Friday, January 23, 2009

Supreme Court deals death blow to antiporn law

The U.S. Department of Justice has been trying since 1998 to convince courts that a federal antiporn law targeting sexually explicit Web sites was constitutional.

No longer. On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected prosecutors' last-ditch defense of the Child Online Protection Act, meaning that the law will not be enforced.

"It is not the role of the government to decide what people can see and do on the Internet," ACLU staff attorney Chris Hansen said in a statement on Wednesday. "Those are personal decisions that should be made by individuals and their families."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tony Buff Directs New Fetish Line for Titan Media

Titan Media, parent company of gay mega-brands TitanMen, ManPlay, MSR Video and TitanMen Fresh, has signed exclusive performer Tony Buff to a multi-year contract to direct and star in a new hardcore fetish line of films.

"We are very proud that Tony has chosen to sign with Titan Media," said chief executive officer Bruce Cam. "Tony is the most exciting new fetish performer to come along in years. His natural abilities to direct became apparent over the past year of filming. We are very excited to transition this amazing performer into a director. I personally can't wait to see the level of intensity he will bring to these films."

Buff joined Titan Media in late 2007 and quickly distinguished himself within the industry. A well-known player and role model within the leather/BDSM community, Buff is particularly adept at capturing authenticity in hardcore fetish play. From his signature suspended waterboarding scene in the GAYVN Award-winning film Fear to his performance in Folsom Prison (which he co-directed), Buff is a bona-fide onscreen presence.

"This is a truly exciting prospect," Buff said. "My work with Titan Media has been exceptionally rewarding on a multitude of levels. I am thrilled our relationship is continuing through the launch of this new line of features that will bring extremely heavy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen and a broader audience of current and potential players."

The line, as yet to be named, will be shot documentary style in full 1080 high-definition format and will feature authentic hardcore fetish play by real players in the community. Titan and Buff see the series as "a realistic and brutally honest representation of what real fetish players do behind closed doors. Not for the faint of heart, these films will shred the boundaries of what has come before."

Unzipped Media throws Movie Premiere for To the Last Man

Raging Stallion accepted an invite from Unzipped Media to throw an old-fashioned, Hollywood movie premiere - a first for either company. Held Wednesday, January 21, the screening of a tamed-down version of the fuck flick was held at the Showcase Theater in Hollywood. Known for being a location for the Outfest Film Festival, the Showcase Theater is owned by Regent Entertainment, parent company of Unzipped Media.

Unzipped and Raging Stallion pulled out all the stops for the event, from red carpet arrivals to introductions of To the Last Man's three directors and several cast members. In addition to being the first RSS movie to be screened in a mainstream theater, Tony Dimarco, co-director and writer of the film, said that To the Last Man marked another beginning for the company.

"To the Last Man is the first time Raging Stallion has outsourced the music for an original score," he told "In addition to using music from our very own J.D. Slater we utilized a company in New York to create original music specifically for our footage. We sent them each scene as they were finalized and edited and they wrote an original score to match each scene."

Clocking in at around six hours, To the Last Man was edited down in both length and content so as to be suitable for public viewing in a mainstream theater. The buzz before the movie began was that it was edited to what might be considered an R rating. Fifteen minutes in, it was obvious this was more of an NC-17 pushing X. Just enough sex to whet the appetites of those in attendance to prod them into wanting to go out and buy the real thing, but without making anyone uncomfortable.

Raging Stallion is one of the few gay adult production companies to release high-budget pornography, a gamble in today's economy. Chris Ward, co-owner of RSS and co-director of To the Last Man said that in hindsight the film was worth the investment.

"You have to realize a movie like this costs a lot of money to produce," he said. "We put nearly a quarter million into To the Last Man last summer and while working to get it ready had to come out with all of our regular releases. A film like this doesn't really start making its money back for up to six months, maybe even a year. We're proud of the final product and the response it's received since its release and feel confident it will perform well as more consumers become familiar with it."

High Level 16% of Gay Sex for Iranian Men

A new study from an Iranian sociologist reveals a high level of gay encounters amongst men in a (supposedly) sexually-repressed and homophobic Iran ...

Acts of homosexuality are punishable by death in Iran and the nation's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad famously said homosexuality didn't exist in the country.

Masturbation, which is also illegal (good luck policing that), is enjoyed by 73 percent of men and 26 percent of women, according to the study by sociologist Parvaneh Abdul Maleki.

The study, reported in the Iranian press as a study of sexual 'deviance', shows that 16 percent of men have had at least one gay experience, while 4 percent of Iranians had been in a gay relationship.

Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, it's estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 people have been executed after being charged with participating in gay acts.

"Milk" Scores 8 Oscar Nominations

The film Milk, about a 1970s gay political figure assassinated in San Francisco, has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Film and Actor ...

Sean Penn's performance as slain gay council official Harvey Milk has earned him a nomination for Best Actor, Josh Brolin scored a nod for Supporting Actor for his role as assassin Dan White, Gus Van Sant is nominated for Best Director and Dustin Lance Black is nominated for Original Screenplay.

