Friday, July 18, 2008

Police Dept Puts "Mikey V" on Leave over Alleged Porn Past

I feel really bad about this one, Evan and I just talked, on this weeks Podcast, how many times I have jerked off watching the hot X clip of the tied up muscle stud. Michael Verdugo a Florida out and proud police officer and HGTV Design Star contestant has been unfairly put on leave for porn past. I don't know how "Alleged" it can be (Scroll down to Monday, July 14, 2008 post and see the X-Rated Clip).

"Verdugo joined the police force in 2001, five years after the movie was filmed. 'He's a great cop with a distinguished record of serving this community for many years,' said Al Milian, Verdugo's attorney. Milian would not deny or confirm Verdugo's possible involvement in the film. 'I think every police officer during their career are subject to investigations. The overwhelming number of allegations are always found to be unfounded,' Milian said. Milian said that ever since Verdugo's sexual orientation was revealed in 2004, he has dealt with discrimination and harassment. 'I think when you have a certain lifestyle in the 21st century, you're always going to be subject to heightened scrutiny,' Milian said...Milian said he is prepared to defend Verdugo's record and outstanding contribution to the community."

It seems to be something he did way before becoming an officer and should not be held against him, think if we all were judged by out past actions.

Power top Collin O' Neal Retires from Performing

Beefy Collin O'Neal has announced his retirement from performing this week but will continue to produce, direct and involved in other behind the scenes of World of Men and Collin O'Neal Productions. His movies exudes masculinity and passion, like Collin O’Neal’s World of Men Lebanon, Santo Domingo and Sao Paulo

"I just think now is the time to focus on working behind the camera, since I feel I created a porn aficionado base that is not focused on me being in front of the camera but rather the hot, new guys I find to perform for me from all around the world," he said.

"Over the past year I have invested a great deal of time managing my business and learning to work the video camera and less time at the gym. I just do not feel so good about my body - in addition to meeting a special person that is not comfortable with me performing - so I made the decision to retire."

O'Neal began his porn career in 2003 as an exclusive for Hot House Entertainment. His first performance, alongside ex-boyfriend Arpad Miklos, was in Skuff II. Hot House owner Steven Scarborough took a particular interest in the performer and promoted him aggressively.

"I may change my mind in the future, but if I decide to perform again the scene will only be featured on my website," O'Neal said. "I feel more like a businessman now and less like a porn star with an ego like others in the industry that keep performing in their own movies."

Straight guy RC Ryan Bottoms for the First Time

The Str8 stud who is also a professional boxer has been practicing to get ready for his first time bottom with Jason Hawke on top for Cockyboys. (I'm always around if he need some more practice).

Ryan's gained notoriety as the top in a much-anticipated first-time bottoming scene for performer Brodie Sinclair, also for Cockyboys in April.

Ryan, who identifies as straight, said, “Let’s say Cockyboys has a way of making you feel comfortable about doing things you’ve never done before.” “I’ve used a toy to prepare so I’m ready for what it’s going to feel like.”

“We’ve had a good track record of getting people like RC Ryan to bottom for the first time when in the past they have had no intention of doing so,” Cockyboys founder Majors said. “I think it’s compelling for the fans to see their stars branch out and try new things and it makes for a hot scene that’s for sure.

“It’s also an endorsement from our models on how well we treat them and how comfortable we make them feel, which I am proud of,” he added.

Ryan’s scene, which will go live on July 28 at the Cockyboys site.

Florida Rentboy Pool Party

The pictures from Rentboy's annual pool party in Ft. Lauderdale are up ( It's like a giant bowl of man-soup.

I've been tempted to go, but it always seems like there are
two distinct groups of people at these events.

-Party A-

and Party B:

I'm not quite sure where I fit in.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Treasure Island’s Kinky New Release Fearless Free Trailer

Producer Paul Morris has announced the release of his latest video kinky, rough fucking, “Fearless.” The two-disc set features a gangbang, double fucking, foot worship and is almost 4 hours long.

