Friday, March 25, 2011

Parker Perry from Next Door Buddies Plays Sexy Pool Games

Donny Wright finds a new way to exercise has ass, Parker Perry give the loser "8" and some balls.

California Men "Biggest Dicks"

A new internet study from "Homodachi Research" has analyzed the headlines from 50k M4M ads all over the US and have found L.A men have the largest cocks. Texas where everything is supposed to be bigger, Houston were the smallest. Below are some of the other city survey results from Barebacking to Group Sex.

* Barebacking capitals: Atlanta, Denver, Houston
* Drug capitals: Dallas, New York, and San Francisco
* Visitor capitals: Las Vegas & Washington DC
* Group sex capitals: Chicago, Raleigh
* 69 capital: New York
* Kink capitals: New York & Denver
* Gym body capitals: Los Angeles & New York

Before all you bottom pack your bag for the west coast, remember that the study got the info from the Internet, where no one ever lies. Here is the disclaimer "All results are exploratory and should not be taken at face-value. To reiterate, this report is intended to stir researchers in culture, sexuality, psychology, sociology, gender studies and public health to take a second look at Web 2.0 and user-generated content as a rich source of data."

LGTB Youths Get Their "Rap" On with "Faggot Family"

From Rainbow Noise Entertainment, a record label specializing in LGBTQ music artist is "Imma Homo"

Taylor's Favorite Gay Bar Erects Shrine

The Abbey, a popular gay bar in West Hollywood was one of the Dame's Elizabeth Taylor favorite hangout. This week the staff erected a candle-lit shrine for the screen stars V.I.P. room and has added a special cocktail this weekend in honor of the legend and is donating all of the proceeds to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The charitable drink, named "Blue Velvet Martini," is made with Blueberry Schnapps and Blue Angel vodka, and was chosen to honor Taylor's 1944 classic.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Titan Men's David Anthony Cock Molding

Check out Titan Mens David Anthony get his 8.5" Cock Molded for a new Dildo. "David Anthony's meticulously reproduced 8.5" cock, molded directly from the star himself with every fine detail. With a convenient suction cup base for use on the floor, wall, headboard, or any slick surface! You can take David anywhere your heart... or other parts desire!"

Randy Blue's Cayden & Travis "Fisting the New French Kissing"

Check out behind scenes the boys from Randy Blue Cayden Ross and Travis

How to Get Clean, While Geting Dirty

Falcon's Fleet Week 2 Trailer

Fleet Week was inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" sixteen battleships manned by 14,000 seamen circumnavigating the globe in 1908. In years since, Fleet Week has offered tarheels from across the country an unmatched opportunity to take advantage of all that sparkling port cities like San Francisco have to offer...and take advantage, they do!

Compliments of RocketTube

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NewNowNext nominated Mike Tompkins A Cappella Fireworks

Not only is Mike Tompkins adorable, his Katy Perry Cover of Fireworks Great. Every sound you hear is made by his voice and mouth.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Titan Men Sweat Equity Preview

Sweat Equity, Over 2 hours of hot guys all outside with a hot 3 way starring Aymeric Deville, Frank Philipp and Ethan Hudson 3.5 splats check it out.

Fez All Grown Up

Wilmer Valderrama does his best "Guys With iPhones" pose after workout. Yummy

Maryland Failed Marriage Equality Blame Game

Chris Bines First Bottoming Scene

Check out Christ Bines first bottoming scene the the nicely hung Travis James

Titan Medias Parisian Philippe Ferro

Philippe Ferro born in the south of France, Philippe stands 5’10″ with a beautiful, naturally muscular body. He has a sparkle in his eyes and a sweet smile that combines with an unbelievably sexy French accent. He was found as on of the contestants on the X Star Story Website and signed as a TitanMen Exclusive by Director Brian Mills. “After Philippe arrived in San Francisco, I was astounded by how attractive he is.” Says Mills. “He is even more beautiful than he was in the photos and video clips I watched! Philippe seemed a little shy at first, but soon was perfectly comfortable on the set. He’s a natural… charming and popular with everyone! He’s going to be very big with our fans!”

His debut DVD THRILL RIDE is available.

George Micael's "True Faith"

Check out the video, it's like a dream... too bad the song cover is a nightmare.