Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Bel Ami Boys Dance for Summer

Anything can become a dancefloor for BelAmi boys. The more public the better.

Treasure Island "Fill'er Up" How Much can a Manhole Hold!

Fill'er Up is about taking as much jizz as you can in your manhole. And what's more fun than taking or giving a load? That's easy. Doing it with other horny sluts. My dick is hard. I need a hole to fuck. I just took a load. I can't stop until I take another - and then one more after that. You're climbing-the-walls horny and want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you nice and deep.

Treasure Island "Street Meat" Pubic Sex at it's Best

An all-out fuckfest shot in London's dungeons, bars, saunas and bathrooms! A public toilet is a perfect place for fucking when you're an insatiable bottom. The sex-crazed Swedish hole Toffic gets pounded and pumped by CutlerX. Freddy wanted to find out what happens when he really lets himself go. We lined up ten studs, not one cock less than 8 inches! These are just the first two scenes of seven in total! Yum!

Pre Condom Classic "Night At The Adonis" Starring Jack Wrangler

Jack Wrangler stars as a store-owner who has designs on his hunky employee Malo. From the balcony to a dark boiler room, director Jack Deveau does a fantastic job combining humor and hot humping as all types of customers (from younger to older, leather types to clean-cut) engage in torrid sexploits at the Adonis movie house in Times Square. Super stars include Jayson MacBride, Bill Eld, Chris Michaels, mark Woodward, Geraldo, and 13 more!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dancing Twins

Dancing Twins from Henry Horn on Vimeo.

Colombian Gay Twink Teasing

Colombian Gay Twink teasing from Henry Horn on Vimeo.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Muscle Ass Taking Huge Red Dildo


Hot Poppers Fuck


Trying new sex toys Fleshlights

Trying new sex toys Fleshlight Masturbators, Looks like he likes the ass the best.

Hawaii Queens Surf Beach 3D Gay Animated Comics

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The next spoof adult film parody is here "Poke-U-Man" Preview

Poke-U-Man Go is the title of the adult film for the new comer to the parody porn circuit ’Next Door World’. Using the tag line “I choose you” - We guess “gotta catch em all” has a different meaning in the sex industry.

Scotty Zee and Lance Ford star in the video that takes Scotty attempt to gain access Lance’s backyard on a quest to find Pokemon. Lance a fellow gamer won’t allow Scotty into his back yard as he wants the creature for himself, however he soon offers Scotty a chance to earn it the “hard” way.

Hot Gay Short Film "Ligero sol"

Dick Measuring 101

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fucking Machine and Leaking Cock Very HOT!!!


Bel Ami, Scene from 3 Ways

http://www.adonisent.com/store/store.php?search%5Bterms%5D=Bel+Ami%2C+3+Ways&search%5Bmode%5D=all&search%5Bcat%5D=&search%5Bsort_by%5D=name_asc Bel Ami, Scene from 3 Ways
3 Ways
Watch Full HD movie now in Adonis Enterprises

Lick My Body Challenge with Topher Dimaggio

Lick My Body Challenge with Topher Dimaggio

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tyler Rush and Cass Bolton – Choosing Bondage Rope – Bondage 102

Tyler Rush and Cass Bolton – Choosing Bondage Rope – Bondage 102



How do you measure up? Graphic map shows what country has the men most packing

Confirming what every other graph of similar nature has done in the past, targetmap.com have released a graphic map showing what the average size of the erect male penis is around the globe.

The color coded graph shows that African men have the largest penises on average in the world, while Asian guys have the smallest on average.

Ghana, Gabon and Jamaica came in at the top with an average sized wang of around 6.3 – 7 inches. With the Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea with an average 3.6 – 4.1 inches.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden are about on par with Aussie men with the guys from the UK, US, Germany and France just under an inch on average below.

How well do you rank in comparison to the global average?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Straight Dudes 1st Bareback Breeding


Next Door Raw is proud to present Straight Dude's 1st Bareback Breeding, an extravaganza of first time hunks getting ass blasted by experienced breeders. Not only does Johnny Torque bottom for the first time, he rides Markie More bareback and insists he finish inside his tight virgin asshole. Johnny Torque isn't the only one getting bred for the first time! Max Penn, Casey More and Brandon Moore all take huge loads deep inside them.