Friday, March 1, 2013

Diesel Washington Comes Up with New Topping Technique "Salad Spinner"

One of the most creative tops in porn, Diesel Washington has come up with some of the best fucking moves including "The Cannon Ball". His newest one which looks difficult,"Salad Spinner" where he spins cute Jayden Ellis around his monster cock, can been seen in Hooker Stories 2 finale on NakedSword.

Man's Rare $7.5K Porn Collection Stollen

"I had a collection that had every African American that's ever been in porn, from the 70s up until now," explained Earlie Johnson. "My collection was the best in Michigan-- a guy in Connecticut told me that".

Michael Lucas Introduces Demian Holt

Michael Lucas takes the newcomer Demian Holt in several positions, but his favorite is on Demian’s back as the Russian top gives him a thorough lesson in how to take cock!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Falcon DVD "Sun Kissed" Photo Gallery

The sun is shining on Exclusive Paddy O'Brian, who has risen to gay porn super stardom in record time. Sun Kissed showcases Paddy – with his British charm, stunning looks, magnificent body and epic cock – in three of his best scenes ever.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gay Porn Talk podcst #347

This week the boys are sad that they can't call kids Cunts anymore, per the Onion, and wonder if bleach will get rid of demonic sweaters from Goodwill. They love that OJ simpson is prancing around jail being the King of Gays and are excited that now you can smell like Pizza Hut any time of the day. If you like horse meat not only will Ikea's Swedish Meatballs rock your world, but so will Paulies Review of Cock Craze, the Directorial Debut of monster cock Adam Killian. No "Pretty boys" here, just rough and tough "Real" men whos carnal hunger is rampant. The whole feel of the DVD feels new and fresh and dirty with great chemistry and hot guys. 3.5 Splats with 4 scenes and 127 minutes. David will get you off with the new Roman Heart Two Fisted Jack Masturbator. No longer will you have to debate mouth or ass, now you can have both or share with a new friend. The Two fisted Jack is an absolute fantasy worthy toy for Men. The boys hope your week goes good and.. stay hard.

Trivia Contest to Pick Underwear Model

This is not the way to pick a model, we all know the dumber they are, the bigger the package. :) video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player