Friday, October 26, 2007

Gay High School Couple Elected Homecoming Royalty

Earlier this month, a gay couple, Brandon Raphael and his prince, Kiernan Gatewood, were elected "Princes" of Davis Senior High School's Homecoming in Davis, California. They rode the parade route in the back of a pick-up truck and were cheered on by the local comunity and their school.

The Sacramento Bee reports: "In the weeks since officials announced the homecoming court, there's been no public outcry -- not by campus leaders, not by students and not by the community. Students said they were encouraged that the election was not an issue for campus administrators. They said they were less surprised that a gay couple would win than they were that officials allowed it to happen."

Said Chandler Fox, co-president of the school's gay-straight alliance: "I think it's just such a good thing for our school. Just knowing that the other kids recognize them as a couple and would vote for a gay couple to be prince and prince of homecoming. ... I don't know, I just think it's awesome. I want people to know about it so maybe it can happen at another school."

Larry Craig Cruised Gay DC Bathhouses

Before the toe tapping in the bathroom ever happened and even before he spent over 32K in Campaign money for lawyers to stop an Idaho newspaper researching his gay affairs. An old trick comes out with his very graphic and honest story of a one night stand with the Senator.

David Phillips recalls the story in a great article from He states in the article that in 1987 he met Craig in La Cage aux Follies (a seedy gay Go-Go bar on Capitol Hill) and went to his house. Craig snuck him up to the guest room of his family house and had oral and anal sex with him. Phillips recounts that Craig ranted “you were never here and don’t know me. Right?”

Phillips states about Craig’s arrest in the men’s room “When I next heard that voice two months ago, my mind went right back to that encounter, leaving me feeling cold and used all over again. I wish I hadn’t been a screwed-up kid at the time and had had the presence of mind to tell him to keep the money he shoved at me like I was part of the trade common to The Follies.”

You have to wonder how many more of these stories will come out that show how much of a liar and a hypocrite Craig really is!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Controversy at the David Awards (Euro GayVN)

The equivalent to the GayVN in Europe, the David Awards erupts in controversy. Four gay producers are protest and giving back the awards in some cases because of “too much bareback content and accusations of shams”.

Titan Media founder Bruce Cam refused to accept the David Lifetime Achievement Award. "I cannot in good conscience accept a lifetime achievement award from an organization that glorifies and promotes bareback content alongside my own," Cam said Tuesday. "I have worked my entire adult-industry career to promote and eroticize safer sex content in all of my films. It would be against every single fiber of my moral being to accept this award. Silence is acceptance, and I can no longer sit by and watch the industry where I have worked and helped shape be destroyed by others seeking financial gain at the expense of performers and the entire gay community," he continued. "I cannot and will not accept this award, as it is tainted with the blood of others."

In 2006, the first year for the David Awards, TitanMen won the award for Best American Studio. In addition, TitanMen exclusive models Fran├žois Sagat and Spencer Quest were awarded Best European Actor and Best Non-European Actor, respectively. At that time, bareback films were excluded from consideration, citing the same standards employed by the GAYVN awards."It appears that this year's list of nominees were kept from Titan Media and other nominated studios in an apparent attempt to conceal the amount of bareback films and studios being nominated," a Titan Media press release distributed Tuesday noted. "Had Titan Media been informed of the fact that the vast majority of the nominees were bareback, we would not have supported or attended the event."

Chi Chi LaRue who received 2 David Awards for Best U.S. Director and for the film “In His Dreams” states "I was really disappointed that the David Awards seem to have taken the focus off good filmmaking and quality movies in many of the categories and turned to honoring and promoting all things bareback,"

Michael Lucas has also stated the he believes the judges may have been biased. "First, I want to say that I applaud Titan Media for their decision," Lucas told GAYVN. "Secondly, about the so-called David Awards, they asked us point blank if we were going to be sponsoring the show and said point blank that only under the circumstances of giving them money were we going to get an award. We ignored their e-mails."

Big Dicked Jason Tiya Launches Fan Site

The Big 6’ 3” and hung 10” muscle stud has launched an official fan site. Tiya is a man on a mission. "I want to solidify a company that upholds the highest standards that a company such as it can possibly provide," he said. " is a personal reflection of my wants and desires. I feel that by exploring myself deeply I'm able to become more accepting towards others. I feel as though I can better communicate with others only by better understanding myself. The time is right, and it is now." Tiya is best known for his work in the Pitbull titles Papi Got Flava and Steel Curtain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be something REAL scary for Halloween Senator Larry Craig

You can make your own very scary paper bag mask of Liar Larry Craig and maybe Matt Lauer will ask “softball” questions about your sexuality. The PDF can be downloaded with all the directions. Now you too can suck all the dick you want and just “Deny” it the next day saying you just have a wide stance. Don’t forget your T.P.

Porn Stars on Ice for New Year’s Eve Party in Detroit

Four of the biggest stars of gay porn will appear at ICE Nightclub on New Year’s Eve for “The Dirrty Parrty”. The Queen of everything porn Chi Chi LaRue will be accompanied with Rascal exclusive Blake Riley, Billy Herrington and Chad Hunt (11”of pure manmeat- Check out his Dildo ).

According to David Forest (of David Forest Entertainment) one of the nights coordinators, “The Dirrty Parrty” will be will be the first-ever adult-entertainment event at ICE, located at 11425 Joseph Campau in the Detroit suburb of Hamtramck. The six-hour party will raise the roof from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m.

"ICE Nightclub is only in its second year of operation, but already it has become Detroit's hottest gay nightclub," Forest said. "I'm so happy we could put these four stars together on one super bill for a city that rarely ever has XXX stars, let alone four of the biggest. Our hats are off to Murray Hodgson for producing this extravaganza.