Thursday, November 8, 2007

Raging Stallion Jumps in Adult Toys with Francois Sagat Dildo

Raging Stallion which is known for productions some of the Hottest porn around will now throw its hat (or dildos in this case) into the Adult Novelty Market. Starting with Francois Sagat dildo and re-releasing Michael Brandon Dildo. Francois Sagat one of the hottest men in porn starred in many DVDs including the best selling Arabesque and the new release Fear just to name a few. Michael Brandon a porn legend who's cock is nicknamed "Monster" starred in Monster Bang Gold Vol. 2, Ass Quest Part 1 just to name a couple.

"When we were deciding packaging for the Francois dildo, we decided to redesign the Michael Brandon dildo at the same time," he told AVN Novelty Business. "Our amazing graphic artist, Petrina, put together really sexy insert cards that are [inside] clear clamshell packaging. The clamshells are specifically designed to stand or be pegged, so stores can decide which is best for them."

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Controversial religious epic Passico from Dark Alley Media

This video is rated BH (Blasphemously Hellbound) per Dark Alley Media and is pushing all boundaries in porn. They promoted Passico DVD at Southern Decadence, September in New Orleans with Aaron King dragging a cross with hunky models whipping him while onlookers tossed drinks and spat on him (read the whold story here). So I can only imagine the flack they will get from this controversial but very hot DVD. As always from Dark Alley Media, the men are hot, hung and know how to fuck ROUGH! The "last supper" orgy is so hot with each of the men looking buff and hard as they fuck the shit out of each other. Check out a free clip of the video.

SX Video T-Shirt Design $3,500 Contest

Are you full of clever ideas and artistic, then you could win $3,500 in gay adult products from SX Video (that’s a lot of porn). SX Video is looking for a new T-shirt design to promote their company, contest ends December 31, 2007. You don’t need to be a professional artists to enter and ideas can be anything, slogans, ideas or complete designs. There are few restrictions: Submissions must be original concepts that contain no copyrighted material or political or religious content. Participants may, however, enter more than one design.

"The SX Video fans are very passionate about our videos, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to become involved in a project that is exciting and thrilling," said SX Video director Ben Baird. "The incredible response we have received from just the first day after we announced our contest shows that our audience eagerly welcomes this unique chance to interact with our creative team. This is unlike any other design competition, because we are not restricting submissions to graphic designers," Baird said. "We don't want to limit anyone's creativity; instead, we want to give them complete license to submit whatever they want."

Make sure to check out the site for all the rules.

Burger King Workers Charged in Gay Couple's Assault

Brings a whole new meaning to "have it your way" when two gay customers (that have not been named) asked for a refund at Burger King in NJ, for an item not available and where identified by the cashier as "the faggots over there"

The couple left the restaurant but a group of Burger King employees allegedly followed them to a side street and beat them mercilessly, but not fatally, and made anti gay slurs during the beating.

Christopher Soto and Angel Carbaballo have been charged with assault and a hate crime and are scheduled to appear in court this week. If convicted of both assault and the hate crime they face up to 20 year in prison.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Double Penetration Harness from Manline One of a Kind!

A new and unique harness lets your double fuck without the second person even has the slick dildo included. If you ever had the fantasy to get fucked by two guys at once, this one is for you. Manline Tag Team Harness is secure, steady, provides even penetration and is adjustable up to 60". Includes dildo, interchangeable metal 0-rings (1.5", 1.75",2") and a built-in c-ring. A lot of the Manline from Sportsheets products are a great alternative to leather, made from Neoprene with extra secure Velcro instead of buckles. A very easy in and out and still very secure. This really is a new idea with bondage toys, make sure to check out the whole line. I can’t wait to see what they will think of next. Make sure to check out the whole line.

Studio 2000 Re-releases "Dream Team"

Jerry Douglas’ Dream Team was the only film he did for Studio 2000. Starring Tony Donovan, Rick Chase and Kurt Young, it won four GAYVN awards for Best Gay Video, Best Non Sex Performance, Best Screenplay and Best Director. It also won four Grabby Awards for, Best Romance, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Director. The re-release will include never before seen photo galleries and new hour long directors commentary.

Douglas said "Dream Team is the only one of my films that has not been available for many years, so I was delighted when David McKay informed me that Studio 2000 would be re-releasing it," said Douglas, who both wrote and directed the movie. "Dream Team was always a very special, very personal film for me for many reasons, but mainly because it is the most autobiographical film I've ever made."