“This is one I’m especially proud of,” said Morris, founder of Treasure Island Media. “Solid fuck-action, gangbangs, gallons of sperm — ‘Fearless’ is fuckin’ great. This one’s for men who live for sperm-driven, double-dick manfuckin’.”

‘Fearless’ features TIM exclusives Christian, Brad McGuire, “Slave-Dog” Will, Jerry Stearns, Derek Anthony, as well as Marcelo Masko, Austin Shadow, Alan Gregory, Fyerfli, Sean Storm, Jacob Scott and a stable of TIM sex-addicts at play.

To view the video trailer, click here.

Titan Exclusive Alex Baresi Models the New Mona Lisa?

Australian painter Ross Watson, who’s art style is Old World Classic masters has chosen Titan Men’s Alex Baresi, star of “Fear”, “Folsom Leather” and “Breakers 2 Disc Set”( just to name a few), to be his next art subject. With his chiseled good rugged good looks no wonder why he was chosen to be immortalized in oil.

Artist Watson, who has been featured in numerous international publications and TV shows, has received commissions for his work from celebrities like Elton John and other high profile clients. His works are included in many collections in Australia, U.S. and Great Britain. Watson operates a gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

“Alex is one of the world’s most stunning examples of manhood,” Titan Vice President Keith Webb says. “Not only is he breathtakingly handsome with a physique of a Roman god, he is also incredibly intelligent and holds a doctorate in economics. He is a classic example of beauty, brains and brawn — the perfect match for Ross Watson’s work.”

The painting featuring Baresi is “Untitled #01/08,” rendered in the style of Italian Baroque master Caravaggio, and shows Baresi standing before Caravaggio’s 1602 painting “St. John the Baptist (or Youth with a Ram).”

Limited edition prints of the painting are available, with Giclee edition prints hand-numbered and signed by Watson, printed on archival quality stock.

In addition, 10 percent of the revenue from the sale of the works will go to Baresi’s nominated charity, Munchner AIDS-Hilfe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Judge Rules "Entrapment" in Fort Lauderdale's Sex Sting

Earlier this year we told you about the unfairly entrappent of sex stings in Fort Lauderdales "Holiday Park" area and it looks like Judge Gary Cowart agrees and dimissed the charges against Michael Marsh. This ruling sets a good foundation for a class action lawsuit for all the unfair entrappent against the police and debunks Homophobic Mayor Naugle’s claim that gay men are committing sex acts in public parks.

Judge Gary Cowart dismissed the charges against Michael Marsh, a Fort Lauderdale man who was encountered undercover Fort Lauderdale officer Nick Coffin Aug. 20 near the baseball fields of Holiday Park.

The park has been under surveillance by police sting operations that target public sex and drug use there. Mayor Jim Naugle has used the arrests there as a platform for his comments against gay cruising in parks and public bathrooms.

According to Judge Cowart’s ruling, Coffin steered the conversation with Marsh toward sex, telling Marsh “I’m a bottom, I like the guys to be on top.”

Coffin repeatedly asked Marsh “what are you working with,” to which Marsh opened the passenger door of Coffin’s vehicle and exposed his penis and groped Coffin’s crotch.

Coffin then asked Marsh to “hop in,” but Marsh refused. He agreed to follow Coffin to an apartment nearby. As he drove out the park Coffin could be heard telling other officers over a cell phone that he could get Marsh for prostitution.

When the men arrive at the apartment Coffin asks Marsh for money for sex. Marsh refuses, saying that he is unemployed. However officers arrested Marsh, charging him with prostitution, indecent exposure and battery.

“This court finds that the defendant was entrapped as a matter of law,” Cowart wrote in his decision. “The defendant proved that he was induced by officer Coffin to commit these acts.”

“It sends the message to the community that the mayor was misleading citizens into thinking that gay men were responsible for illicit conduct in parks,” Kent said. “When all the unlawful activity was done by law enforcement officers.”

Kent has notified the city of his intent to sue and Marsh will likely be the lead plaintiff. However, he said, it is difficult to find men who qualify because most plead out in court, thus waiving their right to sue.

