Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Whats Really at the end of a Rainbow!!

Stag Affairs - Straight Man Fucks Me

Stag Affairs combines five super-hot scenarios from the artistic and edgy styling of Stag Homme Directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. Each of these porn powerhouses appears in two sexy affairs found here.

Aaron Summer gets Doubled Fucked by Owen & Brandon Hawk

Very cut bottom Aaron Summers gets more then he bargains for with both thick cock Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have a Seat on Vito Gallo Sensa Firm Cock

Height: 6'3 |Weight: 195 lbs |Dick Size: 9.5" |Position: Top Lucas Entertainment After Hours Vito Gallo SensaFirm Cock replica porn star dong. Molded replica of Lucas Entertainment Adult Super Star Vito Gallo's enormous 9.5 inches cock. Made of firm but flexible, easy to clean SensaFirm material. Vito's hand painted tip is always ready and waiting.


You have seen the teasers and the spread in DNA Magazine, now finally here is the exclusive Backstage FiX video of the shoot. Shot exclusively for DNA Magazine in Sydney, see Kylie Minogue's dancers in their full glory stutting there stuff for Photographer Fernando Barraza.

A Look Back at Vic Seipke , Mr America 1976

Vic Seipke competed for diverse titles (apart from those listed below) from 1951 to 1977. His build was extraordinary even when he was forty-five. Thanks to his attractive face and well-developed body he was also much in demand as nude model by recognized American photographers such as Douglas of Detroit.

Vic Seipke , Mr America. from John Cassin on Vimeo.

Study Supports ‘Theory’ That Females and Gay Males Prefer Large Penises

Duh... it must have been a "Short Dicked man" that was dumb enough to do this study that was just published. It supports the idea that all things being equal, women (and most Gay Men) equate attractiveness with the size of a man's penis. The purpose of the study was to test the hypothesis that primitive female mate choice “could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans,” a theory the authors conclude was more or less supported by the study’s results, but it’s that conclusion that size does matter—up to a point—that has us (and the mainstream media) intrigued.

The findings add to a debate that began in 1966 when sexuality researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson declared penis size to be unimportant to most females.

There are a few caveats, the study reports, including, “Penis size had a stronger effect on attractiveness in taller men than in shorter men. There was a similar increase in the positive effect of penis size on attractiveness with a more masculine body shape (i.e., greater shoulder-to-hip ratio). Surprisingly, larger penis size and greater height had almost equivalent positive effects on male attractiveness.”

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tom of Finland Movie Teaser

Touko Laaksonen, best known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland He been called the "most influential creator of gay pornographic images" and has burned images of masculinity into our minds.

From the film's manifesto, "In his childhood, he drew pictures of naked men. While drawing, he wore only leather boots. As a young man, he fought in the war and had sex with his fellow soldiers, both Finnish and German. During his adulthood, he lived a double life. By day, a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night a genius creator of erotic drawings.We remember him through leather, huge muscles, even larger cocks and humour — empowering the masculine gay man."

The Hookies Awards Ceremony 2013 video short

The Hookies 2013 International Escort Awards CEREMONY hosted by Sharon Needles with Trenton Ducati, Rafael Alencar, winner Christopher Daniels, Mike Diamond, Jack Mackenroth, Robbyne Kaamil, Chi Chi LaRue, Mr.Pam, Robin Byrd, Michael Musto and more.

Traditional African gay wedding a first

Vintage Porn Three Guys Peter, Larry And Frank All Fucking At Once

Only $2.95 for 3 Days Vintage Porn, Vintage Price

Three Guys Peter, Larry And Frank All Fucking At Once.

Another HBO Liberace Trailer

The Andrew Christian Boys Escape To Island House

Monday, April 8, 2013

GUESS THE Hidden GAY! Game

All I wonder is "Can't I have Both"

Meet Josh Long The newest Next Door Male

The newest Next Door Male This Florida native is sexually open, and sexually gorgeous as well. He views life as one big playground, and if you had a toy like his to play with, you would probably feel the same!

Watch "When Black Men Attack " Forbidden Funk Media

These black men are on a mission to ruin and destroy wet, pink holes! These bruthas are drilling with dark, thick dick and demolishing every light piece of ass in their path! The title says it all- Black men on a mission to ruin and destroy wet pink hole! These Bruthas are drilling with DARK THICK DICK and demolishing every light piece of ass in their paths! If you love BIG SLABS OF BLACK MEAT splitting white buns then you need to see what happens WHEN BLACK MEN ATTACK!



Naked Sword Undiscovered Preview

Sometimes to make it to the top, you have to start at the bottom. Or bottom/vers, at least. Follow eight new guys as they try to break from the porn model pack to become actual stars. In NakedSword's reality-based series Undiscovered, award-winning director Mr. Pam and fetish favorite Leo Forte school the willing models, showing them how to pose, how to create on-screen chemistry and how rock a porn set. Then, it's a master class in fucking. And fuck they do! The boys are handsome, hung and horny as hell - but can they learn the difference between doing it in the bedroom and doing it for the boxcover? Find out with NakedSword's original hit movie Undiscovered

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #351

This week the boys are showing us all their "Cherry Blossoms" after a week of partying and drinking Cherry themed drinks and I am sure taking a few guys Cherries, they still have enough vim and vigor for a great podcast. This week they talk about Kathy Griffin, Armageddon Asteroid coming to you, and traditional African Gay Weeding. They also answer your questions about travel with poppers on carry more. David reviews the new Vulcan Mouth Masturbators, both Tight and Wet Mouth for a very real realistic blow job for under $16 Bucks, a winner for your wiener and a winner for you wallet. We hope that spring has you sprung and that you Stay Hard.