Thursday, May 19, 2011

Machofucker - Macho do Brasil

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chi Chi LaRue & Ryan Idol Talk about Idol Country

"No One Spits in my Ass"

Gay for Pay Porn Star Brock Masters Arrested... Again

Hunky Porn Star Brock Master was the "Top" porn star of Centaur Films and did his first bareback movie this year with Cre8tive Juices titled "Hole Robbers" where he fucks Micah Andrews. Brock was arrested in Florida last week for a "hit and run" that violated his parole. All his years in porn you would think his Mug Shot would be better. His pregnant girlfriend bailed him out.

OK You Are Ready for Rapture... But What About Your Pets

Again... Reality is stranger than fiction. An internet company "dedicated animal lovers and atheists" are offering to take care of your pet when "you step up to Jesus". For only $135 they will take care of one of your pets per residence, ever you camels, llamas and donkeys. They even have a guarantee, if Rapture does not happen this week, you have 10 years. However if you do lose your faith and you are left behind, there are no refunds.

Gingrich Gets Glittered and Goes Grinch

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Falcon's The Other Side of Aspen VI Tailer

Falcon is back and even better with the newest knockout The Other Side of Aspen VI 2 Disc set. 4.5 Splats an almost perfect porn, filmed on location, over 2 and half hours of the hottest men of porn today, features a huge ten-man orgy, nine long scenes, lots of big dicks and hours of quality fucking.

Landon Conrad calls his friends for a "Sex Party", his friends call their friend the next thing you know you have a room full of the hottest hardest men at the Cabin. Landon starts stroking his nice hard cock and the next thing you know someone shows up and starts sucking him, then the next guy and so on and so on until you have the hottest orgy of the year. A Must Have, you will watch over and over.

101 Sexy Shirtless Male Models Invade Paris... What More do you Want

"Butt Drag" Wrestling Move You might use in Bed

How much more homo erotic can high school wrestling get you might ask? How about finger fucking. High school student in California has charged another teammate of sexual battery for a new wrestling move called the "Butt Drag". A move, I might say that I have been using for years. A coach for the wrestling team describes it "as a move which involves grabbing the butt cheeks of the rival and inserting you fingers inside his anus, as to obtain better positioning and leverage."

Although this move has been used for years in many wrestling matches (and many sexual encounters), the student who used the move has been suspended until his expulsion hearing. He has also been charged with sexual battery.

This is not a first. In 2007, an also 17-year-old wrestling champion from South Dakota was charged with rape and attempted rape, as there were six other wrestlers that testified against him, saying that he penetrated or tried to penetrate their anuses. He was found guilty.

Sissor Sistors Jake Shears gets Piggy

Jake "Twitted" his photo after waiting to get his items from Pig Nasty. Check out how hot Jake Shears is in his "Pig Nasty" Jock.. Yummy!

Pucker UP from Guys with iPhones

Has anyone lost their watch? Check out this stud on Guys with iPhones, using his Dick Rambone Dildo 17" x 2" wide.

Monday, May 16, 2011

SNL The Ambiguously Gay Duo LIVE

Joh Hamm and Jimmy Fallon play the "maybe" gay superheros from Saturday Night Live cartoon.