Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inception Multi Functional Fucking Device / Cock Sheath

One of the most original and unique sex toys you will ever see, Multi Fuctional Fucking Device. Get ready for the fuck of you life with is incredible stretchy silicone and TRP Cock Sheath. The cock sheath is not anchored to a cock, but inserted in his ass and the "knot" on the bottom makes it stay in your hole while getting fucked. The shaft is lined with soft Ridges that make fucking or jacking, super hot.

This three in one orifice opening device adds max girth and length to your rod and cushions your plaything as you pound away at their inviting hole. It is super stretchy, allowing the ability to fit over any size cock and adds extra size to your throbbing member. This versatile cock sheath moonlights as a masturbator for the ultimate in solo sessions, and features ribbed inner texture for mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure. Check out the Videos below of how to insert and getting fucked.


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rafael Alencar shows his swim suit and take a hot bath in a hotel in Las Vegas

Sneak Peek: The Men Of Kong

A Real Portable Travel Sex Sling from Manbound

We have all seen the claims of the Portable Sex Sling, that weighs over 50 pounds and has a tent sized bag to carry all the pieces in and takes about an hour to put up. Talk about a boner killer. Now from Manline is the first and truly portable over the Door Sex Sling, great for travel and hotel use, easy to fit in any overnight bag.

It can hold up to 325# pounds and the best thing is the price, under $60 Bucks. This is great for home use too, simply hang on the door and get in (or have some hot dude get in) and ready for action. Imagine the great sex parties you will have.

Standard sex swings can cost a fortune, but the Manbound Over the Door Sex Sling offers an affordable option that still delivers serious fun and pleasure for the both of you. This swing fits most standard doors and lets you get as wild as you want! It has a padded seat for comfort and the four adjustable straps make it easy to get right where you want to be. Handholds and footholds round out the Manbound Over the Door Sex Sling, and it will support up to 325 pounds with ease. It's also small enough to fit in your luggage when you want to get wild on the road. You can set it up and take it down in a matter of minutes and turn your door into a portal into wild, crazy sexual fun that you'll both enjoy. Get this product and swing into ecstasy you've only dreamed of!

Check out some of our favorite Sling Video to get you in the mood!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Russia's Most Hateful Antigay Propaganda Yet?

A new anti-gay propaganda film from Russia that, once again, shows how bad things are getting in Russia for the LGBT community. This video has been posted by me, a civil rights advocate, to expose the level of hatred that gay and trans people face in Russia.

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