 'Mr Franglais' by colleagues at the window blinds company he worked at, after a sales manager discovered that he had attended boarding school and lived in the English city of Brighton, which has a large gay community.

The Court of Appeal must now decide as to whether the straight English is protected by legislation that bars discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

At the centre of English's case is whether he's covered by regulations banning discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation even though his colleagues knew he was not gay.

English's lawyers told the appeals court that while he had tried to ignore the "homophobic" innuendo about him, "over the passage of several years he found it increasingly upsetting".

Taxpayers face a 50, 000 pound bill to fund the legal battle.

Palm Springs Manhunt Party sponsored a party last weekend for Palm Springs gay pride. Brandon from has the pics.

Look closely. Nothing says pride like fucking your own ass on the edge of a hot tub. Repeal prop 8!

Cybersocket Annual Gay Web Nominations Announced

Cybersocket has announced it's 9th annual Web Awards. Adonis Enterprises is proud to be nominated for the 9th year in a row for "Best Adult Novlties Site" Make sure to vote for Adonis Enterprises


A mix of Google Maps and Craigslist Personals, mashes info from both sites together to help you focus on the sluts in your neighborhood. No more wasting time and gas money on tricks clear across town.

I'm not a web geek so I'm not exactly sure how these things work, but it automatically knew what city I was in. Convenient and kind of creepy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Leather Pride 08 Turns UP the Heat

The annual 4 day festival is guaranteed to turn up the heat this Nov 6-9 in Palm Springs CA. Leather Pride is filled with vendors, leather education seminars, hot sexy dance parties and Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest.

Things begin early on Saturday with a breakfast get-together followed by the opening of the Sunny Dunes Street Fair open-air market at noon. The second annual market will run for a full 21 hours this year, organizers said, lasting until midnight on Saturday and reopening Sunday from noon until 9 p.m. The market will include fetish and leather merchandise and art, food vendors, full bar service and a disc jockey.The Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest begins at 7 p.m. Saturday. A victory dance will be hosted by the newly crowned leather king immediately following the contest. A silent auction will run concurrently with the Mr. Leather contest, and proceeds will benefit the leather community.

For more info check out Leather order of the Desert.

One step forward, Two steps Backwards

America may have won this morning – but gays and lesbians have lost across the country. Today, I am very proud to have been apart of this election, but I am very sad that we as a nation let a majority of citizens vote on the most basic rights of minority.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack Obama’s “Head O State” sex toy

I know I have call the current president a Dildo for the last eight long years. Now the Democratic frontrunner and hopefully the next president has a new sex toy made from his likeness (without the big ears). The ‘Head O State,’ manufactured in the U.S., is the first novelty item conceived by San Francisco-based Ozam Group LLC. The waterproof dildo, made of phthalate-free TPR rubber, is available in “democratic blue” or “presidential gold.

“I think it presents a great opportunity for people to really enjoy everything that there’s about [Barack Obama],” says Sasha Ozam, founder and owner of Ozam Group. “If you think about world leaders, he has a unique quality of being both a celebrity, a politician and phenomenon all in one.”

“People can get it as a fun thing for their election night party, they can get it as a fun thing for their Republican friends, as a stocking stuffer — and what better way to celebrate [Obama’s] victory,” Ozam said.

Hot Latin Actor Eduardo Verastegui Anti Gay ASSHOLE!

He might be beautiful on the outside but inside he has shown his true ugly bigot self. It's a shame when totally hot dudes who owe at least a part of their fame and success to the adulation of gay men turn out to be total anti-gay rights douchebags.

The Mexican-American actor has spoken out in favour of the proposed Californian ban on gay marriage and made a spot for TV ad appealing to the state's Hispanic community to vote yes for Prop 8.

Verastegui is also supporting a proposition that would require parents being notified of an under-18 year old's intention to abort a pregnancy.

Simon Rex Gay Porn Star as Dirt Nasty on Paris Hilton

This week on the mind numming MTV’s Paris Hilton’s BFF, she intruduced her new BFFs’ to seven minutes in heaven with rapper Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex. Simon who is still very hot, made his start in Hollywood by doing jerk off films with his fat cock for Brad Posey like Hot Sessions 12.

Rex was a great VJ for MTV, and an pretty good actor and his beats aren’t that bad either. Guess that means we can call him a triple shooter. J

NY Cops accused of Sodomizing with Walkie-Talkie Antennas

A New York grand jury begins weighing sodomy charges against cops in what has become one of the most explosive allegations of police brutality in recent memory.
Michael Mineo claims four officers approached because they thought he was smoking pot. Mineo fled into a subway station, argued with the officers, and was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.

Mineo claims four officers assaulted him in horrific fashion, yanking down his pants and sodomizing him with a walkie-talkie antenna so brutally that he was left bleeding. He says the officers then put him into a police car, and, unsure what to do with him, let him go with a minor ticket and told him to keep his mouth shut. He spent the next four days in a hospital.
The police department says Mineo’s claims are greatly exaggerated, denying that he was sodomized and describing the altercation as a “scuffle.” Police officials say that witness accounts back up their claim.

Both sides say they have witnesses who either saw the attack or didn’t see it, including a transit worker and his 12-year-old son who said they didn’t witness the alleged sodomy even as Mineo was yelling out that he was being “violated.”

Hospital discharge papers reviewed by The Associated Press show that upon arrival at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center on Oct. 15, Mineo was diagnosed with “anal assault.” The hospital discharge papers from Oct. 19 said Mineo arrived at the hospital complaining he had been assaulted by police with a foreign object.

The officers are still on duty but have been assigned to administrative duties because members of the press were attempting to interview them, police officials said. The fact that the NYPD kept the officers on duty after Mineo came forward signals that they have strong doubts about the allegations.

Boulder’s Naked Halloween Run Brings Out the Police

I bet your Halloween didn’t end up with you naked and a pumpkin on your head (again). In what might be the strangest but hottest Halloween event EVER, where people run naked on the street while sporting freshly gutted pumpkins over their heads to cheering and clapping crowds.

According to the event's Web site,, "strapping young lads and lasses take to the streets in a fine blend of artistry, harmless debauchery and, most importantly, nudity," after dark tonight.

Boulder cops (apparently with nothing better to do) break up the fun and festivities by ticketing runners for indecent exposures. Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner says officers "wanted to do something before (the event) got out of hand.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Best Sports Quote Ever

I couldn't agree more Matt.