Friday, May 7, 2010

VPSofW: Will Clark

Continuing with my tour of legendary redheaded gay porn stars, we have Will Clark. Although now known as the unofficial Den Mother of gay porn, he had a long-lived porn career in front of the cameras. Today, he has a great blog and covers the industry like nobody's business. While working as a pornstar, he was versatile, but better known as a bottom. Looking at his videography, he has gone through the "stages of a gay porn star," from twink to hairy, from vanilla to bondage, and from mild to extreme.

My picks from his work: "Island Guardian" with his hot, muddy scene with York Powers, "Guys Like Us" with Matt Bradshaw, Aaron Brandt, and Kyle Hunter that starts off with a stairway fuck, and "Tail End of Summer," with Will in two scenes, a first in a tent with K.C. Hart, and another with Marco Antonio and Ken Burke. Even without my picks, check out any of his flicks for a heaping helping of his hospitality!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Bound to Fool Around (Projex Video)
Lockdown (Wildside Video)
Dr. Good Glove (1995, Plain Wrapped Video)
Night Walk: A Bedtime Story (1995, HIS Video)
Stiff As Nails (1995, All Worlds)
Take It Deep (1995, Man's Best)
Guys Like Us: Take One (1996, Hot House)
Hot Firemen (1996, Centaur Films)
In & Out Express (1996, Minotaur)
Island Guardian (1996, Titan Media)
Kink (1996, Stallion Video)
Leather Obsession 5: Mission Possible (1996, Forum Studios)
Liquid Latex (1996, Can-Am Prod.)
Making the Team (1996, Man Splash Video)
My Bitch (1996, Stallion Video)
New York After Hours (1996, Russo Prod.)
Private Parts (1996, Mustang)
Street Smarts Sex Ed 5 (1996, Minotaur)
Dildo Sex Slaves (1997, Projex Video)
Hell Bent For Leather (1997, Catalina)
Invaders From URanus (1997, Thor Prod.)
Johnny Come Home (1997, Brush Creek Media)
Man Watch (1997, New Age Pictures)
Redwood: Escape To Fern Falls (1997, Titan Media)
Boss Man (1998, Catalina)
Bound for Leather (1998, Catalina)
Country Hustlers (1998, Oh Man! Studios)
Fantasies of White and Black 1 (1998, Thor Prod.)
Fetish Sex Fights 3 (1998, Zeus Studios)
HOMOgenized (1998, All Worlds)
The Porno Tonight Show (1998, Brush Creek Media)
Snafu (1998, Vivid Man Video)
Michael Zen's Sodom (1998, Vivid Man Video)
Tail End Of Summer (1998, All Worlds)
Things to Cum (1998, Catalina)
The Uninvited (1998, Vivid Man Video)
3 Degrees of Humiliation (1999, MSR Video)
Big Bear Trucking Co. 1 (1999, Brush Creek Media)
Bone-anza The Pounderosa Part 2 (1999, Hollywood Sales)
Freshmen Recruits (1999, Ironclad Prod.)
Prowl 1 (1999, MSR Video)
Prowl 2: Go In Deeper (1999, MSR Video)
Return to the Hotel (1999, Vivid Man Video)
Sit on It: The Mechanic's Shop (1999, Club Inferno)
Down in the Dungeon (2000, Projex Video)
Red Star (2003, Rage Video)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Francois Sagat Fingers Jeff Strykers Ass

Chi Chi gets into blogging; welcome to the 1990's

Channel 1 Releasing has come screaming into the last century with the launch of the studio’s official blog at "The blog will provide daily updates about new productions; co-founder, drag diva and GAYVN Hall of Fame producer-director Chi Chi LaRue; and the studio’s bevy of exclusive performers." Of course, we've had a blog for much longer.

In Chi Chi's blog’s inaugural post, Brent Everett talks about plans for the upcoming fourth installment in C1R’s Little Big League series, his favorite scene partners and movies, and the time he had sex in LaRue's personal bed. Future daily updates are expected to include exclusive reader discounts, photo galleries, porn star Q&As, trailers and more, according to a studio statement. Please write if you want any tips from the experts.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Behind the Scene with Randy Blue's Cayden Ross

Randy Blue's Cayden Ross, star of the new flick "The Locker Room" talks about his love of sex toys and his favorite dildo.

George Rekers Hustler Boy Talks

He’s been photographed accompanying Family Research Council cofounder George Alan Rekers in his travels, and Rekers admits to hiring the undergraduate-age, blond escort for a European trip but denies engaging in "inappropriate behavior."

The shaggy haired 20yo beauty's name is Jo-vanni Roman and he tells Unzipped "I had NO idea who [George Rekers] was. Not until we got back from the trip. I wasn't sure how to handle it all at first, but now I understand how big of a story this is, that this guy was an anti-gay activist. My friends have been telling me about him."

“Like Jesus Christ, I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal to try to help them,” Rekers wrote. I can't wait to hear all the dirty things the hypocrite did.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Trailer Truth or Bareback

Check out the new trailer from Helix Truth or Bareback. Truth or Dare just got much more daring when they threw out the rules and made their own.

May 5th Outing Came Early

If you have been following the podcast, Evan and I have been wondering who was officially coming out on Cinco de mayo. The news leaked early and it was Country singer Chely Wright. Who? Since I don't follow or listen to Country Music, you might as well told me Jane Doe. I was hoping for Tom Cruise, P Diddy or John Travolta. She tells People Magazine 'Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out. Congratulations Ms Wright for coming out, someone will be by to give you your free toaster over and temporary pink card for joining the beaver eaters club. :)

Twink Pool Party Free Trailer

Check out "Twink Pool Party" free trailer from 8Teen Boy. After his threeway, Cody's still not satisfied, so he makes his way into plowing Xander's tight hole with his 10' cock. These guys know how to live it up in Twink Pool Party!