Friday, March 27, 2009

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Betwixt and Between

What's a gay man to do? I feel like Bugs Bunny being done in by his love of carrots. Representative Arron Schock (R-IL) is really hot but is a republican douche.
The animal side of my brain says: 'hot guy!' and the intellectual side of my brain says 'ugh, repiglican.' Look at the picture taken a few years ago. Pretty hot, right? Too busy to date, no girlfriend, gay rumors from constituents, great body, nice hair. But then there's his positions on abortion, gay rights, including marriage; spouting the republican party line. My brain is all mixed up.
Of course, it's not just young Aaron, I sometimes get these feeling about Eric Cantor (R-VA). (He's cute; I hate him; kinda hot; kinda a dick).
Back to Aaron. TMZ has been stalking Aaron outside of Congress asking him about partying in D.C. and how his abs compare to President Obama. Howard Kurtz interviewed him on CNN's Reliable Sources and he basically said it was all good. Stay tuned to see what comes out in the wash.

Penis Pump Judge Wants Pension Reinstated

The former judge who lost his position, was sent to prison and cut off from his pension because he used a penis pump in court has decided to appeal a ruling that revoked his retirement pay.

Donald D. Thompson had been convicted on four counts of indecent exposure and sentenced to four years in prison for using a penis pump underneath his robe during court hearings. He served 20 months and was suspended from law practice.

Thompson was receiving $7,789 a month when his benefits were cut off on grounds that his conduct violated his oath of office. He had spent almost 23 years on the bench and had served as a state legislator before retiring from the court in 2004.

Thompson testified that the penis pump was given to him as a joke by a longtime buddy. "It wasn't something I was hiding," he said. Thompson said he may have squeezed the pump's handle during court cases but never used it to masturbate.

A court employee told police that she saw Thompson use the device almost daily during the August 2003 murder trial of a man accused of shaking a toddler to death. A whooshing sound could be heard on an audiotape of the trial.

Police built a case against the judge after an officer testifying in a 2003 murder trial saw a piece of plastic tubing disappear under Thompson's robe. During a break, officers took photographs of the penis pump under the desk.

Detectives later found semen after checking the carpet, Thompson's robes and his chair behind the bench, according to court records.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Craigslist Teen Hustler arrested in WABC George Weber’s Murder

New York City Police say a 16y.o. teenager John Katehis is in custody in the brutal slaying of veteran New York City radio reporter George Weber. The two met via an ad Weber had placed on Craiglslist looking for “rough sex” with a Hispanic man.

Weber’s body was found Sunday. His ankles were bound, and he was stabbed about 50 times. Wounds on his hands indicate he tried to fight back.

Katehis writes in his MySpace profile "I like to do crazy and wild like an adrenaline junkie, I'm always looking for a big thrill, I'm a big risk taker and like to live life on the edge.I am an Extremist, an Anarchist,and a Sadomasochist. As long as you show respect for me i will show respect for you, if you disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck." The photo above from his page Katehis is posing with his knife and sword collection.

Long Island newspaper Newsday, quoting unnamed police sources, reported that the teen told investigators he saw it as an easy way to make money for smothering someone and engaging in other forms of rough sex. Gay porn was reportedly strewn about the home. The teen allegedly tried to clean up after the killing, then turned on the water taps throughout the home before fleeing.

Weber worked at WABC in New York for 12 years as the on-air reporter for popular shows such as “Curtis and Kuby.” He also had worked at stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Pennsylvania.

TitanMan’s Youngest Exclusive Will Parker

Gay adult production house Titan Media has signed an exclusive contract with newcomer Will Parker. At 22 years, he is the youngest ever TitanMan.

"Will came to us through our website a few weeks ago," Brian Mills, director and studio principal, said. "At his young age, you'd expect him to be more of a boy. While his face may say innocent, his amazing gymnast physique combined with his piggy sexual appetite makes him a perfect fit as a TitanMan."

Parker is a Florida native. He is set for featured roles in a pair of upcoming productions: the next installment of the TitanMen Folsom leather/fetish line, and a vignette for the studio's nascent extreme fetish label directed by performer Tony Buff.

Among his first personal appearances will be meet-and-greets during International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago at the end of May.

"I am still in awe of all that has happened so quickly,” Parker said. It's always been my fantasy to be a part of a Titan film, and now I am living that fantasy. I can't wait to see what comes next."

Zach Braff Plugs Porn Parody of Scrubs

‘Scrubs’ is being made into a movie,” Braff said on Kimmel’s late-night talk show on ABC. “I wouldn’t get too excited — it’s a porno movie.” After the crowd cheered wildly, Braff exclaimed, “They got more excited! Someone sent this to me, this is not a joke. They are making ‘Scrubs’ into a triple-X porno. On the web they showed the porn stars that are playing each one of us.”

Braff and Kimmel then went through some cast photos and the porn stars that are playing them.

"This girl's gonna be Sarah [Chalke, who plays Dr. Elliot Reid on the show],” Braff said, holding up a picture of Ashlynn Brooke. “I think it’s a good match.”

Braff’s porn doppelganger, James Deen, elicited the most applause. “My guy looks like there’s nothing the director would say that he’d be, like, ‘Nah, dude, I’m not doing that.’”

Kimmel gets in a dig: “He played Screech in the ‘Saved By the Bell’ porno.”

Gay Bashing at a Sports Bar: What Do You Do?

