Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baseball Player Evan Longoria Has a Nice Cock

Major League Baseball player for Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria is the next stud to show us his "bat". Looks like the stud sent his cock photo to a blogger for "Barstool Sports" with a very simple text "Like that babe?". I don't know about her, but I would have been on my knees in a second.

I love that straight guys are shaving now.

Hungry Twink Holes Free Trailer

Hungry Twink Holes- These twink holes need to be filled and pounded just right. Luckily these Hungry Twink Holes have some knowledgeable twink tops like Skyelr Bleu to lick, tease and plunge deep over and over again. This raw five scene twink adventure hits the mark and the sweet spot leaving these pink holes completely satisfied.

How to Seduce a Straight Guy in 10 Easy Steps

Jersey Scores Andrew Blue Signs Exclusive

Up and coming versatile preformer Andrew Blue who debuted as Sammy in the parody "Jersey Score" got signed by Jet Set Men. "Blue delivered an awesome performance in Jersey Score,” Jet Set Executive Producer and Director Chris Steele said. “His chemistry with Dean was intense, and his acting was excellent.”

Blue recently completed his second project for the studio, Police Academy Gangbang featuring Jason Adonis and Big Brothers Steven Daigle. He plays a ready-to-learn, aiming-to-please cadet in the high-octane flick that also stars Jet Set exclusives Josh Logan, Marcus Steele, Landon Mycles and Dylan Roberts.

“The hot sexual performance Andrew gave in our new gangbang is bound to bring him rave reviews with a new legion of fans,” said Jet Set Director of Casting and Marketing Rob Romoni. “Who doesn’t love a performance where a muscle jock tops, bottoms, sucks and fucks with no regrets and always answers ‘yes sir?’ A versatile performer like Andrew doesn’t come along very often, but when he does you can see his star quality instantly.”

Rapper Bow Wow is Hung like a Horse

Rapper Bow Wow has been caught with his pants down, an alleged photo of the once protege of Snoop Dogg shows his name should be changed to "Black Beauty".

It is also rumored (from the same girl who released the photo) that he is bisexual and has an on and off relationship with singer Omarion. Another DL Brother? Yea!

Twink Juice 3 Free Trailer

Twink Juice 3- Freshly squeezed for your satisfaction. 100% original & genuine 'Twink Juice 3' has 6 action packed scenes, 2 with massive top-cock Tommy Anders, another with the smooth blond 9.5" Cody "The 3rd Leg" Cachet and let's not forget the final double penetration threeway with Max Morgan. Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by our satisfied customers, this film will have you releasing your own juice for hours and hours to come.

VPSofW: Anthony LaFont

Okay, so I've gone from extreme to the other: from redheads to Frenchmen. He didn't do that many flicks but was always smokin' hot! Standing 6'1", brown hair and blue eyes, his buff build and 9" uncut dick always got my attention. There is just something about a French or French-Canadian guy.

As far as my picks, you can't go wrong with his initial appearances in the "Absolute" series, with Anthony topping in Lane Fuller "Aqua" and Josh Kane in "Arid." I also liked him in "No Way Out," where he was part of the concluding orgy. I also thought he had a great scene with Fredrick Ford in "The Hard Way, Part 1." Check 'em out.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Absolute: Aqua (1999, Falcon)
Absolute: Arid (1999, Falcon)
Convictions 2 (2000 , Jocks)
No Way Out (2000, Falcon)
Snap Shots (2000, Falcon)
Voyeur! (2003, Mack Studio)
The Hard Way 1 (2005, Hot House Ent.)
Prowl 4: Back with a Vengeance (2005, MSR Videos)
Executive Pleasures 2 (2006, Men at Play)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee Sends a Strong Message Against Hate Speech

If you didn't get a chace to see the "Ga-Ga" edition of Glee last night, Kurt's dad stands up for his gay son.

Porn Star Robert Van Damme Arrested for Domestic Violence

Iconic Porn Star, Grabby Wall of Fame 2009 and Owner of RVD Productions Robert Van Damme was arrested and currently being held on domestic violence charges against his wife. The domestic violence might be the least of his troubles, Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirms that the Czech Republic native has been hit with a federal detainer that prevents him from bonding out of state prison.

Twilight is Next Gay Porn Spoof

Lets hope the porn is better then the movie, but Twilight gets the gay porn treatment with the porn parody "Twinklight". From Afton Nills' the flick has been in production for over a year (that is a super long time for porn). In the trailer, the hot twinks are making out and sucking blood, Yummy!

Twinklight: PG-13 Adult Twilight Spoof Trailer

Review- Southern Pride: Boys in Heat

Hey guys! So sorry it's been a while since my last post, but I've been so busy with finals and everything lately! Now that it's finally summer for me, I promise to be back more regularly. Let's start off the season with a movie that is sure to bring the heat.

