Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moby has a Tiny Weenie and Loves It

Dance Music Icon Moby want some "short dick man" He says in the recent Bizarre magazine article not only does he have a tiny weenie, but that he has watched lots of porn and is going to make a porno with Small Dicked Actors. "I've never understood why porn made for men often stars studly guys with enormous... you know? Surely that's intimidating to most guys watching? My porn flick would exclusively feature men with normal-to-titchy-sized penises in order to make viewers feel better."

If we want to make sure that guys feel good about themselves, why they have porn with out of shape guys with erection problems. Oh right... they have, Ron Jeremy.

Go-Go Dancers Appreciation Day

Finally a city bill I can really get behind, or in front of. Move over Mothers Day...and Grandparents Day, you never caught on. Mark you calendars for Go-Go Dancers Appreciation Day on October 29th. West Hollywood City Council has just passed item 5-B, aka get your dollars out for some hot jocks waving their junk in your face day.

West Hollywood will close down Larrabee Street between Santa Monica Blvd and the alley for the Famously sexy Halloween Carnival where the hottest go-go boys and girls will dance in the street to make your groin feel warm and fuzzy. They will also be gyrating in Gay Bar Micky's and Eleven.

Mayor John Duran told the AP: “West Hollywood has been toned down to be family friendly. That’s not what we are… I was concerned there seemed to be a sanitizing of the city. This is the sort of campy, tongue-in-cheek thing we’re known for.”

Rascal Video "Some Things Cum Up!

Highlighted by a rare bottoming appearance by C1R Exclusive Brent Everett, SOME THINGS CUM UP! stands tall as another monument in the ever-growing legend of director Chi Chi LaRue. Artfully crafted in breathtakingly life-like HD, this movie rises to the challenge of being among the best work Chi Chi has ever done.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Strangest Spa Treatment Ever has Eel up Man's Urethra

I'm not sure which is more dumb, a spa treatment that makes you get naked in a tub of eels or the idiot that got in. 56 y.o. Chinese man named Zhang Nan wanted what most of us do, to look a younger (hasn't he heard of Botox?) and opted in the eel spa treatment that has eel eating dead skin from your body.

He got more than he wanted when a six inch eel slid up he urethra, Zhang tried to get it out but the eel was too slippery. He was rushed to the hospital and had a 3 hour surgery to get it removed from his bladder. According to Metro, the doctor explained it like to the Chinese media, "The diameter of the urethra in a man's penis is just a little narrower, but because eels are quite slippery, its body worked as a lubricant and so it got into the penis smoothly."

Jackpot a Story about a Teenage Boy finding Gay Porn in 1994

Dark Alley / Raw Fuck Club "Bang it Out " Trailer

Dark Alley and Raw Fuck Club Bang it Out The men of Raw Fuck Club are back with their massive cocks bulging and eager holes twitching to get down to business. Always RAW, never boring, these real men just wanna hook up, get nasty, and BANG IT OUT! Starring Mason Wyler, Antonio Biaggi, Champ Robinson, Dominik Rider, Dimitri Santiago, Brandon Hawk, Adrian, Colin Black

Soccer Player Turned Porn Star

You know a professional soccer play must be good at handling balls, so why not go into gay porn. 27 y.o. Jonathan De Falco (porn name Stany Falcone) was a professional soccer player for Belgium who got an injury this year and couldn't play anymore decides to get into the gay porn business. He started working as a dancer in nightclubs, opened a massage parlor then producer saw him and asked him to be in a video, a 5-10, 170lbs porn star was made.

He says in a Brussels Newspaper "I like standing in the spotlight, I had not expected such a success. I do large productions in France, England and the U.S.. This year is no life that I lead, but I enjoy it while it lasts. I did not put this step out of desperation, I have consciously chosen this life. "

"For several months I have a boyfriend. Previously I had a girlfriend once, but I always felt attracted to men. I never hid. Since I was twenty I tarry in gay circles, but when I played football, nobody noticed anything.. If my orientation would have been known, would have undoubtedly problems. The football world is not ready for openly gay players. There are still too many prejudices and too little tolerance. "

"I do nothing to be ashamed.. Everything's good with my boyfriend and my mother, which is very important to me. I have no doubt that negative reactions follow, including from the football world, but I'm ready. I respect all people and the choices they make. and I hope that others can muster for me. Who does not? .' Well, the world is big enough for everyone. "

Check him out in action, he is fucking sexy.

