Friday, July 16, 2010

Tag Adams Arrested in Sting Operation

As first reported by The Sword, Tag Adams was arrested in April in a federal sting operation. U.S. Marshals arrested Adams after he went to meet a trick he had met in an online chat room. The trick turned out to be a federal agent who, allegedly, had lured Adams to his residence with the promise that an underage boy would be there. Reading excerpts from his letters at The Sword provides lots of details, where Adams professes his innocence. His account certainly provides for a frightening prospect for those prowling the Internet for a date or some type of hookup. He is apparently still awaiting trial. More updates as events warrant.

Manhunt "Expands" with Sex Toys

Your favorite hook up site Manhunt, has come out with its own new Inflatable Dildo with balls and suction cup. With a very cleaver tag line "How Muck can you Handle?", this new dildo is sure to be a hit with any hungry bottom. So now if your are cruising on Manhunt and strike out, you can still get lucky.

Measurements: Approx. 7 inches by 5 inches not inflated to a maximum of approx. 9 inches by 9 inches inflated.

Cre8tive Juices Ass Blaster Trailer

Ass Blaster “delivers butt-loads of cum in five super-hot scenes of big-dicked tops and the cum-seeking bottoms they breed and seed.”

Horse-hung Kurt Wood and insatiable bottom-pig Sean Storm get the action started when Wood takes aim at Storm’s slutty blue jeans. Wood can’t resist the hole in the back of Storm’s jeans, and he proves that in doggie, squat and missionary positions before he going for the gusto with fingers and tongue.

The ass-blasting goes into overdrive in the final scene as jizz-greedy bottom boy Orion Cross takes on Bobby Brock, Eddie Ram, Wood, Storm and Ian Rawlings in a group scene that a Cre8tive Juices spokesperson said is one of the hottest, creamiest scenes the studio has filmed. Newcomer Brock delivers three loads up Cross’ ass. Also making a special delivery to Cross is Latino newcomer Ram, who lives up to his name. Storm, a bottom who seems to have found the joys of topping where Cross is concerned, adds two loads of his own. By the time Wood joins the fray, even director Rawlings is ready to explode—and he does, providing one final load to make Cross’ domination complete. Finally, Cross jerks himself off twice before the cameras stop rolling.

Treasure Island Media Releases ‘Breeding Season 2’

“Breeding Season 2” features Treasure Island Media exclusives Brad McGuire, Christian, BJ Slater, Joe Rocco and other Treasure Island Media performers.

"I strongly encouraged the men to go beyond their usual personal limits on this one," Morris said. "And they didn’t disappoint me—especially Brad McGuire. I’ve never seen anything as merciless as his pounding fuck of John Sullivan. And then, of course, we have the inter-generational fuck-scenes. Those are my favorites."

The full two-disc “Breeding Season 2” set also features scenes with T.I.M. exclusives Calvin, Derek Anthony, Jerry Stearns, Jessy Karson and more, as well as bonus scenes, alternate edits and a trailer of Ryan Sullivan's “Island,” the documentary about T.I.M.

To see the Free Trailer Click Here

VPSofW: Tag Adams

Tag Adams came to mind mostly because of his recent appearance in the news (see above blog entry). Also known as Chet Roberts, early in his career, he did most of his porn work as Tag Adams. Last year there was mention that he was coming back to porn, but we haven't seen him back. Standing 5'10", with brown eyes and brown hair, with a reported 7" dick. Almost always a bottom, his abilities being legendary.