The film tells the story of one of America's first gay publicly elected officials, Harvey Milk, and his campaign to be elected to San Francisco's City Hall, his relationships and his assassination by former colleague Dan White.

The awards will be announced on February 22.

Gay for Pay Aaron James on Tyra Banks Jan 22

Jet Set exclusive Aaron James a self-described "gay for pay" porn star, will sit down with talk show hostess Tyra Banks Thursday to discuss what it's like to be paid to have sex with other men on camera while otherwise maintaining a heterosexual life.

James, the star of such Jet Set titles as Jock Tease, Ass Cruisin' with Aaron James, Hollywood Sex Club and On Fire!, is expected to talk about the tension his career choice creates in his relationships with women. He also is expected to talk about the conflicts his film career has caused with his family.

Fellow Jet Set model Kurt Wild (Proven Straight), who made news of his own last year when he was fired from his job as an assistant manager at a fast-food restaurant after a customer complained about his career in porn, also will appear on the show. Wild, who is married with two small children, recently said that while he was excited about his appearance, it was difficult to talk on national TV about the effects his porn career have had on his life and family.

Both James and Wild have performed in videos for Jet Set Men's Straight Edge Web series, which often focuses on performers who maintain or appear to maintain a "straight" life outside of porn.

The Emmy Award-winning Tyra Banks Show, now in its third season, is syndicated nationwide on local broadcast stations covering 95 percent of the media markets in the U.S. The show also is shown on the Oxygen cable network.

Crazy Right Wing calls for Boycott Pepsi and Campbells

Ultra-right-wing "family values" organization the American Family Association earlier this month issued a call for its members to boycott food megaliths PepsiCo and Campbell's Soup Company.

"Many people aren't aware that when their school participates in [the] Campbell's ‘Labels for Education' program, they are supporting a company that has openly come out in support of homosexual marriage, and it has no intentions of stopping that support," the alert about Campbell's noted Jan. 12. "Many of the schools that participate don't know that Campbell's supports the homosexual publication The Advocate with advertising. The Advocate is a leading promoter of same-sex marriage."

As for PepsiCo, AFA is outraged by the soft-drink bottler's mandate that all employees attend sexual orientation sensitivity training. In addition, within the past two years the company has donated $500,000 each to the Human Rights Campaign and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Both HRC and PFLAG supported efforts in California to defeat controversial Proposition 8, a ballot initiative which defined marriage as one man and one woman. Challenges to the California state constitutional amendment, which passed, are now working their ways through the court system.

According to an action alert at the AFA website, "the [$1 million] was to be used to help promote homosexuality in the workplace."

In fact, according to PepsiCo, the money was given by the benevolent PepsiCo Foundation to improve diversity awareness. Nevertheless, the AFA views PepsiCo's largesse as "refusal to remain neutral in the culture war."

"Pepsi refuses to give money to any pro-family organization that opposes the homosexual agenda," an AFA spokesman said. "Plus, every homosexual organization we know of is overwhelmingly pro-abortion."

In the case of both companies, AFA has asked all members to sign and distribute a boycott pledge, complain to the manufacturer's representative nearest them and write to the chairman of each company's board of directors. In addition, AFA wants all members to insist schools stop participating in Campbell's Labels for Education program, which provides equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase of Campbell's products.

In the past, AFA-organized anti-gay boycotts have targeted American companies like hamburger chain McDonald's and Disney resorts. In response, McDonald's declined to renew its membership in the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, but Disney declined to cave in to the organization's demands.

PepsiCo manufactures brands including Pepsi, Tropicana, Frito-Lay, Quaker and Gatorade. Campbell's manufactures Swanson, Prego, Pepperidge Farm and V-8, among other brands.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweden Set For Gay Marriage

Sweden looks set to join the gay marriage party in May this year, with most of the country's multi-party governing coalition coming to an agreement ...

Three of the four parties in the governing coalition have tabled a motion that is expected to pave the way for gay marriage in Sweden from May 1.

The Alliance government had been split over the issue with a lesser party, the Christian Democrats, caught up in semantics over the use of 'marriage' as a word.

However the three other parties, the conservative Moderates, the Liberals and the Centre Party, favour a gender neutral law that eliminates the current reference to marriage as something between a man and a woman.

"Regardless of sexual orientation, people in stable couple relationships have a need to manifest their feelings and their desire to live together," the motion reads.

Gay couples getting married, like straight couples, would be allowed to choose between a civil ceremony and a church ceremony under the proposed laws.

The Lutheran Church, separated from the state in 2000 and the church of 74 percent of Swedes, has since January 2007 offered gays a religious blessing of their union, but wanted to reserve 'marriage' for straights.

If the new legislation is adopted, Sweden, already a pioneer in giving same-sex couples the right to adopt children, would become the first country in the world to allow gays to marry within a major church.

