Thursday, November 1, 2007

Washington state Conservative Richard Curtis Resigns in Gay Hustler Scandal

In a statement saying he was “sorry” and apologizing to anyone he has “hurt” Curtis said he is leaving politics. Curtis who has an anti gay voting record (must be hard to vote with all that cock in your mouth) alleges he was blacked mailed by Cody Castagna he met in a sex shop.

Cody a 23 y.o. waiter is rumored to have starred in Treasure Island Media “Damon Blows America #3 states that he is innocent of blackmail and that Curtis is trying to deflect the blame.

James Dean and Rock Hudson’s Hook Up

There has always been gossip about James Dean’s sexuality but now Noreen Nash dishes the truth. Noreen Nash was co-star on “Giant” Dean’s final film before his early dismise. Nash states “While filming Giant , Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson had a bet over who would be the first to get Dean in the sack. Hudson won, just days into the shoot”. Now we know for sure, bet that was some hot sex.

DC Stokes for first Calendar

You want to get 24 of the hottest gay men in the Nation’s Capital. Then check out DC Strokes Rowing Club first ever calendar “Men of Strokes". The Strokes are the country’s only independent LGBT rowing club in the country. These hot studs will keep you wet for 2 whole years, what more could you want!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Worst Drag Queen Reichen Lehmkuhl

Sexy winner of Amazing Race and star of his own sexy calander Reichen Lehmkuhl posted this photo on his my space page. He is the mess in the center of the photo and trainer and BF Ryan Berry is on the right. Sometimes less is more boys !

Mario Lopez Sexy Halloween

Hunky "Dancing" star Mario Lopez was at teh Playboy mansion as my wet dream! The security guard thinks so too.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

AMG Brasil Amazonia Capture is Finally Here

The long awaited Pt #1 Amazonia Capture DVD filmed entirely in the Amazon with deceased porn star Danny Roddick has hit This movie would have sky rocketed Roddick’s porn career in this one of a kind porn-extravaganza. The location and the men are very exotic and visually stunning with beautiful camera work to capture the hot sex.

Deep in the Amazon jungle, tribes of muscled Indian men keep ancient rituals alive. When lost Buckshot man Danny Roddick stumbles on the tribe, he upsets the natural order of their ways. He is quickly captured and silenced in order to protect the sacred secrets of the Amazon. It's not long before Danny realizes that the natives are not only restless, they're horny as hell, and they have it out for him.

“Since AMG reopened in 2004, our goal has been to bring the work of Bob Mizer back into the public consciousness while creating original content toat can compete in today’s adult market. In an effort to bring AMG in to the 21st century, we launched AMG Brasil, our answer to contemporary hard core.”

Navy Doctor's Gay Sex Tape Trial Begins

(Washington) A Navy doctor accused of secretly videotaping Naval Academy midshipmen engaged in sexual acts committed a "flagrant violation of trust," military prosecutors said as the doctor's court martial began.
Cmdr. Kevin J. Ronan is accused of using a video camera hidden in an air purifier in his home to tape midshipmen he hosted at his house last year. He is charged with seven counts of conduct unbecoming an officer, three counts of illegal wiretapping and one count of obstruction of justice.
The Navy began its investigation in January after two men, one a midshipman the other a former student at the academy, turned over to authorities recordings they said they found in Ronan's home.
In his opening statement, Navy prosecutor Lt. Justin Henderson said Ronan recorded midshipmen either with partners or alone in his spare bedrooms, edited them down to the sexually explicit content and transferred them to DVDs. He said thousands of gay pornographic images were found on Ronan's home computer.
Ronan "violated the trust of his midshipman sponsorees," Henderson told the jury of six Navy officers hearing the case at the Washington Navy Yard.
The case is expected to last two weeks.

Your just supposed to stuff some tissue... Not the Whole Box!

Entorage star was snapped leaving a Halloween party dressed as... well not sure. But what a strange bulge just hope he doesn’t get hard or he just might black out from lack of blood to the brain.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hills star Brody Jenner is packing

Holy butt plugs Batman. Damn... how bad do I want to be in a Batman and Robin sandwhich. These naughty boys from the Hills Brody Jenner and his buddy Frankie Delgado are hung like horses.

Oliver Twink- Please Sir I Want More

From the producers of The Davinci Load and BeTwinked comes the greatly antacipated PZP Production of Oliver Twink, "Please sir, I want more!". In a cross between a very funny comedy and a scorching hot porn PZP does it again. You will laugh (maybe not at the parts they think you will) and get hard at the same time. The 20 mins of OUttakes are worth the purchase of this Dvd Alone! The Twinks are all Hot and full of Cum! What a great Thanksgiving treat! You can see a great clip from

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cole Ryder Dildo and Eddie Diaz Dildo

They are Big, Beautiful, and your going to love them. From Rascal Sex Toys, the newest porn stars to immortalize their cocks are Hairy and Hot Cole Ryder and the Big and Beautiful Eddie Diaz. Made from SensaFirm material it feels nice and real with hand detailed to add to the perfection.
Rascal Sex Toys have taken over the gay line of sex toys “Boi Toyz” known for the unique sex toys that were made just for guys. They are the same great toys like the thruster, or butt plugs but with the new Rascal Box.