My picks of his litter: "Billy's Tale," because he looks so young, and he has sex with almost everyone else in this Falcon Cinderella story; "The Road To Temptation" and his great scene with Ricky Martinez; and "Tag! You're It!" because pick of his movies should contain an exhibition of his pig-bottom abilities. Check 'em out!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Billy's Tale: A Modern Day Fable (1993, Falcon)
The Untamed (1995, Stallion Video)
Carny (2003, Titan Media)
Caught But NOT Arrested (2003, All Worlds)
Detention (2003, Rascal)
Drenched 1: Soaking It In (2003, Falcon)
Joe Gage Sex Files 3: Kegger Frat Party (2003, Arena Ent.)
Playing With Fire 3 (2003, All Worlds)
Pokin' in the Boys Room, Monster Bang 5 (2003, Raging Stallion)
Rear Factor (2003, All Worlds)
Stiff as a Board (2003, Studio 2000)
Tag Tied (2003, Bound & Gagged Video)
Vengeance 2 (2003, Lucas Ent.)
What Men Do (2003, Rascal)
Ace in the Hole: Working Stiff 2 (2004, Studio 2000)
Alone With 7 (2004, Falcon)
Bolt (2004, Rascal)
GayDreams 2: San Francisco Nights (2004, Raging Stallion)
In Bed With (2004, Unzipped Video)
Perfect Fit (2004, Hot House)
Pool Boy (2004, All Worlds)
Raw 1 (2004, All Worlds)
Raw Footage (2004, Rascal)
The Recruits (2004, Falcon)
The Road to Temptation (2004, Hot House)
Screw 1: Right to the Point (2004, Hot House)
Screw 2: Cut to the Chase (2004, Hot House)
Stoked 1 (2004, Raging Stallion)
Tag Punished (2004, Bound & Gagged Video)
Tag! You're It! (2004, Arena Ent.)
Tommy's Tale (2004, Falcon)
Tune Up (2004, All Worlds)
Zak Attack (2004, Mustang)
Bang Bang! (2005, Mustang)
Entourage 1 (2005, Three X Films)
Entourage 2 (2005, Three X Films)
The Shaft (2005, Raging Stallion)
Wicked (2005, Rascal)
Ass Quest 2 (2006, Raging Stallion)
Bedroom Eyes (2006, Raging Stallion)
Leather Sessions (2006, Channel 1)
After Hours (2007, Mustang)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

8teenboy Hungry For Freshmen Free Trailer

Hungry for Freshmen These studs are ready for a hungry hole. Enter some insatiable bottoms ready to fulfill the order. Watch Ashton Michaels, Roxy Red, Trace Adams and more take a cast of 7+ inch cocks.

Advocate Talks with Cyndi Lubper- Freedom Fighter

She is very eloquent and passionate speaker for Equal Rights for All!

Georgia GOP Karen Handel New Face of Hate

Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Candidate might look like Betty Rubble but talks more like Adolf Hitler. Handel, Georgia's former Secretary of State, is against gay marriage, civil unions, and gay adoption. Watch how easy it is for her to be a bigot and the nasty smirk about gay marriage. Get ready for a very hateful year of campaigning.

20th Anniversary of Montereal's "Stonewall" Sex Garage Raids

"On the afternoon of Jul 16, 1990, fewer than 12 hours after the Sex Garage raid, over 150 gays and lesbians staged a sit-in at the intersection of Ste-Catherine and Amherst streets to protest the brutality at the police bust-up. They demanded a public inquiry, that all charges be dropped and that the gay and lesbian communities each hold a seat on the Montreal Urban Community's minority-relations committee. Everyone went home after being told that then-police chief Alain St-Germain would meet them at downtown Station 25 the next day. Come the next day, 'of course, St-Germain wasn't there,' veteran activist Douglas Buckley-Couvrette, who would die of AIDS in November 2002, told me afterwards. Douglas, along with CBC journalist David Shannon and Paula Sypnowich, represented over 400 protestors at a 'kiss-on' outside Station 25. When their demands were dismissed and they were locked out of the precinct, the protestors demanded to meet with then-mayor Jean Dore, locked arms and occupied the intersection of St-Mathieu and Boulevarde de Maisonneuve. This time the Montreal media was out in full force and the police, armed with latex gloves and billy clubs, didn't disappoint."

It's Like Willy Wonka but with Sex

Astroglide's best selling lubes will be labeled with a Golden Ticket sticker and the winners will get a $100 American Express gift card. Once the lube has been purchased, the consumer can peel off the sticker and see if they have the winning Golden Ticket.

“The Astroglide Golden Ticket Giveaway entices shoppers to try an Astroglide formula they’ve never used before, or even help make the decision between multiple brands,” Paradise Marketing Dennis Paradise said. “They’ll take home a renowned and trusted brand in the personal lubricant market with the chance to win $100 — makes for an exciting evening if you ask me.”

Now it actually pays to be a slut. I feel like Veruca Salt because I want a golden ticket and I want it Now!

Toronto's Tight Whitey Car Wash

This weekend is Toronto's Tighty Whitey Car Wash where you can get a hot soaped up stud in his wet buldge filled underwear to polish your knob (too bad just car knobs) all for a very good cause. This sexy fundraiser supports Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. Last year despite a rain soaked day these studs raised an incredible $8,367. So if your in the Toronto area this weekend getting clean has never been so dirty. Check out the video from the 08 Car Wash, all in German but still hot as hell.

