Friday, November 30, 2007

Project Runway Jack Mackenroth a Winner who is a Brave Hottie

Jack Mackenroth made it work and was the winner in this weeks Men’s Fashion Challenge for Tiki Barber. What I loved was none of the gay guys knew who he was (myself included). Jack not only made a very nice outfit, but helps some of the other contestants who knew nothing about men’s clothes.

Also this week Jack told the whole world that he was HIV positive and showed all the medications he had to take. He was honest and very brave to announce to everyone in this sometimes very predigest world to let everyone know that he has been infected for 17 years and was very healthy but it was an uphill fight. It is very important for people to see HIV positive people, work, live and love to help fight the ignorance people have and not since Pedro of the Real World has TV such a brave hero. (HGTV Design Star had a HIV + person who very briefly talked about it too)

To see some very hot, erotic photos of Jack (like to one above) make sure to check out Frank Louis Photography.

December 1st is World AIDS Day

I don’t think Hallmark has a card for this yet, but Dec 1st is World AIDS Day since 1988. The day is to inform, educate and to fight prejudice. Also to increase awareness that the fight is not over and HIV infection rate has increased in many areas. World AIDS day reminds us that there are many things still to be done and that HIV/AIDS know no boundaries of age, race or sexual preference. The United Nations reports the number of those infected with HIV worldwide is a staggering 33 million people. Remember Our Motto, “Stay Hard and Stay Safe”.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December should be renamed Dildo-ember with 5 Pornstar Dildos

The are finally out and your going to love to put them in. Five of the hottest porn stars have made clones of their cocks just for you. Falcon Supercock line with Erik Rhodes , Cort Donovan and Jason Adonis. Michael Lucas has his cock and the super hung and uncut Ben Andrews. All have suction cup bottom for hands free action (great for the shower). Along with the Porn Star dildos there are the “Latin King” Dildos 5 different sized cocks, one that will fit you perfectly that makes "Dildo-ember" a month that bottoms won't soon forget.

Hey Doc, I slipped and Pepsi Bottle fell up my ass!

60 y.o. Pakistani man had a better explanation of why Pepsi bottle was lodged in his lower abdomen. He said two armed thieves had inserted in his anus before robbing him of two buffalos. Damn… that is one big bottle, check out the X-ray.

Cobra Brent Corrigan is cast in Hollywood Film

Infamous star of bareback porn titles like “Fuck Me Raw Brent Corrigan”, “Naughty Boy's Toys” and the best selling “Take it like a Bad Boy” has been cast in Another Gay Movie sequel “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild”. The original was a spoof on the teen comedy’s like American Pie. The movie will also star RuPaul and The Lady Bunny.

You might remember that Corrigan was the obsession behind the murder of Cobra’s Owner Bryan Charles earlier this year.

Closeted Republican Larry Craig is a Doll

Online toy manufacturer is selling Talking Senator Larry Craig Doll for all the right wing cocksucker that are still around. When you press his “special button” he says “Thank you all very much for coming out today. I will read a statement: I am not gay. I never have been gay.” even says the doll has a wide stance.

Will Trent Lott be the next Republican caught sucking cock?

Lots of rumors running around about Trent Lott sudden and early resignation. Will he be the next right wing republican caught in a gay sex scandal? Benjamin Nicholas and escort has alleged that he has had relations with Lott and Larry Flynt has promised to release a huge sex scandal later this year. Larry Flynt has posted a statement on his site a very ambiguous answer if he has any dirt on Lott.
Lott, a hateful bastard who has voted against gays over and over was good friends with cocksucking Larry Craig.

Monday, November 26, 2007

10 Top Non-Porn gifts that anyone would enjoy

Evan and I did a Holiday Gift podcast and here are the top ten non-porn gifts most under $20 bucks (sorry grandma … no Hungry Hole sluts DVD for you this year). All can be found at who gets an 80 on the HRC Equality Index. Tales of the city complete series, Parting Glances, the first full length main stream movie about AIDS, CK1 the unisex smell that is different on everyone, Scene It tv board game to keep you entertained after all the sex, Scan disc 4 gig so you can take your photos, music or movies (or porn) everywhere you go.
Paulie has 2 hot cartoon calendars from the fantatisc artist Joe Phillips “Boys will be Boys” and “Zodiac Birthday Calendar ” both under $11 Bucks. Hairspray the musical, even without Divine this is the Dvd that will keep you humming along. Colma the muscal, a very interesting indepentent movie that won awards in the gay film festivals, Gay Happings 16 that will keep you moving with great remixes of some of your favorite song. Last but not least, Michael Tolliver Lives! to find out what happens after “Tales of the City”. Any of these would make great gift for the Holiday Season!