Studio: Raging Stallion &

Director: Gia Caruso

Run Time: 120 minutes

In Southern Pride: Boys in Heat, Raging Stallion teams up with some of the boys from to venture out of the usual Stallion territory and into...well, closer-shaven models.

We start out just before Pride festivities in Florida, with two shirtless hunks. Dallas Reeves and Scottie Brooks are discussing plans for a parade float, and decide to kill some time in Brooks' hotel room. Next, we follow Reeves into the room, where Brooks is waiting, and the action quickly begins. The boys fall onto the bed and start to make out. Brooks takes the lead and works his way down Reeves' chest, sensually removing his jeans and briefs, then passionately taking charge of Reeves' gorgeous dick. The eye contact he gives is incredibly hot here. After Reeves flips Brooks over, he tears off his shorts (Gasp! No undies!) and gets to work. Brooks is almost completely shaven, and the faces he gives as Reeves deep throats his huge cock are priceless. Reeves' voracity and intensity do make me think he's on poppers, but it's still a hot moment. The boys then move into a 69 position, with Brooks ramming his dick into Reeves' mouth, while being eaten out at the same time. After some of this, saliva is dripping out of his ass, and Reeves slowly shoves his dick inside. Brooks bounces around, with the camera close on the action. While Brooks sits on top, I would have preferred more face shots, but then he bends over the bedside and Reeves rams him from behind. Personally, this is my least favorite position to do, but one of my favorites to watch. The best comes when Brooks turns over and puts his ankles to Reeves' shoulders. As the boys get close, they pull out and climb back onto the bed, and here Brooks finishes onto Reeves' chest, with Reeves following soon afterward. Overall a very hot scene with great chemistry.

In the next scene we meet three new guys in a garage, who begin to work on a float. When one leaves to get tools, the other two make use of the time and quickly start making out and groping one another. Dustin Michaels, the obvious top (he wears a Fred Durst-style backward cap), selfishly forces the much-cuter twink (Giovanni Summers) to suck him off, though he is creepy and can't even stay hard! Thankfully, the gorgeous Raging Stallion Man of the Year 2010, Austin Wilde, comes to save the day. When he sees the two going at it, he stops behind the float and begins rubbing his body all over. The mismatched and passionless couple on the float continue to fool around, but Michaels still can't get hard and won't even touch Summers' dick. I will! Michaels then proceeds to give the most uninterested blow job I've ever seen, which of course leads to him trying to stay hard enough to fuck Summers. At this point I was totally limp because there is such little chemistry between the two. The only thing that kept me from just fast-forwarding through the scene were the snippets of Wilde's gorgeous naked body as he somehow gets off to the boys. His huge cock and hard body could make anyone cum, as Michaels and Summers eventually do as well.

Next we keep the same garage location, but switch actors. When Dallas Reeves and Krist Cummings enter to put some flags on the float, the naturally start kissing. Thankfully these guys are better lovers than actors, and they are both very cute. With each boy bulging out of his undies as they grope one another, Reeves picks up Cummings and fingers him as the kiss. Cummings graciously reciprocates with a very hot blow job, though his technique does seem a little inexperienced. He has trouble staying up as Reeves tries to suck him off, but he's able to get to half-staff and then rock-hard as Reeves fingers him again. Next Reeves does what he does best, and begins to slowly eat out Cummings' tight hole. Staying bent over, Reeves shoves his dick inside, and thrusts so hard they both become covered in sweat. This continues for a bit until hottie Sebastian Keys enters the garage to spice up the mix. He strips and joins the other two, as Cummings sucks him off as the Lucky Pierre. As Cummings gets off, Keys takes his place, and takes Reeves' dick in his ass as well. He gets off quickly as Reeves rides him while bent over. Then Reeves releases his load all over Keys' tight abs.

In the next scene we get to experience what all this 'float building' has led to, and take a ride down the main route during the Pride Parade with the boys. Afterward, we follow Austin Wilde and Dustin Michaels into Wilde's living room for some more action. After a short make out session, Michaels starts to suck Austin's huge cock, which he rams into Michaels' throat. I don't understand how he still can't get hard, or why he even still has a job, but it's so frustrating! Honestly, I would gladly take his place. As Wilde moves onto the couch, Michaels attempts to make up for it by eating him out. When he finally gets hard enough, he shoves his dick into the waiting hole and thrusts deeply. After just a few minutes of this, Wilde cums all over his own chiseled body, and Michaels squirts out barely anything at all.

Even though I absolutely cannot stand Dustin Michaels (the bonus interview makes him even worse), I give the film 3 splats in all. With solos, chapters, and trailers, it could have easily garnered another full splat if it had better casting, but most of the pairings were very hot and enjoyable!