California Gurls Spoof Reaches Close to 1M Views

The very funny and cute Katy Perry's parodey video with the unique gay twist called California Gays reaches an astounding almost 1 million views. It could be the very cute twinks or the great filming or the fantastic dance moves that makes the YouTube video so hot. If you haven't seen it check it out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reese Rideout Makes Art with his Cock

Reese Rideout might be a porn star artist but his cock might need to take some art classes (and learn to open up the paint). Rideout is selling artwork his cock made on to the highest bidder. He looks very hot painting it, flexing, jerking his tool.

Looks like he might have got his inspirations from 56yo Pricasso, the very talented satirical artist who uses his prick to paint some brilliant paintings (as seen below).

Porn Star D.O. Swimwear Photo Shoot

Steronewear the French swimwear company's newest ad campaign features no other then Porn Legend D.O. aka Dionisio, and boy is it HOT!. D.O. is one of the most successful porn stars to move back and forth between the fashion world and adult industries. The name of the swim trunks are aptly named "Sexzilla", "Explosion", and "Porno Safari".
Photo: Justin Monroe

Almost Hypnotizing Video

The way he spins his hips, round, round... keep your eye on the shinny package, going round and round... now cluck like a chicken. Ok.. you might not be hypnotized, but this is a hot video.

Musical Camp Heaven Overload

You might have a Camp Overload with this video clip, Cher, Bette Midler (with original nose) and Elton John. This is what heaven looks like to me, just with naked tan men walking around.

Puppertry of the Penis is looking for new MEAT

If you have a magic cock that can make "The Hamburger" Puppetry of the Penis is looking for you with open audition this week for their new show.

If you never seen this show, two dudes make elaborate origami with their junk for paying audience (better then doing it for free in a dark alley).

The latest version of the show opens in New York's "The Green Room Theater" and features forty astonishing penis installations including the Pelican and The Windsurfer.

If you can't make it to the show, they also do Private Parties all over the world. Watch out Grandma, your 75th Birthday is coming up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Instinct Cover Couple Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart

Instinct magazine is standing by its pledge of only having gay men appear on the cover with this real life couple doing more than just showing off their gorgeous bodies. This months Health and Fitness issue will address HIV/AIDS with the couple, discussing being in a serodiscordant relationship, Matt is positive and Cameron is negative.

Matt was diagnosed with HIV ten years ago. He talks about the waters he and his partner have had to, and continue to, navigate as one person is negative and the other is positive and how his "unfortunate choices" of the past have made him the man he is proud to be today.

Raging Stallion Signs Two New Exclusives

Raging Stallion Studios has signed two new studs to exclusive contracts. Twink Chris Porter and British performer Kennedy Carter both debuted in scenes with fellow exclusive and Latin heartthrob D.O.

RSS honcho Chris Ward expressed eagerness to sign both Porter and Carter after seeing them in action.

“Both Kennedy and Chris are excellent actors, and I strongly felt that we should lock them into long-term contracts,” he said. “We are still shooting two to three new films every month, so we have a strong need for top talent. Adding these two guys really helps round out our stable to include the hottest new twink and the world’s hottest redhead—myself excluded, of course.”

Porter also will fill a full-time staff position as the production assistant responsible for the studio’s line. In explaining the hiring decision, Ward indicated Carter understands how to feed the twink market without alienating more traditional RSS customers.

“Chris is a very young man, but he also has a solid Raging Stallion look,” Ward said. “His tattoos are aggressive and unusual, making him stand out from the rest of the twink crowd, yet he is a young actor who will appeal to the regular Raging Stallion customer.”

According to Porter, “I am so excited to be a part of the Raging Stallion family, both behind and in front of the camera. When I started porn, one of my goals was to work with Raging Stallion, just once at least. Never did I think I would be an exclusive or a production assistant for them. I could not be more happy about how things have turned out and where I have ended up.”

Ward said Carter—whom he described as “a voracious bottom”—is much more like the traditional Raging Stallion performer, but his red hair sets him apart. Carter’s contract allows him to work also with Steven Scarborough at Hot House Entertainment.

“There are not many redheads in porn,” Ward said. “I can count the number of famous red-headed porn stars on one hand, so we are very lucky to have him.”

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Look at Kristen Bjorn Horns Of Plenty

Teaser for Chi Chi's New Video

Damn... she is looking great. Is it just me, or does she look like a much thinner and prettier version of Carnie Wilson?