Thursday, July 10, 2008

Men at Play -behind the scenes

Eduardo Dubov from is a sexy mother fucker, but even he looks surprised at how this horny dog just can't seem to resist his naked body.

Watch the behind the scenes footage here:

Dark Alley Media Acquires Primepork Amsterdam

Dark Alley Media who is know for wildest uninhibited XXX gay sex videos and gay fisting videos like Gaytanamo, and Passico has just acquired a Netherlands based Primepork Amsterdam. This new acquisition gives Dark Alley 22 more titles for it’s library plus 3 unreleased titles.

"We are excited to have made this acquisition," said Dark Alley president Matthias von Fistenberg. "Primepork is a brand I have always admired for the unscripted, intense and playful sexuality they present in their movies. The guys in those films never look like they are at work. "We will continue to produce under the Primepork label. They have a very large and loyal fan base, and we want all those guys to know that we will continue this line and stay true to the Primepork brand."

Rick Strauss, founder of Primepork Amsterdam, said he was happy to be passing the torch."When you work for many years of your life building something that is your own, and when you are ready to move on, nothing is better than knowing that you are leaving your ‘baby' in very talented and capable hands," he said.

"With this purchase, we now have a library of over 50 high-quality hardcore titles, and we are strategically positioned in both the United States and Europe," Dark Alley vice president Owen Hawk said.

Attorney General Re-Confirms his Comments to ‘Purge Porn”

In testimony this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing on Department of Justice (DOJ) Oversight, Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that his agency will continue conducting "targeted, efficient" prosecutions of adult material, citing the government's recent victory in the Max Hardcore case in Tampa, Fla. as justification for continuing its attempted porn purge.

Mukasey spoke in answer to a question from reliably conservative Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Ut.), who asked, "General Mukasey, let me start my questions by following up on a topic I raised at your confirmation hearing last October. At that time, I described the concern of many that in enforcing the obscenity laws, the Justice Department is targeting too narrow a range of obscene material. The most extreme material may make a conviction more likely, but that conviction has little impact on the overall obscenity industry, and as I said then, I believe that the strategy is misguided. Now, you agreed personally to review and consider changing the strategy. Now, I hope you've had an opportunity to conduct that review and that you will share your conclusions with the committee if you can."

Mukasey responded, "I think what we try to do is to bring those cases that we can win, and those cases that are going to have the greatest impact on removing obscene materials which degrade our society and depict behavior that we think is disgraceful. We've done that; we had a recent conviction in Tampa of a large-scale producer of this kind of material. We want to do it in a targeted, efficient way. We want to do it in a way that will have the most effect. What we don't want to do is - as you know, there's a tolerance for this in the courts. We don't want to bring prosecutions that will have the effect essentially of making more tolerated the kind of material that we think ought to be stamped out. We pick our targets carefully; we pick them so as to have the greatest effect and we bring vigorous prosecutions."

Can this administration leave any faster?

Playgirl Model Nicholas Ryan Shakes his Money Maker

Watch Ryan with his Wii Fit hula hoop shake and smack his hot tight ass.

HGTY “Design Star” Contestant Mikey V. hottest Gay on Reality TV

I loved this hot cop from the time I saw his bulging tattooed biceps and nice package on this seasons Design Star but got really turned on when he knew that celery was a color not only something for a diet.

Mikey V (full name is Michael Verdugo) is a gay cop from Hollywood Florida who experienced homophobia from the police department in an article from “New Times News” from Oct. 2007.

He seems to be the frontrunner in the Reality Show, a Jack of all trades; he can decorate, do carpentry and get you hot and bothered all at once. I know he can work on my wood anytime he wants.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dirty Bird Celebrates Release of Jett Blakk’s 'Mug Shots' in L.A.

The cast of Dirty Bird Pictures' "Mug Shots" will meet fans, autograph photos and give away free copies of the movie at MJ's Bar in LA on Thurs., July 10 from 6:30 - 9 p.m.

Cast members Geoffrey Paine, Markus Ram, Wolf Hudson and director Jett Blakk are scheduled to attend. "Mug Shots" also stars Robbie Ireland, Chad Hunt, Braxton Bond and Scott Campbell MJ's Bar is located at 2810 Hyperion Ave. in the Silverlake district of LA.

Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Honors Chi Chi LaRue

The Queen of gay porn Chi Chi LaRue will appear at the 14th annual Philadelphia Gay Film Festival for “Dragging Out Chi Chi LaRue: A Showcase of Smut”

“The Philly Film Fest is such an amazing event and I’m beyond honored that they’ve given me my own special showcase,” LaRue says “[And] it’s dedicated to my favorite person — me. And my favorite topic — smut.”

LaRue's extensive career will be showcased, including selected clips from his best-known films as well as some never-before-seen footage from "Chi Chi's Vault." C1R Exclusives Johnny Hazzard and Blake Riley will make special appearances during the event.

An after party, hosted by LaRue, will take place immediately following the showcase at Philadelphia’s Pure nightclub. The event is being billed as "Chi Chi LaRue's Pure Smut.” LaRue will host the DJ booth, alongside Hazzard and Riley, to “provide some extra raunch for a night of true, pure smut.”

"Dragging Out Chi Chi LaRue: A Showcase of Smut" will take place on Friday, June 11 at the Prince Music Theatre, 1412 Chestnut St., beginning at 7:15 p.m. Tickets are available online at "Chi Chi LaRue's Pure Smut" will be held at Pure nightclub, 1221 Saint James St., from 10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. with a reduced cover for film fest ticketholders.

Zeus Electrosex Launches Online Education Videos

Electric sex toy company Zeus Electrosex has produced introduction videos for each of its 12 electric products including Beginner E-Stim Kit, Digital Deluxe Electrosex Kit. The videos are hosted by Mistress Nicolette, who has 10 years of experience with Zeus Electrosex machines.

"Our product line is very unique and is so different from traditional sex toys that we felt creating Electrosex videos would address many of our customers' questions," Zeus Electrosex Wholesale and Marketing Manager Michael Sean Christensen said.

If you ever wanted to know about Electrosex this is a nice and easy way to find out more about this unique stimulating fun and articles about having a "Hands free Orgasm", check out the free information videos.

Third World Media Launches 'Tight Latin Manholes'

Third World Media has launched a new hot line, "Tight Latin Manholes." The first volume is out and available and stars Erick, Kaike, Rudolpho, Breno, Kawa and Junior.

"Tight Latin Manholes" is also notable as being the first gay title under the belt of adult veteran Ed "Tight-Ass" Hunter, whose other credits include many transsexual movies for Third World Media.

"Brazil's full of beautiful people and that includes the guys," Hunter said. "'It's hard to find someone you can't shoot. 'Tight Latin Manholes' is about male masseurs and their clientele, who are always guaranteed to be oiled up, rubbed down and given a bareback happy ending. We have every kind of guy, from twinks to daddies, and they all look amazing. These guys can wear Speedos and not be ashamed."

Arkansas came for a Cage Fight but Got Gay For-play from Sacha Cohen’s

Crowds in Arkansas came with the lure of $1 beer and a cage fight with hunky men kicking butt. Instead the got men ripping off cloths rolling around and making out, and went right up to the line of the city’s morality laws.

Arkansas audience became enraged and started lobbing beers and booing. Maybe they should have been tipped off by the fighter’s name “Straight Dave” or the elaborate array of mounted and handheld video cameras, the several sighs on display that they’d be filmed and the waivers they signed before the event saying they would be filmed.

It looks like the homoerotic cage fight comes from Sacha Cohen’s and new movie titled “Bruno” the gay Austrian fashion reported.