"The idea for the film came to him when a friend took his lover to a college class reunion, "and I wondered if I would have the guts to do that sort of thing. Once that idea was in place, the film basically wrote itself. I was also blessed with one of the best casts I've ever assembled - most especially Rick Chase and Aaron Lawrence in the two leading roles. Watching it now, almost 10 years later, I am pleased to see that it doesn't feel dated. Some things - most especially the human heart and gonads - never change."

"I am especially thankful to Studio 2000 for making the film available once more for an entirely new generation of gay filmgoers,"

If you never got a chance to see this very hot classic porn, you’re now in luck. A must have for any collection.

LUBExxx Wins David Award and Accepts Despite Controversy

German manufacture LubeXXX was named Best Producer of Lube and Additives in Europe at the now Controversial 2007 David Awards. Allegations of "promotion of Bareback Movies" and "buying awards" have haunted this years awards. Volker Hoffmann, president of the company, told AVN Novelty Business that he was glad to receive the award despite controversy surrounding claims that voting depended on nominees' support for the sponsoring magazine and that the awards gave too much recognition to bareback content.

"We noticed some different opinions regarding the awards," he said. "Mostly, it [concerns] the movie industry. From our point of view, we are happy with the award. We didn't pay for anything or have some secret conversation."

Though LUBExxx advertises in GAYeLINE magazine, which sponsors the David Awards, the company also advertises in competing magazines from which it didn't win prizes, Hoffmann added.

Marketing Director Mario Zieroth told ANB that LUBExxx shares the concerns regarding bareback content, which Titan Media CEO Bruce Cam has accused of glorifying unsafe sex.

"Of course, we support the concerns of Titan to fight bareback forcefully," Zieroth said. "We truly believe that it is needed to show safer sex as attractive and normal as possible in order to make it a part of every gay man's natural behavior. I'm sure that forbiddance and condemnation is not the right way," he continued. "With every prohibition, it makes it all the more interesting for the younger gays. We invest a lot of money into the gay community by sponsoring pride parades, gay nightclubs, and we are proud to receive an award for producing a lube especially for the gay market."

Monday, November 5, 2007

Paddles that leave their Mark from Manline Sportsheets

Everybody loves a little spank now and then; here is a way to leave a very temporary little mark with words from Manline Leather Impression Paddle "Boy", "Pig" or "Ouch". With an extra flap it makes an incredible smack sound without any sever pain. Just the right amount to make it a very pleasurable roll in the hay. I personal love the one with "Ouch" right across my ass. It is made from high-quality, stitched handle tanned leather.

Pjur to release Superhero Male Performance Spray

Pjur has announced it will release "Analyse Me!" an anal comfort that comes in a spray or dual action lube product and "Superhero a male performance spray to hit the market in mid November.

Superhero, which is said to be safe for daily application, has lauromacrogol as its active ingredient. The desensitizing effect "will make it last as long as you dreamed," according to CEO Richie Harris.

"Jojoba extract is added to a super-slippery, long-lasting lubricant formula that relaxes the muscles and makes anal sex more comfortable and easier for the newbies," Harris said.

According to Harris, both products provide the desired effects without potentially dangerous chemicals such as lidocaine and benzocaine. "Lidocaine or benzocaine build up a deposit in your body and need several days to get out of your system. If you do use products containing these ingredients several days a week, the substances reach a certain level, which will cause health problems and damage your cells."

Pjur already makes its best selling Adult toy cleaner spray and wipes. Make sure to add you name to the newsletter to find when these items are available.

Sunday should be re-named Sungay TV

Sunday night TV is soooo gay starting with the gay friendly The Simpson’s, then the new Amazing Race has not only a lesbo couple Kate and Pat married ministers but the first to get eliminated was a was a Staella and her gay best friend Ari. Then move to Desperate Housewife’s, where the new gay neighbors throw a hot Halloween party , Brie’s twink gay son goes as 70’s Cher. Brothers and Sisters is next with a gay brother and the Flying Nun as a mother, you know there will be lots of drama. The cherry on the cake is Most Smartest Model on VH1, couple of cute gay models. One of the models Andre Birleanu (the sexy Russian with abs of steel) was just charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment. Bet he will be the most popular model in jail with an ass like his. Makes staying home Sunday night not so bad!