Ripped Training "Justin" Goes Naked on XTube

Justin, who runs giving us muscles building tips goes naked on Xtube teaching us the importance of stretching. It will really make you "get off" the couch and get erect. He can't keep his hands off his cock in the first video, but still fucking sexy. Below he is his Youtube and Xtube videos.

Ultra Twink 8 Teen Boy Trailer

Ultra Twink from 8Teenboy - 9 Scenes, 118 mins. A compilation of some of the best rated 8teenboy scenes featuring some of the twinkiest smooth tight holed boys.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nominate us for Cybersocket's for the 12th Year in a row

It's that time of year again for me to get on my knees (that will fell natural) and ask for you Nominations for best "Best Adult Novelties" Adonis Enterprises (our sponcer) and "Best Blog" Gay Porn Talk. It's fun, easy and I already have my knee pads on, so lets go. Click Here

Now you Can Smell like Reichen from "The A-List"

Hope you like to smell of sweat stink and desperation. Reichen's Cologne (arm pit sweat smells, he says) is now available, small portions of the proceeds will go to worthy causes, unfortunately the rest will go to him. His next Colognes smell will be wet dog and sweaty ass smells.

This weeks "The A List" is recapped in 3 minutes, just long enough to get that "sick" taste in your mouth.

How the Republicans Killed the Post Office

You might have heard that the Internet and email have hurt the Postal System, but that is not true. Adjusting for the economic downturn, it appears the USPS is busier now than it ever has been before. E-commerce has been a huge boost as all the items people purchase online have to get to people's homes and the cheapest way to do that is still through the Postal Service.

Porn Stars Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed Turn Domestic Violence into Sex Scene?

This is really blurring domestic violence reality into erotic fiction. This past summer, porn star Spencer Reed accused his then boyfriend/porn star Phillip Aubrey of stabbing his arm. Phillip Aubrey denies this accusation saying he was only defending himself and was set to appear in a Washington D.C. court on September 8th, 2011, (the same day the movie was released) where he faces one charge of simple assault and one charge of attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.

Next Door Studios has just released a kinky S&M video with the duo that was shot before the assault called " I Wanna Be Your Dog" Here’s the site’s description of their encounter:
“Phillip Aubrey is ready to listen, ready to obey. He knows tricks and doesn’t mind the leash and collar one bit. Spencer Reed is a good pet owner who feeds his puppy all the meat he can handle, rubs his belly regularly, and makes sure his coat his spit shine clean and healthy. Then he fucks him across a table and cums in his mouth.”

Compliments of RocketTub

Here they are in what appears to be happier times.

Masked 3 Big Jamaican Bananas Trailer

"Pre Gay" Kid with Larry David

Larry David buys a sewing machine for his girlfriend's son who he thinks is "Pre Gay". Last night's season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm introduced viewers to the 7-year-old son of Larry David's girlfriend, who he determined was "pre-gay" and gave the boy a sewing machine for his birthday.

Pat Boones very Hot Ass Photo

Life Magazine has just released two biggest stars (of their time) nude photos, Steve McQueens and Pat Boone looking fine.. Damn Pat, drop the soap.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 3 - Treasure Island Media Free Trailer

This is Europe's Seedy Underbelly. Get ready for more hot European action, as Eric from Paris continues his exploration of Continental male sexuality. In ERIC'S RAW FUCK TAPES 3, Eric chronicles the sexual encounters he and other lucky cumpigs have with some of Europe's most licentious fuckers, including the infamous Peto Coast and Thom Barron.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

British Electropop Frankmusick "NO I.D."

Check out this MTFT from Frankmusik who has posed naked for gay AXM and has "snogged with blokes on occasion". They are touring with Erasure currently.