Friday, July 10, 2009

Freshman of the Year Finalists are Named

All five finalists are gay adult performers from the DVD and web-exclusive worlds: Kirk Cummings (whose qualifying layout was in the magazine's November '08 issue), Trent Davis (Jan. '09), Marcus Mojo (Sept. '08), Dylan McLovin (Sept. '08) and Zack Randall (Feb. '09).

"The Freshman of the Year is an exciting star-making opportunity for the model who's had the biggest impact on our readers over the past 12 months," said Unzipped Media Managing Editor Winston Gieseke.

"This year the race has been closer than ever before. The competition has been unusually fierce because each one of the five finalists has genuine star potential."

The winning model will be featured in the September issue of Freshmen magazine

Tupperware Genius, #1 Seller in the US, Drag Queen

"Aunt Barbara" is the number 1 seller of Tupperware in the US. She sold over $100K part time selling last year alone.

My Kind of Art... Naked Men

Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York has an exciting exhibition (give new meaning to exhibition) with artwork that celebrates Nakedness.

From the Press Release "Naked is not nude nor "naturalist" - it is altogether more intriguing, predicating perhaps a state of desire, whether narcissistic or voyeuristic, that sense of being naked as an active, self-conscious sense of heightened awareness if not arousal. While nudity is continuously represented in the history of art, the classical nude often pretends to itself that it is not just plain naked."

Some of the artist are the incredible David LaChapelle, Warhol, Picasso and many more and is running July thru mid Sept. Check out the site to view some of the artist.

Real Men Don't Eat Taco's in Texas

I'm sure you have already heard about Chico's Tacos restaurant in El Paso TX calling Texas police about two men kissing and all the anti gay slurs yelled be the employees to the men.

What really makes this so outrageous, it when the police came, they told the men that kissing in public was illegal and they could be arrested. That of coarse is not true; The Supreme Court threw out a case over six years ago about the same thing (Lawrence vs. Texas). Maybe the Police should go back to school and really protect the innocent.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

See's Candies Shuts Doors instead of Equal Benefits to Gays

The See's Candies store in San Francisco's Union Square closed its doors because it would not comply with the cities Equal Benefits Ordinance, which requires the same benefits for domestic partners that married partners get.

See's says that they do offer benefits to domestic partners, but taking on the "additional" benefits that the city requires would have forced the company to renegotiate all of its union contracts nationwide just to keep its San Francisco store in compliance.

So rather than give equal rights to domestic partners than rather take their nasty chocolates and run.

GM Yanks Gay Camaro Video

General Motors on Wednesday ordered that all footage from a recent online video campaign aimed at gay buyers be removed from YouTube, calling the advertisement for the Chevrolet Camaro “not appropriate” and “not in good taste,” according to USA Today’s car blog.

The ultra hot "go go boys" are wearing yellow tighties as they wash a Camaro: C-A-M-A-R-O was stitched across the bottoms. Hopefully someone will repost the video in the future.

Gay Sex You can Bank On - Ancient Gay Sex Coin

I wonder how much twink ass this coin could buy in Ancient Rome. This ultra rare coin has a man with an erect cock reclining as the other man has his hand on the thigh. This is one of the few ancient coins in the Spintria series that shows homosexual intercourse.

Some theorized that Spintria was not currency at all and maybe was a brothel token and that the number corresponds to the price of the act. Others theories are that they were game pieces of bathhouse claim tickets.

Either way still a valuable piece of history!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Red Stag Releases 3rd Title Thick Cock, Balls Deep

No Romance, no Love Making, just hardcore rough, ass pounding SEX. If you like face down ass up sex this hot DVD is for you! Red Stag Video’s third title, Thick Cock Balls Deep, has hit the streets. The gay gonzo flick follows Red Stag founder Stevan Maverick’s previous successes, Rock Hard Monster Cock and Slam Fuck Seed.

Thick Cock Balls Deep is both beautiful and brutal,” Maverick said. “We have some scorching daddy-boy bareback action as well as some primal Neanderthals lustfully exploring, sucking and fucking each other’s hairy, natural and muscular bodies. You won’t want to miss this one.”

