Friday, January 8, 2010

Porn Star Francois Sagat as Britney

The Hunky stud Francois Sagat, takes on his biggest role as fucked up Britney Spears "Fallen Britney".

Walrus Sucks His Own Dick

This Walrus knows how to put on a show!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evan's Top 20 for 2009

As I said on the porncast, I decided to move the top ten list from the porncast to the blog. It always kind of dragged when I did it on the 'cast, and this way I can take my time. I also don't have Paulie complaining in my ear. In honor of my seclusion, I have bumped up the top ten to a top twenty (If you listen closely, in the distance, you can hear Paulie howl). 'Nuff said, on with the list (in alphabetical order):

1. Action!, Parts 1 & 2 (Sarava) It's the world of gay porn from the inside, where we find out that porn producers make billions. Who knew? It's set in and around gay porn sets, and features a lot of great sex between scorching men that Bjorn is famous for.

2. Asylum (Falcon) Set in a creepy abandoned hospital/asylum, undercover reporter Erik Rhodes trying to get to the bottom the abuse therein. Featuring Leo Giamani and Ty Colt, and a lot of hot fucking, one of the best Falcon flicks of 2009.

3. Bad Conduct (Titan) It's less about being bad and more about crossing the line. Mostly hot pairings that occur due to happenstance, with the exception of the last, which involves Dean Flynn, Slade, and Will Parker as father, principal, and penitent student, respectively, saving the best for last.

4. Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized (Jet Set) This movie is on the list because it features lots of big dicks and showcases them well (and not just because Paulie likes to say "dicktimized"). The Society has become a business in Hollywood that caters to lovers and purveyors of big dicks. My favorite scene is between Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan and Jude Colton.

5. Boy Country (Colt) Take 8 young, hot guys for a summer lakeside BBQ, and you get four hot scenes. Coverboy Bobby Clark looks fresh as he fucks David West in a row boat and Matthias Vannelli tops Arthur Gordon. Add in a swing fuck and a blistering flip-flop and you have a delight for guys who like to watch young guys that aren't in a Bel Ami flick.

6. Focus/Refocus (Raging Stallion) This weekend this combo is the porn review flicks on the porncast. For more in depth discussion, listen in. In short, amateur videographer shoots sex scenes, with a little mystery and obsession thrown in. Of course you can watch the sex-only version and miss out on most of the plot, but you still get the benefits of the crisp, clear videography and so hand held POV cameras.

7. Full Access (Titan) The access refers to a storage area, as all of the scenes relate to moving and storage. First scene has Francois Sagat and Matthew Rush in a hot flip-flop on a mattress in the back of a broke-down pickup. My favorite scene is the last with JR Matthews, CJ Madison, Luke Hass and Brandon Monroe that shows Matthews as the party favor every party needs.

8. Intimate Liaisons (Bel Ami) Seems like 2009 was the year of the twins, coming out of the woodwork of gay porn. The buffest pair is Milo and Elijah Peters, and they are in a hot threeway in this Lukas Ridgeston flick. The hotness of their pairing (released in December on BelAmiOnline) is hinted at here. The rest of the boys, not all Bel Ami staples, come off very well under Ridgeston's strong direction.

9. Love Addiction (Sarava) Set in Buenos Aires, Daniel Marvin undergoes psychotherapy to free himself from his addiction to love. This video, directed by Strongboli, shows Kristen Bjorn influence, but seems to be a lot more spontaneous than a typical Bjorn flick in the nine hot scenes.

10. Love Affairs (Bel Ami) Lukas Ridgeston's directoral debut has him trailing the hot Bel Ami boys in the "behind-the-scenes" coverage. Filmed in South Africa, my favorites include he first, between Alex Orioli and Sascha Chaykin, and a later scene at the beach between Mark Zebro and Todd Rosset.

11. Malibu Heat (Falcon) Set in a posh resort, this flick has a hot massage/fuck between Roman Heart and Tyler Saint, and a wet session between Aden and Jordan Jaric, with Jordan bottoming for the first time on video. Some hot times in Malibu.

12. Men of Israel (Lucas) In retrospect, given the number of European and South American sex flicks, it's interesting that Lucas was the first to go to Israel in a big way. Set in the cities and countryside of Israel with hot pairings of lots of hot Israeli men, this is a beautifully shot film. Favorite scenes are probably between Avi Dar and Jonathan Agassi and one between Matan Shalev and Naor Tal.

13. Muscle Heads (Colt) Think muscle with a smattering of business suits. Colt has always been synonymous with hot masculine muscle men and this flick embodies that in spades. Highlights include semi-public sex on a park bench with Carlo Masi topping Man Eric Valentin and a scorching session between Nate Karlton and Skye Woods.

