Friday, May 27, 2011

Openly Gay Prom King and Queen

Southern Maine Sanford High School senior Christian Nelsen was crowned prom queen and his boyfriend Caleb Jett won prom king. “Both received enough write-in votes to win. They said they decided to run to break high school stereotypes and open some dialogue about tolerance and gay rights.”

You can check out the video on Youtube

Adam Killian behind the scenes of "Assassin" Getting Fucked by Michael Lucas

Adam Killian behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment big budget movie Assassin where he talks about getting fucked by Michael Lucas.

L Train Pole Dancer

Who doesn't like a show on the way home. One of the posters says "This guy happens to be a national and international champion at pole dancing. This was all in fun. "

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have Brent Everett's Ass, Mouth or Cock

Now you can have the super sexy stud any way you want, with the Fleshjack Mouth, Fleshjack Ass or the Dildo. All molded directly from the famous porn star.

Another irresistible masturbator from the Fleshjack Boys line of ultra detailed, incredibly realistic toys for men loving men comes the Brett Everett Squeeze Fleshlights. Come as close as you can to topping or getting sucked off from this rising Canadian porn star as you admire his soft, lifelike buttcheeks and lipes and the irresistible inner texture inside that recreates the sensation of anal or oral sex. Check out some of the photos of the molding process.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Homo hookers busted in Atlanta police sting

The relationship between Atlanta police and the city’s LGBT residents has been strained since its botched raid of the Eagle in September 2009. LGBT activists have also criticized the department over allegations that some officers mistreat transgender sex workers, a criticism leveled at commanders in May 2010 when they introduced the department’s new LGBT liaison.

The hunt for a hooker in Midtown proved a little more difficult over the weekend as Atlanta police posed as gay men seeking sex and busted scores of alleged prostitutes.

The arrests of 50 alleged male hookers along corridors long known for gay sex for sale—Cypress Street near Peachtree Street, as well as Ponce de Leon Avenue—came as the Atlanta Police Department notched 79 arrests in a days-long sting that ended Sunday.

Operation Summer Heat included 61 arrests for prostitution—50 men and 11 women, eight “johns” seeking a prostitute, and 10 narcotics arrests. In addition, seven vehicles were impounded and $1,000 was seized, according to the Atlanta Police Department. The sting started May 5, though it did not operate every day, and included the department’s undercover vice squad and Atlanta Proactive Enforcement & Interdiction (APEX) unit, which earlier this year replaced APD’s troubled Red Dog Unit.

Officer Brian Sharp, one of two LGBT liaisons for Atlanta police, was on hand during portions of the sting, according to Carlos Campos, a spokesperson for the department. At other times, one of the agency’s LGBT liaisons was on call.

The sting included areas known for transgender prostitutes, though none of the 61 people charged with prostitution were identified as transgender, according to Campos.

On Monday, police warned that prostitution stings would continue as the activity increases in part due to warmer weather.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ryan Sullivan's Island Documentary about Treasure Island Media

Ryan Sullivan's Island In 2008, 24 year old Ryan Sullivan set out from his Nebraska hometown with Hollywood aspirations. Instead he found himself in San Francisco, "The cool gray city of love." making a documentary a about porn company Treasure Island Media.

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