Hustler Hollywood Turns into Preschool

I couldn't think of a better thing to do with a sex store, turn it to a preschool. At least all the dads will know how to get to this school. Looks like to store in Tempe AZ that opened late 2006, closed due to "poor foot traffic".

A temporary sign posted on the front of the building over the holes left when the letters of the Hustler Hollywood sign was removed offers the name of the preschool and a telephone number.

Hot Actor Terrell Carter Outed As Gay

Terrell Carter, who starred in Diary of Mad Black Woman, has been outed as gay, thanks to a series of photos posing with an ex-boyfriend, leaked on the internet starting with Lipstick Alley mesageboard.

Terrell Carter is the second black male celebrity outed in the last ten days. Reality star Dorion Standberry (from TV's College Hill) was blasted ten days across the internet, also by an ex-boyfriend seeking revenge.

We all know.. don't get those bottoms mad, or they will mess you up :).

Fitness Model Scott Herman Can Poke Out Your Eye

Damn... he could poke out your eye with that monster bulge. Scott Herman is from the MTV's Real World Brooklyn and won best Abs on East Coast

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Margaret Cho First Woman on Unzipped Cover

Not only is she the first woman to grace the cover of the meat magazine Unzipped but also the first mainstream celebrity.

The August issue (hits the newsstands July 14th) will have Cho with the porn god Ricky Sinz, a Raging Stallion exclusive in his first Unzipped cover as well.

“Margaret Cho transcends sexual stereotypes. The energy and sex appeal Margaret and Ricky bring to the article is amazing. The photos are electric, and we’re thrilled to have two iconic sexual adventurers on the cover of our ‘Hot Issue,’” said Dustin Tyner, Group Publisher for Unzipped Media.

Gay Porn Star Simon Rex New Show

Hot model Simon Rex who started off his career as a Solo JO Porn Star with Club 1821 has a new show with some well known celebs like Paris Hilton, Lance Bass and Jaime Pressley. You can check it out on Rex Facebook Page.

REX - Trailer from The REX Team on Vimeo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cybersocket Crowns Top 50 Gay Porn Stars

Cybersocket magazine has picked 50 current gay porn stars that have the greatest potential to become legendary.

"Very few of the world's industries are consistently as colorful and exciting as the porn industry," writes Cybersocket’s Danny Valle.

"Despite our tendency to dwell on the industry's more lurid aspects, the majority of what goes down is quite professional. Even so, no other industry manages to address so many of our deepest and most personal fantasies."

The list of 50 is "by no means complete or impartial," he notes. "But it does showcase this year's cast of stars, movers and shakers who have caught our eyes and who stand poised to leave their own distinctive marks on the industry."

In order, their Top 10 are: Johnny Hazzard, Reese Rideout, Jeremy Bilding, Dolph Lambert, Ty Colt, Michael Lucas, Malachi Mark, Derrek Diamond, Dionisio Heiderscheid (a.k.a. "D.O.") and Steve Cruz.

The performers coming rounding out the Top 20 are Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, Logan McCree, Mason Wyler, Tyler Saint, Turk Melrose, Ricky Sinz, Leo Giamani, Jackson Wild and RJ Danvers.

Cruz, Danvers, D.O., Hazzard, Riley, Saint and Sinz were also 2009 XBIZ Awards nominees. Jackson Wild won the XBIZ Award as GLBT Performer of the Year.

Forth of July Entertainment "Cornhole League"

As I always say, when in Rome, or in this case Norfolk VA, do as the “Seamen” do, Cornhole. I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw they had a Cornhole League and even inside or the Beach, take you pick. Now this is a sport I could get into!

Big Brother Contestant with Big Dick

This summer will fill the TV void with Big Brother 11 and what a void Contestant Branden Bacha could fill. Surfer boy Brandon played "Jay" in Gay Soap Opera's Dant's Cove where we got to see his nice floppy cock. He was also a model for; let’s hope he is a better contestant than actor.