Wednesday, December 5, 2007

AMG Brasil Part Two Amazonia Release is finally here!

If you liked part one Amazonia Capture, you will go crazy for part two. Filmed like an epic movie with an actual plot and good acting, this porn is beautiful, exotic and fucking hot. Somehow AMG has found the biggest horse-hung young men that Rio has to offer. All with beautiful tan perfect bodies, each really look like porn stars. The late Danny Roddick who stars in both parts, was the first American actor to join AMG in Brazil for production. He spent two weeks in Rio de Janeiro during filming. Without a doubt one of the best porn videos ever made and an absolute must in any collection.

“The Amazon jungle is steeped with mystique and enigma, bigger than any one man. Lost, and with nowhere to turn, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick races for his life through the jungle, trying to escape the wrath of the Indian warrior tribe he has disturbed. Tradition wins out over modernity at his final capture when Danny is sacrificed by horny Indians in a ritualistic orgy.”

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bejamin Bradley and Roman Heart Engaged

According to publicist Jason Curious, gay porn A-listers Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart are allegedly back together and "engaged". (If you'd like to send them a gift they are registered at

Benjamin recently called it quits with fellow Ginch Gonch spokesboi, Ethan Reynolds. Roman and Benjamin were longtime boyfriends before Benjamin left porn to be an underwear model. No word if we will be seeing him back in front of the camera anytime soon.