Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hookies 2010 Full List of Winners

If you missed the unapologetic display of whorishness at the 4 annual Hookies in NY, here are the winners of the sexiest award show ever.

Mr. International Escort & Best Boyfriend Gio
Best Pornstar Escort Tie Junior Stellano & Rafael Alencar

Best Top Arpad Miklos

Best Fetish Escort Brad McGuire
Best Ass Tie Tory Mason & Alex Bares
Biggest Cock Barrett Long
Best Daddy Chase Hunter
Best Blogger Diesel Washington

Brent Everett Signs with Channel 1

Brent Everett with chiseled body and a big fat 10 inch cock has refused to star in productions for any other company and only working for his own site has signed an exclusive talent for Channel 1 today. The stud will perform a total of six new scenes to be released over the course of the next year.

C1R helped to make Brent Everett famous with great titles like "Big League 2" and "Sized UP". "This is something I've wanted since the first time I worked with Chi Chi," said Everett. "The timing was just never right for one reason or another, but I've waited patiently and it paid off. I didn't make movies for other studios because I always knew I only wanted to make movies with C1R. I've always felt somehow a part of the C1R family."

LaRue said, "He looks hotter than he has in his entire career and he's not just one of the most beautiful guys ever to work in the history of porn but one of the best performers. I'm so glad he's finally with us."

Everett has completed production on his first movie under contract to C1R although details have not been disclosed.

Article on Gay-4-Pay in Prague

An interesting article on gay for pay performers and the huge number of gay porn studios in Prague. The article gets a few minor things wrong (like some dates), and rehashes some info that most listeners will already know, but is still a fascinating look at gay porn in the second largest production market and the way straight guys in the Czech Republic view gay porn work. The article also provides an outsiders perspective (i.e., non-gay porn press); sometimes its interesting to see another perspective.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VPSofW: Chuck Hunter

Talking about Jeff Hammond last week reminded me about the flick "Piece of Cake," - "the saddest porn movie you'll eve jack off to." The star and sad sack of that Falcon flick was Chuck Hunter, and his scene with Kip Harting in the final scene is hot, tender and versatile with toys. Brown-haired, brown-eyed 5'10" hottie with a swimmer's build, scorching definition, and a luscious 8" cock. Chuck was incredibly hot (and probably still is), but did you know he was also known as Esteban Perez? Under that name he debuted in gay porn for Kristen Bjorn in "Caribbean Heat."

Highlights, in addition to the aforementioned "Piece of Cake," are "Command Performance" with a piano duet between Chuck and B.J. Slater that leads to a hot 69 and B.J. plugging Chuck to "beat the band," "Wild Country" with Chuck getting fucked over a tractor by Mark Andrews and Paul Edwards, and "Full Length" with Chuck getting out of the shower and into a hot session with Sean "Long Dong" Davis and Chip Daniels.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Caribbean Beat (1990, Kristen Bjorn)
Command Performance (1992, Falcon)
Grand Prize (1992, Falcon)
Hot Pursuit (1992, Falcon)
Piece of Cake (1992, Jocks)
Full Length (1993, Falcon)
Idol Thoughts (1993, Catalina)
Star Gazing 3 (1993, Catalina)
Wild Country (1993, Falcon)
Butt Munch 2 (1995, Kink Video)
Double Bound (1995, Bob Jones Prod.)
Rimshots (1995, Live Video Inc.)

Sue Says Swish It Up a Bit, Gays

Jane Lynch has to be one of the funnest women EVER! Check out the new Glee's teaser about "Sneaky Gays".

George W Bush Does Hate Black People

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush took a trip to Haiti this week to survey the earthquake devastation. Check out what the BBC camera caught, after Bush shook a hand from a Haitian, he wipes it on Clinton shirt. Nice to see he is still as dumb and rude as ever.

New Orleans Has the Biggest Cock in US

Condomania, the Largest Database of penis sizes says New Orleans is the number 1 ranked city for giant cocks with DC coming is a close second. Anyone who has ever been to DC knows that the city is full of "Big Dicks".

For the "biggest state, it goes to New Hampshire and the "mini" state with the smallest wangs goes to Wyoming. Anyone with me in a road trip to New Hampshire?

Johnny Hazzard Launches Clothing Line and Sex Toy

The multi talented Johnny Hazzard designs and makes his own clothes. Now he's designed a line call Haz*Mat for the rest of us and plans to unveil it next week in Chi Chi Larues store in West Hollywood. He will also launch a new toy from Rascal the Johnny Hazzard Vibrating Cock and Balls molded from the super stud. I can't wait to get my cock in that ass!

Dame Edna Takes On Beyonce

Hello possums, The Legendary Dame Edna performs her rendition of Single Ladies from her current Broadway extravaganza

Stud Chris Evans As Captain America

Who could fill the bulge of the spandex Captain America, the star-spangled Marvel Comics hero who wields a mighty shield, better than hottie Chris Evans. This could be a 9 picture deal for 300K per day if the stud takes the role.

Captain America started out as an answer from Joe Simon and partner Jack Kirby to Nazi Germany. Created over a year before the United States' official involvement in World War II, the first issue of his comic book featured a cover illustration of Captain America punching Adolph Hitler in the face.

Mr. Sulu Wants Gays to Be Counted

Monday, March 22, 2010

Winner of the 2010 Hookie Award Mr. International

The Hookies have to literally be sexiest award show ever, the 4th annual International Escort Awards were this weekend in New York and the winner for the highest award is... Gio (who also won Best Boyfriend Fantasy). Presenters include: Michael Musto, Michael Lucas, Robin Byrd, LadyFag, Kevin Aviance, Derek Hartley, Rob Roth, Mike Dreyden, Rob Roth, Dallas Dubois, Leo the Magnificent, and more.

The ever so funny Diesel Washington (winner of Best Blogger) interviews the big winner of the night Gio.