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Jerking off in Parking Lot

Jerking off by the Stream

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Biggest Cumshot you have Seen!

Pre Condom Classic "From Paris To New York" New York of the 1970's A sexually Depraved World It's the sexually outrageous 1970s. A Frenchman comes to New York and becomes engulfed in a sexually depraved world. Sex on the NY docks, in a meat packing plant amongst the hanging meat, in a waterfront warehouse, in bathrooms, in alleyways, bathhouses, and a pick-up's apartment. Glory-holes, orgies, leather, bootlicking, cum, and hairy bearded masculine men abound alongside a great soundtrack. Pre-condom

Jean Daniel Cadinot Classic "Sans Limite Without Limits"

Sans Limite follows the sexual adventures of 14 men who either live, work or visit a Paris apartment building. An amazing twelve sex scenes keep the action moving at a frantic pace, starting with a horny real estate agent who seduces his young client while showing him around a flat. A psychiatrist based in the building has a habit of examining far more than his patients's minds. A crop-haired tattooed mechanic has several hot encounters, including one with a biker and his friend. Passion, vigour and ardour dominate the non-stop sexual antics in another winner from the Master from the year 2000.

Monday, June 10, 2019