Sam Harris Records Equality Anthem

Sam Harris was one of my first crushes from Star Search, I remember for Christmas that year I asked my mom for gold Lame' hightops.

Harris says “I wrote ‘My Reclamation’ because it is vital that we unite now, rally now, and pool our resources now to prepare for the next step to equality,” he says. “This song is a declaration of rights. It is about faith that unity with triumph over adversity. As a gay man, a husband, father, and musician, I wrote this song to remind myself and others that 'it is not enough just to forward and delete.’ I hope this song moves people. It's a call to action.”

He still is hot, I wonder what I did with those shoes?

I May Just Stay in Canada

Having a wonderful time in the Great White North. Seeing news like this from 'home' just makes me want to emigrate. American Family Association's Bryan Fischer said on his radio show this week that Hitler surrounded himself with gays. A quote:

"So Hitler himself was an active homosexual. And some people wonder, didn't the Germans, didn't the Nazis, persecute homosexuals? And it is true they did; they persecuted effeminate homosexuals. But Hitler recruited around him homosexuals to make up his Stormtroopers, they were his enforcers, they were his thugs. And Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual solders basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Brownshirts, were male homosexuals."

This would be scary if it wasn't so stupid. In Canada, these crazies seem much more distant; perhaps they're around, but you don't hear as much about them. Oh well, I'll be back with the crazies soon enough.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Christian Audigier Designer Luxury Condoms

If all you can think of is Madonna's song "Dress You Up in My Love" you are not alone. Now you can dress up your cock in the lastest fashion from the Ed Hardy designer Chrisitan Audigier. The French fashion designer has entered the adult world of rubbers in the industry's first line of luxury brand condoms.

The condoms, like many of Audigier’s clothes, are designed with a baggy fit in mind, as opposed to the tighter fit many men seem to complain about.

Christian Audigier condoms are made of natural latex formulated to be taste-free and odorless, unlike many condoms on the market. A larger reservoir tip allows for improved comfort even during prolonged wear.

“These are the world’s first designer condoms, and the Christian Audigier name is the perfect brand under which to launch them,” said David Nehdar, a principal of Christian Audigier condoms. “This collection targets the same upscale shoppers who choose to don Audigier’s various stellar brand names on their clothing and lifestyle accessories. These aren’t just any old condoms—they’re the Rolls Royce of prophylactics"

Christian Audigier condoms are packaged using the designer’s distinctive flash-design aesthetic, and made with the same quality found throughout his collections of apparel, shoes and lifestyle accessories under the Ed Hardy, Smet, Crystal Rock and Paco Chicino fashion labels.

This first collection of designer condoms will be available nationwide to brick-and-mortar and online retail outlets in ultra premium lubricated and lubricated XL styles. Additional Christian Audigier-brand sexual lifestyle products are planned for the near future.

D.O. Leaves Black Scorpion and Signs with Raging Stallion

My favorite porn star and former Argentinean Fashion model with one of the hottest bodies ever, D.O. (Dionisio Heiderschied) star of the Best Selling Black Scorpion DVDS "Obsession of D.O.", Sex Hiker, Sex Sessions (mostly because of his hot body and huge cock) got snagged by Raging Stallion with an exclusive contract.

He explains what the difference between Raging Stallion Sex and Black Scorpion in a recent article from The Sword, "It's rougher at Raging Stallion, which works for me. At Black Scorpion they just to make the guys look beautiful, but at Raging Stallion it's more about enjoying the sex. So I really like to be able to get wild, especially since I get to use my fingers a lot more. Previously I'd be with pretty guys who didn't want to take my cock deeply, but now I can fuck as hard as I want.

He also says that Raging Stallion wants him a little rough and has asked him to stop shaving, "I used to be smooth and now I'm hairy. But it's okay, it's a new thing and I like change. I've always shaved, and this is actually the first time I've let it grow out in the last 10 or 15 years."

Looks like Raging Stallion made a great deal with this stud and hope that he is the next porn star dildo. Check out a clip of "Obsession of D.O".

Falcon ‘Inntrigued’ Hits the Streets

Falcons latest flick Inntrigued, directed by John Bruno hits the shelfs.

The movie stars studio exclusives Roman Heart, Landon Conrad, Leo Giamani and Falcon exclusive couple Aden and Jordan Jaric, along with along with Rod Daily, John Magnum, Tommy Defendi and Benjamin Bradley.

“Falcon always has the best DVD covers and the hottest stars,” says Janet, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “And with a combination like that, their movies can’t help but sell well. And the fans can’t get enough of Aden and Jordan Jaric — those boys are smoking hot! I’m sure I’ll sell through this title.”