Friday, June 11, 2010

Uber Bottom Cory Koons Signs with Treasure Island

Cory Koons, who hasn't done any porn in a couple of years and stars in Raging Stallions Jock Itch 2: Balls To The Wall, Ink Storm , and Rascals Dirty Young Bucks (one his last scenes was Ink Storm in 2007) has just signed with Bareback Company Treasure Island Media. Check out his amazing hot scene with Tober Brandt in Raging Stallion's award winning "Ink Storm" below.

Koons says "I've had second thoughts about making porn again, but I want to show the world how I really have sex now. I’m a balls-out rawdog and proud of it!" Which makes Koons a perfect fit for Treasure Island Media.

T.I.M. Director Max Sohl "Cory takes cock like a true master bottom, he's a real guy, an incredibly nice and decent guy who just happens to have one of the most beautiful and fuckable asses in the world. I’m delighted to be able to offer up that hungry fuckhole to all of our topmen.”

Michael Lucas gets mixed response on Controversial Article

Who would have thought Michael Lucas would be controversial? In his recent article for The Advocate titled "Europe's Trouble with Israel" he asks if Europe is retroactively justifying the Holocaust through its current indictment of Israel through actions such as Madrid Gay Pride banning an Israeli delegation.

Although the article was only published online on Wednesday, it has already gained more than five pages of comments.

Lucas' column has drawn responses from the US as well as the rest of the world, with reactions split evenly between support and disapproval of the porn star's opinions.

Where is Helen Thomas when you need her? :)

VPSofW: Scott Randsome

Known more for his 'wrestling' and body worship videos, Scott Randsome started doing porn work later. Originally featured in the BG Enterprise videos, he was a competitive teenage bodybuilder. If you're looking for a twink, you're shopping at the wrong store.

Also known as 'Cody Braddock' and 'Kurtus Beefcake,' Scott had light brown hair, brown eyes, stood 5'8", and had an 8" cut dick. But if you remember him for anything it was for those cut muscles. Always a top, but my favorites were the flicks that showed him in different lights. In 'The Summer of Scott Randsome,' he comes closest to his body worship background in the first and last scenes, the first with Scott Russell and the last with Donnie Russo. In 'Mavericks,' he plays a football coach and shows off his limited acting chops in a scene with Trent Reed. In 'Riptide!' he plays the part of a homophobic surfer that seemed to hit close to home, where he and Gianfranco happen upon and have their way with Chad Conners, and another muscle-explosion scene with Karl Bruno. Check 'em out!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Body Worship 03 (BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 05 (BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 06 (BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 19 (BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 27 (BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 02 (BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 09 (BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 18 (BG Enterprise)
Male Tales: The Interactive Game (HIS Video)
Muscle Showcase 16 (BG Enterprise)
Punishment 3 (BG Enterprise)
Sunsex Blvd. (1993, Catalina)
Cuming Attractions (1993, Fox Studio)
Summer Of Scott Randsome (1994, Catalina)
Wanted (1994, Catalina)
Fame & Flesh (1995, HIS Video)
Fantasy Fight 01 (1995, BG Enterprise)
Greased Up (1995, Jocks)
Jockstrap Wrestling 21 (1995, BG Enterprise)
Manhattan Skyline (1995, HIS Video)
Mavericks (1995, Studio 2000)
The Personals (1995, Vivid Man)
Total Corruption 2: One Night In Jail (1995, HIS Video)
The Olympians (1996, Sierra Pacific Video)
Riptide! (1996, Studio 2000)
Fantasy Fight 03 (1997, BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 21 (1998, BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 05 (1998, BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 06 (1998, BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 13 (1998, BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 14 (1998, BG Enterprise)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex Toy Review - Scorpion Stinger Cockring & Testicle Harness

What can I say? I love prostate stimulated orgasm. If you never had an eye popping, body shaking prostate orgasm before the Scorpion Stinger Cockring & Testicle Harness is for you.