Bar Patrons Are Presented With An Ethical Dilemma When They Witness Two Gay Men Being Harassed

To test Americans' increasing open-mindedness, we staged a verbal gay-bashing scenario at a local sports bar in Linden, N.J. hired actor Vince August plays a homophobic patron. Dusty St. Amand and Dominic Benevento, a gay couple in real life, played the targets of his slurs. Two additional actors, Traci Hovel and Brad Lee Wind, played a heterosexual couple at the opposite end of the bar.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gay Performers Band Together to Spread Safer-Sex Message

A group of eight gay-porn models has taken a stand for safer sex in a catchy public-service announcement they created and posted to YouTube.

Andy Kay, Phillip Ashton, Jayden Taylor, Krist Cummings, Jacob Wright, Zack Randall, Ryan Conners and Angel Benton said they are using the tagline "Safe Sex is Hot Sex" to make a point, and they hope other performers and studios will sign on to the effort.

The message is simple, the men said. So is one potential answer to the problem.

"There has been much talk about safe sex when gay porn is concerned in the past," a joint statement noted. "With the fear of STDs, many companies have come to worship the condom as the saving grace. Others have halted certain aspects of scenes like oral cumshots to help curb the issue. Unfortunately, there is one avenue that many of these companies do not take, and that is the matter of full-panel testing."

Although full-panel STD testing is widely available, the crusading performers said companies and individuals resent the expense. In addition, "bad" test results can delay filming or end careers.

"It's just like it is everywhere else: politics and money," the joint statement noted. "A company might lose models if they tested and found them to have HIV or an STD. A company would also lose large sums of money due to testing costs.

"This message is a message from the models themselves, saying that something just isn't right here. Straight companies work almost solely with testing and extensive databases to make sure they maintain a safe environment. Most gay companies do not.

"[We are] not saying that testing is the answer to everything," the performers continued in their statement. "It is simply a message stating that we can make our environment safer if we really care about safety. It's saying that we can make a change and correct errors in the past now, if we can only band together.

"We've made our stand," the statement noted. "It's up to the rest of the community now to make theirs."

Big Cock that Can be seen from Google Earth

18yo Rory Mclnnes painted a 60 foot cock on the roof of his parents million pound house in the UK. For 12 month the giant "Willy" was on the roof near Hungerford Berks before a helicopter pilot spotted it and took photos.

Rory’s Mother Clare, 49, said: “We don’t want any more children, so the idea of sleeping under a giant fertility symbol is rather worrying.”

“When Rory gets home he will be given a scrubbing brush and white spirit and he can go and scrub it off.”

Winner of “RuPaul's Drag Race” and After show Gets UGLY

We all know her as “Cameroon” Bebe Zahara Benet nabbed the top prize in RuPaul's Drag Race. Now she's ready to take a victory lap, bringing her international brand of drag across America this summer.

All Hell broke out when the judge Santino came out and the Drag Queens attacked. Shannel couldn’t say enough good things about herself and how great she is and Tammie went off and made the best face. Rupaul had to go off and “read” to Queens. Check out the clip.

After Gay Porn Scandal, College Wrestler Is Undefeated

The NCAA has reinstated one of the two Nebraska wrestlers dismissed from their original teams because they appeared on a gay porn website.
Paul Donahoe is back on the mat and grappling his way toward an NCAA championship, and he's still in red and white, except that now his colors stand for Edinboro University. It's a small liberal arts university in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Donahoe's high school coach helped him make the jump from Nebraska, which dismissed Donohoe and his teammate based on NCAA rules banning the use of photos for personal gain, along with a host of other charges. Donahoe made a few thousand dollars modeling for the site, but the NCAA made him give it all back.

"I believe it was unfair for Nebraska to dismiss me from the team," he said. "For one, there's plenty of athletes throughout the University of Nebraska who have had DUIs and who have been in fights and are still playing. But I guess that's OK. Posing nude, I guess, is worse than someone drinking and driving and risking someone's life, in their eyes."

"I am straight, but on the forums people make a lot of gay jokes about me," he says. "I'm not too concerned. They can talk about me all they want, it doesn't matter. If a guy wants to be with a guy, who cares?"

Finally, Donahoe said that he's happy to tell his story, no matter how embarrassing it is, because it might help bring more attention to the beleaguered sport of amateur wrestling.

"It's not like other sports," he said. "It's not something that you go out and do for fun, because if you go out there and someone's tougher than you, you're going to take some whipping. But once you become a wrestling fan, I'm pretty sure you'll always be a wrestling fan."

Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Denies Being Gay... Again

Star of TV's Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick, has again denied he is gay, calling "ridiculous" claims of a relationship between he and co-star Chace Crawford ...

In the latest edition of Rolling Stone, the 21-year-old actor says rumours of more than just a simple bromance between he and Crawford are “fucking ridiculous."

He tells the magazine, "It's funny because I love this fucking dude dearly.

"I would die for this fucking dude. He's my brother. But, by God, we are so into our fucking women it's ridiculous."

Maybe he should stop sucking his cock and we will stop calling you gay. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mayor Sam Adams Fling gets Naked for Unziped

The guy that had people calling for Adams' resignation is showing us all his glory in the new Unzipped. The May 2009 issue of Unzipped will go on sale on April 17. David Kalmansohn, editorial director of Unzipped Media, said the edition "may be the most highly anticipated issue in the magazine's history.

Kalmansohn said the young man in his interview "opens up about his relationship with Adams and how the story broke, as well as his own sex life and the kind of men he finds most attractive."

More importantly we get to see how Johnny Hazzard celebrates Mother's Day.