Friday, September 13, 2019

Sex in the Mountains

Sex in the Mountains powered by XTube

Fucking ass toy

Fucking ass toy powered by XTube

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Monster Toy Cock Fun with Real Deal Monster Cock

Monster Toy Cock Fun with Real Deal Monster Cock powered by XTube

Testing out my new vibrating butt plug

Testing out my new vibrating butt plug powered by XTube

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anal Sex

CBD has some major benefits when it comes to increasing enjoyment and reducing anxiety around this favorite gay pastime, says Dr. Evan Goldstein. Most people will report a heightened state of deeper relaxation through their body with CBD.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous chemical compound in the plant, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have psychoactive affects — you’re not getting stoned on CBD, but most people will report a heightened state of deeper relaxation through their body.

What are some of the main benefits of CBD oil when used for anal sex?

I see a lot of clients who have difficulty engaging anally. There are notably both mental and physical limitations. The use of CBD has the potential to alleviate both of these restrictions.

The anal canal, through both suppository and lubricant administration, has significant plexuses of blood vessels, allowing for quick systemic absorption, all the while providing localized effects for fruitful engagement. Essentially, it allows anal intercourse to be that much easier without the harmful effects that desensitizing lubes have. These can prevent you from feeling pain, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of serious injury. It’s truly a game-changer.

Does CBD oil heighten orgasms, too?

Its use can supplement individuals who already enjoy anal sex — as either a top or a bottom — and instead make sex even more mind-blowing due to its ability to increase tactile sensation and pleasure. This can mean heightened orgasms and closer partnerships. It’s more about taking an exciting experience in its own right and becoming more pleasurable for all involved parties with the ultimate goal of pure ecstasy.

And I understand there are some benefits to CBD oil post-anal sex.

CBD has the ability to assist in healing minor to major trauma, specifically in the anal region. Trauma can happen even if one doesn’t feel any different post-engagement because we know on a microscopic level that some detriment is present. CBD oils can assist in anal tears, known as fissures, or dilated veins, known as hemorrhoids, through its anti-inflammatory effects, along with decreasing the overall localized muscle pressure.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Super Cute Hunk Tied Down and Edged

Super Cute Hunk Tied Down and Edged powered by XTube

Edging a bound Young HUNG

Edging a bound Young HUNG powered by XTube

Booty Balloon Shaving Challenge with Arad Winwin

Booty Balloon Shaving Challenge with Arad Winwin

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Masked rider alone

masked rider alone powered by XTube

Testing another butt plug

Testing another butt plug (simple, little gape) powered by XTube

Markie Mores Retirement Party

As soon as Markie More sees the empty loft with nothing but a mattress, he realizes this isn't the first rodeo for hookup Nathan Styles.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Dark Alley Media "Backroom Fuckboys"

Alessio Vega and Shawn Andrews lead the charge of bubble butt fuck boys waiting ass up to be taken by our hung and horny daddy studs. No matter the size of the cocks these bottom boys are ready to service their stallions and get rewarded with creamy loads shot on and inside their fucked out asses.

Cockyboys "Best Days Of Summer "

Award-winning performer, Blake Mitchell, makes his CockyBoys debut fucking the delectable Hayden Brier set in the warm, sunny backdrop of California. Sean Ford, Cory Kane & the hunky Chris Loan have their turn to play with their partners in this volume!

The Best of Cadinot 2

French studio Cadinot presents the second, The Best of Cadinot compilation, featuring a host of scenes from their vast back catalogue!