14. Pizza Cazzone (Cazzo) Thierry Lamasse is the deserving star of this flick as a pizza delivery guy. Think about the classic Catalina flick with a European flair. Hot pizza, hot guys, hot sex, makes my top 20 list. My favorites include Matt Hughes and Jenson Lomax in a hot oral session post-delivery, and a final scene between Lamasse, Peto Coast and Tim Kruger.

15. Playbook (Titan) More jock fun from Titan. A bunch of hot pairings, including Kyle Quinn getting fucked half in/ half out of the shower room by his soccer coach Dirk Jager, Leed Scott getting stuffed by janitor Leo Giamani, and basketball star Diesel Washington putting adoring fan Kameron Scott through more positions than you would find in the average playbook.

16. Porn Stars in Love (Raging Stallion) Real porn stars, real couples, having real sex. Not more really needs to be said. The hot couples include Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse, Tristan Jaxx and Tristan Phoenix, Vinnie D'Angelo and Logan McCree, Adam Excell and Morr Foxx, and Vin Costas and Manuel Torres.

17. Revenge (Lucas) Matan Shalev plays a stripper who has a hot affair with Rafael Allencar's lover, played by Jesse Martin. Shalev's lap dance turns into a very public fuck for Martin. The final scene involves a realistic-looking fight between Shalev and Allencar, with a hot fuck to follow. Michael Lucas' films are always best when he focuses on people who are not him and this is a good example of that.

18. Tackle (Jet Set) Double crossing quarterbacks, with lots of sex in locker rooms. Highlights include the hot scene between Jesse Santana and muscled-up Benjamin Bradley, between Bradley and Adam Campbell and a hot orgy with Blu Kennedy, Josh Griffin, Campbell, David Dakota and Luke Cassidy. Get your jock fetish on.

19. The Visitor (Raging Stallion) Logan McCree is the Visitor, as in alien visitor. This gay alien being no dummy, he makes a beeline to the Castro and seeks out new life and sex. Highlights include Angelo Marconi and Junior Stellano having sex in an alley and a flip-flop fuck between McCree and Damian Rios.

20. Wall Street (Lucas) You would think that in 2009 in particular, there would be no sympathy for those on Wall Street. Maybe the passion in this flick some from wanting to seeing some Wall Streeters get fucked!? My highlights: Ben Andrews and Rafael Allencar having a hot oral session on a moving NYC subway car and a loading dock scene between Ethan Storm and Kain Warn.

Titan Media Signs Dario Beck as Newest Exclusive Performer

Whats has Dark Features, and is Tall Tan Muscular and has a cock that make you drool... Titan's newest Exclusive Performer Dario Beck. Dario Beck is a 25yo, 6'2"of ripped muscular Italian.

Having spent years in front of the camera as both a fashion and runway model and as a television actor in Europe, Dario is very comfortable performing for the camera. While raised in Italy and Germany, Dario now resides in Barcelona and can be seen in numerous billboard and magazine layouts, as well as on several television programs.

“I’m really excited about becoming a TitanMen Exclusive,” says Beck. “Shooting with Brian Mills and the TitanMen team has been a great experience. I always loved TitanMen movies, and being part of such a great team is awesome. I’m a TitanMen Exclusive….I mean, how lucky can one guy be? I’m looking forward to future projects with TitanMen and I think 2010 will be a very hot year!”

This sure to be a favorite stud makes his TitanMen debut in the upcoming Brian Mills directed film "Distractio" to be released in mid February.

High School Reunion 3 Gay Classmate Confronts Former Bully

TV Lands snooze-fest High School Reunion 3 has a new twist this year, a gay guy Eric. Eric gets to confront his former high school bully, who now is a fat, balding and just an outright asshole. Check out the video clip where they meet for the first time in twenty years.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zeb Atlas is a Dirty, Dirty Man

Check out Zeb Atlas at the Club Meteor in Houston getting hot and wet. Damn, this dude is HOT!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Father and Son's Bonding by Jerking off Together

This brings personal "father issues" to a new level. has released a jerk-off scene starring two guys who claim to be father and son. Dad, Rhett Sr and Son Rhett Jr sit side by side while they watch each other get hard and jerk off. I have to say I'm not shocked by much, but this left me a little queasy. To see the clip go to

Have Sex with a Jake Cruise Porn Star Contest

Move over Ed McMahon and get ready for one of the hottest contest EVER from Jake Cruise! It doesn't matter what race, body type or how hung you are, all can apply. The contest doesn't say which porn star you are having sex with of if you can be top or bottom.

Jake states from his website, "When I started my site 8 years ago everyone told me I was crazy. No one, they said, wanted to look at a middle aged man with a gut having fun with hot men. They were wrong. I am proof that anyone can do porn. You just have to be willing."

To enter the contest you just have to fill an application with some photos.