Saturday, June 23, 2007

Video Reviews from GPT#107

RATING: *** 1/2 {splats}
STUDIO: Hot House Video
DIRECTOR: Steven Scarborough
LENGTH: 143 minutes
EXTRAS: (2-disc set); Chapters; cum-shots chapter;
highlights chapter; gallery; trailers
OUR TAG LINE: “Take, eat, watch, enjoy!”

Scene 1: Marko Hansom, Nickolay Petrov, Max Schutler & C.J. Knight
Scene 2: Francesco D'Macho & Jason Ridge
Scene 3: Steve Cruz, Matt Cole & Vinnie D'Angelo
Scene 4: Francesco D'Macho & Tony Mecelli
Scene 5: Kent North, Alex Collack & Josh Weston

Hot leather video! Hooded monks and weird rituals: forget it! They might add ambiance, but you should see it for the sex. Scene 3 has some awesome sling work, but get thee to scene 5 if you want to see ripped guys going at it! Who needs plot when you've got this much leather on muscle men?

RATING: *** {splats}

STUDIO: Titanmen-Fresh

DIRECTOR: Richie Oldmann

LENGTH: 122 Minutes

EXTRAS: Chapters; cum-shots chapter;
behind-the-scenes; gallery; trailers
OUR TAG LINE: “Food Fight! With Euro guys”

Scene 1: Gary Owan, Lenny Bell & Gaige Brody
Scene 2: Felix Slovacek, Richie Rich & Georgio Black
Scene 3: Martin Hod, Otto Roberts & Alex Manchini

If you're too hot, go INTO the kitchen. Euro, uncut men having hot sex in the kitchen and nearby. Only three scenes in this one, but each scene is a three-way, so it kind of evens out. My favorite scene is scene 1, with Gary and Gaige coming into the cafeteria for a meal of Lenny. Laverne and Shirley was never like this!

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