Friday, February 3, 2012

Android Phone Users are Sluts!

A new study from tells us what most of us already knew. They surveyed Canadian singles and found that people who use Android phones are more likely to have sex on the first date, in other words, they're sluts.

However, and this is really important to keep in mind, people who use the other phones are only slightly less slutty than those who prefer the Android.

Not only are Android users easy, but they are also less inclined to commit. “At 55 per cent, Android users also were the most likely to have one-night stands,” the article continued. “According to the survey results, 50 per cent of iPhone users have had a one-night stand and 47.6 per cent of Blackberry users said also they had had a one-night stand.”

But Android users did not come in first in all categories. Survey results found that iPhone owners “were most likely to date a co-worker, with nearly a quarter of such singles saying they've had a workplace romance within the last five years,” and that “BlackBerry users—at 72 percent—were the most likely to drink alcohol on a first date.”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BelamiOnline Debuts American Newcomer, Austin Merrick

BelAmi is presenting a brand new model to the industry and the 5th American to appear on BelAmiOnline in the last 6 months. Austin Merrick is a part of BelAmi's expansion into the U.S. model market that has already seen beautiful men like American exclusives Mick Lovell, Brady Jensen and other American studs heat up the internet with BelAmiOnline’s fall and winter programming.

Austin who has never done anything in in adult world until his recent trip with BelAmi to Budapest and CapeTown says that " I am bi-curios with a white personality with a black body". Austin had such a spark and left such an impression that after his first shoot he was asked to film more scenes.

Hands Free Jizz-a-thon with Zeus Electro Sex

This video is titled "All That Jizz", doesn't work that well without Jazz Hands. 15 Cumshots in a row thanks to Zeus Elecrto Sex.

Matthew Rush Is BACK

This is why, porn stars should never announce retirement. About 3 months ago Matthew Rush announced his retirement from porn after finding true love but later broke up with his boyfriend. So He's Back! Hungry Bottom, Randy Star tweeted a photo with Matthew with the message " I had an amazing shooting with Matthew Rush :)"

Matthew Rush has commented on his un-retirement "I stopped doing porn because of a relationship. The relationship ended because he couldn't accept my porn past. Something I couldn't change. I realized that I can leave porn but porn will never leave me. No matter where I go, I’m Matthew Rush. After a decade, it’s a part of me and it’s helped shape who I am today. I will always be Greg first and foremost. I’m very lucky to be Matthew and have the career I have. It’s the fans who kept me around so I thank you all for your support. I’ll be criticized by some for returning. They can shoot me down but it’s those people who will have further to fall. I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. In the past I would push Matthew away. Now I embrace him because he IS a part of me that no one can take away."

I for one, and my penis are glad to have you back Matthew Rush.

Compliments of RocketTube

Real World Denver Davis Mallory Stoned in Bed

Stoned Lovebirds Davis Mallory and Tyrone just moved in together make a video of the occasion. This video teaches us not to make videos while stoned.

Shit Gay Dudes Say When They're Stoned and In Love from GUS & MAX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gay for Pay Porn Actor Pleads Guilty to Murder to Avoid Death Penalty

In a deal that will spare his life, 28-year-old adult performer Jason Andrews pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Wednesday and will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole for his role in a brutal slaying that took place in May 2010. Andrews and his alleged accomplice and fellow adult performer, Amanda Logue, were both charged with the bludgeoning and stabbing death of Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen, a 41-year-old tattoo shop owner who was killed in his Hudson, Florida home following a sex party with Logue and another couple.

The killing was notable for its brutality and the callousness with which the killers planned and executed the crime, including exchanging lurid text messages in the hours leading up to the attack. Logue had been hired by Abrahamson to have sex with him on camera during the party.

A sheriff’s report said that about $6,000 had been taken from Abrahamsen's home, along with a laptop computer, a video camera, a digital camera and a Home Depot credit card, which was used by the couple and resulted in their arrest in May 2010 as detectives were still trying to piece together the facts surrounding the slaying. Officials did not have enough evidence at that time to link the pair to the murder and were forced to release them.

Compliments of RocketTube

Jet Set Men's Tosh.Hole SFW Trailer

Jet Set Men, the leader in gay porn parodies, is gearing up for the February release of Tosh.Hole, a gay porn parody of the Comedy Central hit show Tosh.O with host Daniel Tosh, who is portrayed in the parody by stand-out performer Ryan Lynch.

