Wednesday, September 5, 2007

AMG’s Mystery Porn Star Revealed as Danny Roddick

Hope you entered the AMG Mystery Porn contest for their up cumming two disc set Amazonia. The story is about a lucky American who is caught by hung sexy Amazon Indians.

Roddick Says “At first I asked if I could pick which guy was going to fuck me first. But when it came down to picking the lucky prick, they all looked so enormous that I just couldn’t decide. I knew I’d be ripped a new one, no matter which one I went with. I eventually went with what looked like the easiest option, and after the first few thrusts I was in heaven. The guys down there knew exactly what I wanted.” Apparently the AMG guys have been waiting some American ass to fuck (wish it was me) and when they saw Roddick they couldn’t keep their hands off of him.

Danny Roddick is an exclusive with Colt Studios, but was allowed to film by Colt owner John Rutherford (one of Evan, our video reviewer’s, favorites) who worked with AMG Brasil’s Dennis Bell at Falcon earlier in their careers.

The winners of the American Porn Star in Rio contest will be announced on AMG Brazil’s blog next Tuesday. AmazĂ´nia is slated for release in early October. Look out for Evan’s review.