Friday, December 4, 2015

Broke Straight Guys and Best Friends Devon Felix & Vadim

Devon Felix and Vadim Black were best friends before coming to BSB, and the studio is bringing these two guys closer than they’ve ever been before! There’s a whole new dynamic at play when two straight best friends fuck each other for the first time, and you bet it can be a little awkward to get things started.

Winner of the Week Contest

This Weeks Winner has a Smooth Hungry Hole!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nasty Pig’s Fall/Winter NSFW Ad

Just to get you in the mood for Shopping and to see the very hot Nick Sterling . Check out the Nasty Pig Fashion Video.

Gay Porn Boxer Yusaf Mack is now looking for love with a trans woman

Yusaf Mack is trying to figure himself out. First, the 35-year-old boxer and father-of-10 said he was straight and had claimed he was drugged and forced into doing gay porn and had no memory whatsoever of having group sex with two other guys.

He said he had no memory from setting foot into the studio to being on the train home to Philadelphia with $4,500 in his pocket. When the website DogPoundUSA absolutely refuted the claims, Yusaf then released a statement admitting that he was bisexual and had lied that he was drugged. He then came out as gay a week later.

 But now Yusaf’s saying he would like to date a trans woman. It seems like he can’t make up his mind.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hustlaball Berlin 2015