Tosh.Hole is a wittily scripted parody directed by Hall of Fame director Chris Steele, who has also helmed such blockbusters as Anthony's’ Weener and To Fuck a Predator, which dominated the charts in 2011. With Tosh.Hole, Steels has captured the essence of the Tosh.O show, especially with his deft parody of Daniel Tosh’s backhanded comments.

In addition to its humor, Tosh.Hole also serves up sublime hot boys in sweat-dripping sex scenes, bringing together muscle gods Tyler Saint James and Derek Fox, two straight newcomers to the industry who specifically chose Jet Set Men for their first ever-big studio production. Jet Set Men’s hot boy Mick Gibson also is credited with writing and performing the Tosh.Hole theme song, in additional to his mouth-watering flip-flop scene with cover model Dustin Fitch. Newcomer Drake Wild makes his Jet Set Men debut in Tosh.Hole, taking on hunk Jessie Colter in a brother-on-brother scenario that gives new meaning to the statement, “You know where you can stick that remote.”

Cleveland Police say "Faggots Don't Deserve To Wear Pants in Jail"

A very scary story of Abuse of Power from Cleveland Police.

Scrub the Effeminate off of You!

In the United Arab Emirates, they think you can wash away the gay. They proceed to show the effeminate guy how to mimic masculine gestures. Later he is given a ‘make-over’ where his hands and face are almost violently scrubbed with scouring cloths, and then his nails and hair are cut. After the make-over the still effeminate guy gets a slap when he is about leave for saying ‘bye guys’ in his high pitch voice, and given a tip: ‘Thicken your voice!’

Treasure Island The Manfuck Manifesto Trailer & Photos

The Manfuck Manifesto
is simple: fuck to live and live to fuck. It's a deeply held belief and a guiding principle for the men I got together for this vid, which features legendary topmen BRAD McGUIRE and BJ SLATER, mainstream porn star ETHAN WOLFE making his bareback feature debut, notorious fuckholes JOHN SULLIVAN, BLAKE DANIELS, and IAN JAY, and many others.

No direction, no crew, nothing but plain-real raw fucking. That's been the Treasure Island Media credo since the beginning: to document the full range of male sexuality in action and put it out there as inspiration for every man.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drag Race ReCap Episode 1 with John & Jon

I'm Not here to make Best Friends Buddies... BITCH!

I Hate My Job (Official Music Video)

Great Song, Great Legs, you have to love "As I walk by I get a pat on my fanny, don't look at me like a $2 Trannie"

Big Brother Brasil's Jonas Sulzback "Measures Up"

Damn, why aren't our Big Brothers contestants this fucking hot, former Mr. Brazil, Jonas Sulzback is webchatting with a lucky unknown partner and mesures his massive meat.

Mini Review Jocks Studio Escape 3.5 Splats

3.5 Splats for Rejuvenated Jocks line, newest release "Escape" 110 minutes with 4 scenes and 8 hot, hung tan studs that melt the screen. This DVD will have you Escape, to California Dreaming fantasy world with beautiful outdoor sex scenes in wine vineyards and waterfalls. There is no real storyline besides the relaxing retreat each scene represents and not a lot of talking except for the primal grunting and commands from the stars. All 4 scenes are hot with some great camera work that makes you feel like you are right there with them. It is very hard to pick a favorite scene but #2 with Brandon Jones who looks like a very hot "Jonas Brothers" and Jesse Santana who always looks like a smaller, tan incredible hulk takes the lead. The double finger fuck from both guys and Jesse piston fucking as Brandon hold on for the ramming of a life time will have you watching over and over. Link

Amateur Poppers and Jerk Off

Harry Potter Gay Icon Interview

This Weeks Podcast

This week the boys are fascinated with the dark stuff running down Christina's leg and on Whippits, they discuss, Tennessee's Stacey Campfield's douche bag remarks and how he refused at a restaurant and Fran Drescher was abducted by aliens and probed and Donkey Semen make NBC Execs nervous. All I want to know is what is the interview like to become Donkey jerk off person. They answer you question about "how to tell someone you not interested" and how to become the man of the week. Paulie reviews the newly rejuvenated Jocks Studio "Escape" and thinks you will be transported to a California fantasy with hot, hung tan guys and gives it 3.5 splats. David reviews the new Max 4 men Oral Sex Gel Sugar Daddy that tastes like cotton candy, gives new meaning to "come over here little boy and taste some candy". They hope the Giants will win the Superbowl and hope you stay hard watching it.