Civil unions granting gays and lesbians the same legal status as married couples have been allowed in Sweden since 1995.

Portland Gay Mayor Apologises For Teen Affair Lie

Portland mayor Sam Adams, 45, has publicly apologised for lying about his affair with a then 18-year-old intern in 2005, saying he would be prepared to resign ...

"I screwed up. I blew it. There's no way to sugarcoat it," Adams said during a news conference at Portland City Hall.

Adams had a big win in the 2008 election, making Portland the largest American city to elect an openly gay mayor. He was sworn in January 1.

While the new mayor said he had no plans to resign, he was open to the possibility: "If it were no longer in the city's best interests that I stay, yes, I would resign."

Rumours of a relationship between the then city commissioner and "a minor" surfaced as Adams was preparing for his mayoral campaign.

At the time he denied the allegations, explaining now that he didn't think people would believe him if he said he had waited until intern Beau Breedlove's 18th birthday to commence the relationship.

He said there's a stereotype that gays seek out underage children.

"In fact, Beau encouraged me to be honest about the facts of our relationship," Adams said. "I am deeply sorry that I asked him to lie for me."

Adams stressed the issue is about a public official lying, not sexual orientation, and he would work to regain the public's trust.

"I will be subject to greater scrutiny because of this, and that is appropriate," he said.

"My reputation has been impacted. Friendships have been impacted, and that's appropriate as well."

Jeana Frazzini of Basic Rights Oregon, the state's largest gay rights organisation, said there was disappointment within the gay community, but: "Our main concern is that we hope gay politicians who come after Sam don't turn out to be failures because of individuals who came before."

There are now calls for an investigation, some of those voices are people who supported Adams during the 2005 allegations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bareback Packers #5 from Sparta Hits the Shelfs

Ten Hot and Hung European twinks take off on the journey of a lifetime in Bareback Packers #5, the fifth installment in this Best Selling series from Sparta Video.

Under the direction of Jon Sparta, Tommy, Martin Sweet, John Hill, Lucky Jones, Harlequin Jones, Julien Breeze, Marco Bon Phoenix, Picardo, Ray Johnson and Marty Marshall engage in every sort of sexual mayhem they can find along the trail.

The video is packed with hot twinks and is 120 minutes, and if thats not enough the DVD includes extra features like cum-shot recaps, full-motion menus, a chapter index, a photo gallery, 10 bonus solo scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gay Bishop Cut From Obama Broadcast

After all the fuss made over America's first openly gay bishop being included in new President Obama's inauguration, Gene Robinson was cut from the broadcast ...

The subscription cable channel HBO was broadcasting the official Obama Inaugural Celebration from Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial which was supposed to serve as a the starting celebration for the coming days of inauguration celebration.

HBO couldn't get it together to broadcast gay bishop Gene Robinson's inaugural opening ceremony prayer, but you can WATCH IT HERE thanks to YouTube ...

**HBO said late Monday that it will include an opening prayer from an openly gay pastor in subsequent telecasts of the "We Are One" inaugural concert, whose original live telecast began after the pastor's invocation.

Tom Hanks Blasts Mormons As 'Un-American'

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has lashed out over Prop 8, calling the push to ban gay marriage in California by the Mormon church "un-American" ...

Hanks says, "The truth is that a lot of Mormons gave a lot of money to the church to make Prop 8 happen. There are a lot of people who feel that is un-American and I am one of them."

"I do not like to see any discrimination codified on any piece of paper in any of the 50 states in America."

"A little bit of light can be shed and people can see who's responsible and that can motivate the next go around of our self correcting constitution and hopefully we can move forward instead of backwards. So let's have faith in not only the American, but Californian constitutional process."

Hanks produces the TV series Big Love, which focuses on a polygamous Mormon family. Hanks himself has referred to polygamy as a "bizarre offshoot of the Mormon Church."

Boy George's Jail Hell

The chubby former Culture Club lead singer, now sporting a crew cut, spent his first day in prison today.

Insiders told London’s The Sun that the pop star was “shaking like a leaf” before he entered the jail house, fearing he would be killed for being gay.

While in a court cell on Friday a fellow inmate said: “He kept sobbing, ‘I can’t go to jail, I’ll be killed’.”

The inmate said he was warned: “Don’t talk to (George), he’s a batty boy (homosexual).”

Another inmate claimed: “They’ve put him in a cell with a big Jamaican guy called "Dread" to protect him and there is always a guard close by.”

But the inmate added: “A celeb is a celeb in here. People love fame. Everyone remembers Culture Club.”

George, real name George O’Dowd, scoffed down microwaved fish and chips and mushy peas and sat in his cell writing on scraps of paper.

It’s a far cry from his head days in the ‘80s when the Do You Really Want To Hurt me singer commanded a superstar reception wherever he went.

George was jailed for shackling Norwegian Audun Carlsen, 29, to a hook at his flat in London before thrashing him with a chain.