Saturday, June 4, 2016

LoveBotz Robo Fuck Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine
LoveBotz Robo fuck Deluxe -This versatile fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed remote, so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted within 135 degrees with easy twist knobs located on the frame. This powerful machine comes with two screw-on attachments: a flexible, bendable 8 inch SexFlesh dildo.

Robo FUK Adjustable Sex Machine.

Vanity Von Glow "Ask a Gay Porn Star"

Friday, June 3, 2016

ADDICTED- Ride with me

Gay Of Thrones recap: "Beef Of My Butt"

Axel Hotels - Be Heterofriendly

Javi Velaro Bottoms For Michael Lucas in ‘Well-Fucked!’
A "Well Fucked" man is a happy man: just ask our handsome cast of Lucas Entertainment stars! Dylan O'Hardy is the first bottom guy on the menu: macho tops Viktor Rom and Diego Summers pass him around like a piece of meat, and Dylan loves every second of it. Javi Velaro takes it in the ass from Michael Lucas. Logan Rogue goes total bottom for the top cock of muscle jock Dario Leon. And Derek Allan takes and gives it to Antonio Miracle in the butt raw. No one is satisfied until they are "Well Fucked"!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

One On One (short gay film)

A story about compromise, 'One On One' follows Alex and Trevor as they work out their relationship on and off the basketball court, after one of them asks the other one to join a waltz class together.

Rainbow Dildo, Get Fucked with Pride
Show your true colors with Pride Edition dongs. Inspired by the Pride flag, the rainbow colored dongs are made of superior-grade silicone and feature a satin-smooth texture and strong suction-cup base for versatile play. Pride Edition dongs are firm for effortless penetration and non-porous for easy, worry-free cleaning. Sexuality comes in many Colours, take Pride in yours.

My 2 Gay Sons Preview
Get these boys together and they are going to pound every tight ass they can get their hands on!

You Can Now Buy the Used Jockstrap Zac Efron Wore in Dirty Grandpa

Thanks to a costume and prop website, you can bid for the hornet jockstrap Efron wore in Dirty Grandpa—you know, the one his character, Jason Kelly, woke up wearing after his grandfather (played by Robert De Niro) drugged him...and yes, it was that close to his you-know-what.

Right now, it's selling for a mere $450, and it's even in good shape! The (hilarious) description reads, "This stuffed hornet undergarment is made of a stuffed cotton blend hornet lined with a nylon cup piece and worn with thin urethane clear straps. The hornet  features wired antennae that can be bent into place. A wardrobe tag reading 'Stunt Jason w/ Hornet' is included."

Gay Porn Stars at Falcon A-Team Party 2016

Falcon Exclusive Gay Porn Stars Austin Wolf, Sebastian Kross, Tegan Zayne, and Ryan Rose Go-Go Dancing at Falcon A-Team Party, Grabbys 2016

Gay Porn Stars Partying at SKIN TRADE: Official Grabbys Kickoff Party

SKIN TRADE: The Official Grabbys Kickoff Party Hosted by Chi Chi LaRue with Lots of Gay Porn Stars.

Gay Porn Stars Ryan Rose and Draven Torres - FUCK YOU I’M INFAMOUS

Gay porn stars Ryan Rose and Draven Torres talk about their arrests and jail time in Nakedsword's new porn series FUCK YOU I'M INFAMOUS.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bruce Vilanch Grabbys 2016

Grabbys 2016 Trenton Ducati Bray Love Duncan Black

This Years Grabbys Winners

Grabby Awards (better known as The Grabbys) are presented annually in Chicago to honor work done in the gay adult erotic video industry.

To See the Full Listing

Campaign for More Gay Superheros on the Big Screen

Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman & many others are LGBT in the comic books but appear as straight on screen. It's time all superheroes were accurately portrayed.

Man Caught Masturbating w/ Eggplant On Bus

Adonis Winner of the Week Man of the Week Winner -Shows His Twink Gapping Hole and Using a Huge Dildo