Welcome to Wyler Nation

Self-proclaimed "King of Bottoms", Mason Wyler has finally got on the blog bandwagon. This nasty boy next-door is letting us in on his darkest fantasies and let me tell you, it reaches a level of raunchiness likely to make even Paulie blush.

Here's just a nibble of what he considers a hot night out:

"Then Tyler was there to make sure I could take a fist... ramming his whole fist and forearm all the way down to his elbow deep inside my spunk filled intestines. I was his meat puppet. Then Cooper made sure I could take two fists... my hole was so gaping and loose at that point that piss and cum started to flow out of my torn up red cunt like a river... one the men had the wonderful idea of collecting it all into a dog bowl but the dog bowl wasn't big enough to hold all the liquid that came out of my boy pussy..."

Hard to believe such filth would come from such sweet looking lad. I could have done with out all the references to "boy-pussy", "man-twat" and the like but I must say it is almost impossible to stop reading.

Check it out:

I'm a huge fan of his and perfectly capable of telling the difference between fantasy and reality, but part of me worries he might be heading down the path to bareback porn. He has done one bareback scene for Boy's Pissing some time ago (which didn't seem to stir up much controversy for some odd reason). I know, I know, he is a big boy and can make his own decisions. ....hopping off my soapbox now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mikey V from Design Star Secret Bondage Porn Past

You might be sad to see hunky Mikey V from HGTV Design Star go… but now you can watch him cum. It appears that Mikey Verdugo the 34yo police officer was in a bondage video called “Rope Rituals” (before he got those tattoos on his arms) and he is one hot stud. Check it out below from X-tube.

Jamie Hendrix Returns to Gay Porn after 8 year Hiatus

Performer/director Jamie Hendrix (star of Object of Desire) announced his return to the gay adult industry in the beginning of June, and is currently in the midst of production on his yet-untitled comeback feature for his new production company, G&G Production. Hendrix, a performer and filmmaker since 1998 left porn to pursue “mainstream stuff” and to take care of his partner who had a stroke.

“You see a lot of things happening and you think it’s time to come back. You know – the commercial industry, when you’re talking about blockbusters, it takes some time to get that kind of money,” Hendrix said. “But this industry is still the best place to me, because you can generate faster revenue, and these days, you can do that between the DVDs, VOD and all these different things.”

“What I bring to the table now is that I can do these things really quick, but I can still enforce the characterization that I want and get a lot more out of it, in say, a week,” he added. “I know it’s not a three-week shoot or a full-blown production.”

With many changes that have occurred in the adult industry in the last eight years, Hendrix said he is not intimidated by a saturated DVD market or slow sales for hard product. He reminisced about his experiences in the era of big budget gay features.

“When you have a name like I do, it can last forever, as long as you produce the right stuff, and once you do, the product will sell,” Hendrix said. “When you work with really large crews and actors and you’re writing scripts and characters, characterizations. We did all of that – for instance, when we did VCA’s ‘Powerdriver,’ that was around $75,000 and that was back in ’96. That was back in the days when Chi Chi and a lot of us were doing huge productions.”

“I’ve been doing this since 1988, so I’ve been around a few years,” Hendrix said. “To be honest, it’s been like it was yesterday because people pretty much know who I am. We’ve had tremendous interest from distributors. It’s just the right time to come back.”

Hunky Mormon Calendar Creator Could get Excommunicated

The calendar “Men on a Mission” featuring 12 Mormon sexy shirtless missionaries men could have creator Chad Hardy excommunicated. Lifetime member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Hardy is facing a disciplinary hearing and because of the project.

"You see more in a JCPenney catalog," said Hardy, 31, who now has his own entertainment company. "I just feel like my right to free speech is being violated. The calendar was designed to shake up Mormon stereotypes. The pages include photos of the men dressed in standard missionary garb. In biographical sketches each missionary talks about his beliefs. It's not tearing anybody down. I wondered what would happen if we took that perfect Disneyland image that the church spends millions of dollars cultivating each year and shook it up a little bit.”

The 2009 calendar -- which drew 100 inquiries from interested missionaries -- will be released in September.