It's a great toy if you are a top who wants some anal play with an added bonus of a Cockring, or even just jerking off. The Stinger is even good for those of you that have a hard time Cumming with oral sex (not a problem I have at all). The shaft is slim and firm yet easily pliable to conform to any curve or bend you can put into it.

The base of the device is held in place by a cyberskin harness that also acts, in the form of a figure eight, as both a scrotal and Cockring with a perineum stimulator (that a bottom buddy can feel too). Both rings hold firm and give you a noticeable harder erection.

The Scorpion “ends” at its base in a high-quality bullet connected by wire to a TLC controller. The controller has a digital interface, an on/off button, and two buttons for stepping backwards and forwards through the cycles. It also has some weight to it. Six “AA” batteries are required to load it. This may seem like a lot but having more batteries “in series” actually prolongs their lifespan as they produce power more efficiently.

It has ten unique combinations of rhythms filled with both long and short pulses and two variations of constant vibration (one low and one high). You would think that the ten “settings” would get repetitive but a lot of thought and engineering were put into them.

All you need is a little lube and you’re ready for some great big "O's".

Jim Carrey's Gay Sex Scene

Seems this "graphic gay sex scene" where Carrey is fucking like a rabbit is the cause of all the delays for the film "I Love you Phillip Morris".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Missed it by that much!

Next Door Entertainment, COLT Studio Group and Falcon Entertainment held tryouts over Memorial Day weekend for Canada's Next Porn Star, at the Stock Bar on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal. The press release says, “All you need to do is show up and show us your stuff.” Fang and I were there on the 27th and I knew nothing about it! I would have thought that there would have been some notice, and I read French. Oh well, better luck next time.

Diesel Washington Interviews Cody Kyler

I always love Diesel Washington's interviews, part crazy, part hot.. just like I love my men. He interviews Cody Kyler, my favorite part is the end where he cut him off in his words "To play with the Boy!! Duh!!"

Ripped: No Pain, All Gain Free Trailer

Ripped: No Pain, All Gain Director John Rutherford shacks them up in pairs, letting mutual attraction and man-on-man action speak for itself. When the muscles make contact and the sweat starts to fly and it takes them into all kinds of sweaty man-on-man action...we all win! These are men who have paid their dues and perfected their bodies. Enjoy the results as these COLT men do what their bodies were built for...driving, hard-pounding sex!

Killer Joran Van Der Sloot Tiny Winnie

He might be manscaped, but the looks like the confessed killer of the young woman in Peru is lacking some manhood. Guess we know who will be the bitch in prison. Speaking of Murderers check out an old nude photo of hung O.J. Simpson.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 Millions of gays and lesbians join Sao Paulo Pride

An estimated three million people joined Sao Paolo Pride this week in the world's biggest celebration of gay culture.

Marchers through South America's biggest city came together to dance in the street, condemn homophobia and demand equal rights.

They also marched to draw attention to gay rights ahead of the country's presidential election, with the theme "Vote against homophobia".

Alexandre Santos, president of the Association of GLBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, told “We're bringing a strong theme this year to encourage people to vote for candidates who really are doing something on behalf of LGBT people."

Homosexuality is legal in Brazil and the country outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1988.

But the country's gay rights campaigners say benefits such as the right to marry are still being denied and violence against gay people is rising.

Last year, 198 people died in homophobic attacks.

20th annual Gay Days at Walt Disney World

Disney celebrates its 20th annual GayDays event with porn hotties Samuel Colt and Chris Porter. The largest gay vacation event in the world that generates 100 million dollars was once only a one day event now a four day extravaganza. Check out the video.

Rocket to Uranus

The video features Perez Hilton, he knows Uranus is very pretty and brings out the Vengaboys from retirement.

Grindr Gets some Competition with "Assfinder"

The Kings of the instant "hook up", Manhunt are coming out with their own app for iPhone call "Assfinder", a GPS instant find-a-man program. Looks like some of the features will be, Visualize member locations on a map and Grid view of men sorted by distance and unlike Grindr Uncensored profile text and images (not sure how they are going to get that one past Steve Jobs.) I am going to get ready and exercise my throat muscles for all the hook ups.