Friday, September 17, 2010

Precondom Classic Clip "In Your Wildest Dreams"

Keven Williams is the cute twink bottom who wants a trainer to work him out and Chad Douglas and his huge manmeat is going to do just that. Check out this Pre Condom Classic In Your Wildest Dreams from Falcon Studios.

No Porn for Microsoft's Windows Phone

Another company is trying to dictate to us what we can look at and what we can not. Following Apple’s no-porn mandate for its digital product apps, Microsoft released the final version of its Windows phone developer tools today that clearly prohibit porn, sex, nudity or adult content.

According to reports some of the anti-porn rules prohibit “sex/nudity — images that are sexually suggestive or provocative" or content that contains nipples or pubic hair.

Also not allowed is “content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content" or “content that generally falls under the category of pornography."

The Visconti Triplets Fleshlight Sex Toys are Here

The Visconti Triplets are Hungary's hottest export and the first triplets in the gay industry and now you can have sex with one or all of them any way you like.

Joey's the oldest, he's very shy and into Pilates and dance. He's also the most quiet, and the most sexually inexperienced of the group. His ass Fleshjack is the tightest bottom that you will fuck with an exclusive "Squeeze" texture that will suck you in.

Jimmy the youngest, is into extreme sports. If he's not on a half-pipe with a skateboard, he's carving fresh powder with a snowboard! His mouth Fleshjack will give you a B.J. of a lifetime, no matter how hung you are he will never gag with a New "Swallow" texture that feels better than any blow job you have ever gotten.

Jason's the middle child of the triplets. He is also the loudest and the butchest of the bunch. His new hobby is working out with weights, but he can always be found on his motorcycle. This man's man is apprenticing as a diesel mechanic. His Dildo is as perfect as he is, six inches insertable length and five inches in circumference. Molded right from the studs erect cock, this silicone dildo is firm but flexible.

Now you can be a Visconti sandwich with Jimmy's Mouth or Joey's butt and riding Jason's cock.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hunky Hugh Jackman Gets Funky for Lipton

Music Video "No Homo"

The Station mocks hip-hop's "no homo" catchphrase to Jason Derulo's track "Ridin' Solo".

Mustang Studio's Depths of Desire Pt1 Trailer

From Mustang Studios Depths of Desire Pt1. Like all good submissives, Jake Dakota knows what to do when facing a masterful stud like Scott Tanner. Skipping the customary cat-and-mouse choreography, Jake gets down on his knees. Check out the Free Trailer

Craigslist Axes "Adult Services" in U.S.

Founder of Craiglist, Craig Newmark announced that the site will permanently end its adult services section to stop sex trafficking and exploition of minors.

The site temporarily blocked the area where adult services were offered earlier this month after a group of 17 attorneys general demanded that Craigslist shut the operation down. A company official told federal lawmakers Wednesday that the change would be made permanent but still warned that people looking to advertise sexual services would go to other sites.

The announcement follows the death of the so-called Craigslist Killer, Phillip Markoff, who committed suicide in jail in August. The 24-year-old Boston University student was arrested in April 2009 for allegedly murdering a masseuse he met through Craigslist.

I guess now if you are a crazy "killer", you will have to look somewhere else to find your prey... like the personals.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paranormal States Ryan Buell Comes Out as Bi

If you have ever seen A&E's Paranormal State, you know the best thing about the show is the hot host Ryan Buell who looks for ghost and demons while wearing tight jeans that show his nice package (and the crazy girl who thinks she is a witch and cast spells). In a new memoir he writes that he's decided to com out as bisexual "in hopes that other will no longer feel as though they are alone or that they can't be religious".

Buell, a 28-year-old Roman Catholic, writes that he has struggled with maintaining his faith while reconciling with his sexual orientation.

The A&E docuseries, also directed by Buell, returns for a fifth season later this fall.

So You Think You Can Fuck Premiers

Dominic Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck" an online game show where established and amateur guys compete to be Americans favorite porn star hosted by the very hot Matthew Rush. In the first episode Dylan Roberts who identifies himself as Bi-curious is paired up with Shane Frost. Looks like this is going to be a fun series. Check out the hardcore clip and go to if you would like to see more.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brent Corrigan Gets Made into a Fleshlights

Superstud, Brent Corrigan gets is Cock, Ass and Mouth molded for Fleshlight and Dildo and will rounds out the stable of Fleshjack boys with the Visconti Triplets. Talk about realistic, check out the photos of the anus and mouth mold. How does one get this master molder job? Look for the new Brent Corrigan Sex Toys next month.

UK Naked Man Getting Ahead in Business Trailer

UK Naked Men newest title "Getting Ahead in Business" Free Trailer. This is a sure way to get some Head in Business. Hunky UK Men with Huge uncut cocks, what could be better.

400 High School Students Watch Gay Porn

This would have been the highlight in my year if I got to see gay porn in high school. More than 400 students in a Pennsylvania high school got to see some hot gay porn that got mixed up with a PowerPoint presentation from a Central Blood Bank employee.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the images were on the same flash drive as the intended presentation, and when he plugged it in, he accidentally clicked on the wrong folder. School officials quickly ended the presentation on the importance of donating blood, and the employee was not allowed to continue

Police in North Huntingdon will decide this week whether charges will be filed.

"There were some images projected that were — we'll just leave it go as 'undesirable,' " Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Bouldin, who planned to interview administrators, staff, and the employee, told the Gazette. "We're still trying to determine how that occurred."

George Michael Going to Jail

British judge sentenced George Michael to 8 weeks behind bars for crashing his car into a London shop and fined him almost $2,000.

In February 2006, Michael was found slumped at the wheel of his car at London's busy Hyde Park Corner. Two months later, he hit three parked cars while trying to maneuver out of a parking space. Later that October he was found slumped over the wheel of his car again — this time in the middle of an intersection.

I bet sex will be easier to find than some random "tearoom", have you seen Jeff Stryker's prison Sex DVD. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ikea's New Gay Closet Ad

Dude.. I Took Your Qur'an

Goofy Skateboarder saves the day by just taking the Qur'an that was going to get burned, check it out.