Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lego Toys Doubles up as Adult Toys

As Lego celebrates it’s 50th a whole slew of “Lego Porn” has hit the internet. One of the videos named, 'Crissy's Lonely Valentine's Night', starring Crissy Canyon as 'Suzie' and Eric Neverhard as 'Phone Guy', features voiceovers and saucy music. In the video, Crissy and her friend call an engineer to come and fix their telephone, which is not broken, and when a plumber finally turns up, they all end up in an orgy.

However, a Lego spokeswoman has condemned the videos, saying they were in poor taste. "This is something Lego is not happy about. Lego would never intentionally do anything to offend people. But there is nothing we can do to prevent it in a legal sense”.

In another video called 'Adult Lego Star Wars' featuring Luke Skywalker and a Stormtrooper, the duo is shown to be engaged in a gay romp.

One more video shows the bear-like Chewbacca enjoying a threesome with two of Darth Vader's fighters.

Wow, what will be next, Rock em –Sock em Hand Jobs or Hung like “My Little Pony” Sex.

Tom of Finland Cologne, You have to be 21 or Over to Smell

Now this is an adult scent, because of the homoerotic art work you must be 21 or over in the US (18 yo elsewhere). When you think of Tom of Finland you think of Aggressive Manly Men with huge muscled torsos and large cocks, now you can smell just like them!

The smell is like “'a guy coming out of a shower. He's clean, but not fragranced. And he puts on leather pants.' There is also an outdoorsy aspect to the scent and themes of 'metal, leather, sensuality, beauty and radiance' inspired by Tom of Finland's drawings”

Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen) art has influence on late twentieth century gay culture with his testosterone fueled illustrations that have turned on million of men all over the world.

Jonny McGovern - Ugliest Woman Ever

The new season of “The Big Gay Sketch Show” on Logo Channel starts off this week.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rascal Line Expand with TOMMY BLADE Dildo

Tommy Blade has starred best selling porn hits like “Sized Up” and “The Velvet Mafia”. He is dark and exotic looking with smoldering eyes and hot tattoos, with a hot thick cock that curves down a bit. Molded from the porn stud’s erect cock, this dildo is an exact copy and now is yours anytime you want.

Also later this week, Rascal will release the “Deep Cleansing Kit” and the “Rascal Cock Ring Trio”. Desiree Duffie, director of marketing for Topco Sales says "These pieces are truly collectables. Hand-painted, with attention paid to every detail, it is incredible to see all the signature pieces displayed together. They merchandise magnificently, as does the entire Rascal Toy line."

Boy Butter Releases Male Performance Supplement

The new supplement “Bonerz” with Boy Agra will be the first geared just for the Gay Market and should be out mid February (should be a “hard” Valentine’s Day).

Boy Butter Bonerz with Boy-Agra will be sold in a one-capsule blister pack that is said to provide 36 hours of fun in a safe, effective herbal formula without "speedy" side effects.

"You won't get a headache taking Bonerz," said BBL President Eyal Feldman. "It works within an hour of taking it and makes you feel like a teenager again because you feel horny for up to 36 hours after taking it."

As with any male enhancement product, Feldman warned, customers should not take Bonerz with nitrates.

"So men who are either taking [nitrates] in medication for a heart condition or anyone who uses poppers shouldn't use this supplement," he said. "It's the same with any supplement such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra."

Porn Stars Are People Too!

On the set of Raging Stallion's GRUNTS, porn stars share their thoughts on love, relationships, and safe sex.

Michael Brandon lets us know a little something about boundaries and being in monogamous relationship..... apparently it's NOT cool to "yank people out of the audience, bring them up on stage and fuck the shit out of them"

See porn stars are not just pieces of meat. They are complicated beings with many layers, like onions. Onions with big fat cocks and pretty faces.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Government Workers Fired for Watching Online Porn

If you have ever call a government agency and wonder why they are so slow, now you know they are beating their meat. Nine employees of the DC government have been fired for watching porn at work. Among the 18 government agencies with fired employees were the Office of Property Management, the Office of Contracting and Procurement, and the Child and Family Services Agency. About 32 others got reprimands for surfing porn sites more than 2,000 times during the year.

Apparently it was not just a few times either, after a five week investigation it was determined that the nine visited “egregious” number of sites. (I wonder how many the investors thought “egregious” was)

Although nine have gone, the investigation hasn’t yet concluded. If other offenders are found, they could face disciplinary action, raging from warning letters to firing, based on the number of times they visited porn sites from work.

AZ Gov. Turns Down $1 mil for Abstinence Only Ed

Janet Napolitano the Arizona Governor has turned down $1 million in federal funding from the Bush administrations abstinence only education “because the programs don’t work.” Arizona is the 16th state to reject the federal money because studies have shown that abstinence only efforts have very little positive impact. More comprehensive sex education programs that teach reducing the frequency of sex and the number of partners and increasing condom use are having “positive outcomes”.

Since 1996 over a half a billion our tax dollars have been spent on abstinence only programs that in independent study from Society for Adolescent Medicine has called “scientifically and ethically flawed”

When the report's authors looked specifically and LGBT teens they found that abstinence-only education was "unlikely to meet the health needs" of the group because abstinence-only programs focus heavily on no sex until marriage and ignore homosexuality. This could lead to increased risk of infection among these youngsters, the investigators said.

Seems like another great example of “church leading the state” rather than the separation of.

Brazil to Distribute Millions of Condoms During Carnival

Health officials have begun distributing millions of condoms to fight AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases during Brazil's five-day Carnival.

Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao launched the program at a Rio de Janeiro cultural centre, saying the government expects to hand out some 19.5 million condoms by Carnival's end on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 6, state news service Agencia Brasil reported.

``We have to let society know the importance of prevention,'' Temporao said.
Church officials in Brazil _ home to the world's largest Roman Catholic population _ have opposed the condom program, as well as another plan to hand out morning-after pills in the city of Recife.

``The church has nothing against having fun during the Carnival, but the banalization of human sexuality is something we cannot tolerate,'' Bishop Antonio Augusto Dias Duarte of the Life and Family Commission of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops said last week.
About 80 per cent of young men polled by the Health Ministry reported using condoms, although just 40 per cent of women said they insist on it, Temporao said, without giving more details on the survey. Nearly 600,000 Brazilians are HIV positive, of whom 200,000 are being treated, he said.

The United Nations has praised Brazil's AIDS treatment program, which provides free anti-viral medications that significantly improve life expectancy, as a global model.