Friday, October 30, 2009

REVIEW: The Private Life of Ralph Woods

Back in the summer of 2005, Paulie, myself and a bunch of friends were up in the fair city of Montreal. Attending some for the finer strip clubs along St. Catherine street, Paulie and I had the opportunity to meet Pierre Fitch. Longtime listeners of the porncast have heard several times how that all went, but what has been less noted is that a friend of ours got several lap dances from Mr. Fitch's boyfriend, none other than Ralph Woods. Our friend loves twinks with big dicks, so he was like a pig in shit. Ralph Woods has only gotten better since then.

This video is like the other Bel Ami "The Private Life Of" videos in that it purports to look at the actual private life of a porn star, but really just makes it up as it goes along. The sex scenes are interspersed with Ralph being interviewed, where unlike the other videos in this series, the interview takes place in English. Ralph gives a accurate view of his life, but things are tweaked so that his answers lead into the sex scenes. Of particular interest are his sex scenes with Trevor Yates (big dicks a plenty), with Henri Gaudin, who really seems to have a connection with Ralph, and with Sascha Chaykin, who Ralph has sex with after picking him out of a lineup of hot Bel Ami men, where he gets to pre-sample he goods. If you're at least a minor fan of Ralph Woods, then this is a video to pick up, at least for the volume volume volume.

REVIEW: Rascal Superstar Series: Luca Dicorso

I love Italian men. Don't get me wrong, I love men of all types and nationalities, and the men of Barcelona always deserve special mention. But Italian men have always been special. The coupling of machismo and romance, the sexy accent, the beautiful skin and luxurious hair. Luca Dicorso is all Italian and has a thick Italian sausage to go with his versatility. That's why having all of Luca's scenes with Rascal in one spot is so convenient.

The scenes, all featuring luscious Luca, come from "Wicked," with Johnny Hazzard and Joey Milano in a really hot scene, from "Sized Up," with Sebastian Rivers, from "Knob Bobbin'," with Zackary Pierce in that flick's only non-oral scene, from "No Cover," with an initially passed-out Jeremy Hall and Jan Fischer in a bar, and from "In His Dreams," with Eddie Diaz initially featured in silhouettes.

Nothing I Like Better Than A Juicy Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

REVIEW: Bare Hostel

I don't review a lot of bareback porn. As I have indicated in prior reviews, I don't really find a lot of bareback stuff to be any hotter than non-bareback stuff. Case in point: Bare Hostel doesn't seem any hotter because it's bareback. It could be just as hot as a non-bareback movie, in my opinion. Filmed in the Czech Republic, and directed by Vlado Iresch, this flick includes a bunch of really hot guys having scorching sex.

Scene one has Cole Macey and Stephen Blake having hot sex outside, scene two has Patres Reko, Robinos Clark, and Christiano Law in a torrid threeway in and out of a bed, scene three has Gio Galis, Justin Wilde, and Nick Hansen in the great outdoors, scene four has Justin Wilde and Nick Hansen having sex in the gym, scene five has Lukas Leung and Abel Collis, and scene five has Marty Marshall and Daniel Wood in a spontaneous scene, maybe the best in the video. A ton of sex and the kind of hostel you might need to check into.

REVIEW: Fuck Me Harder

Spritzz's new video includes solos, duos and a pair of threeways, with the German company's trademark hot sex with just a hint of kink. With a name like "Fuck Me Harder" you would think there would be more couplings than solos, but I don't pretend to understand the German mindset present in Spritzz's movies. Listeners of the porncast may remember my reviews of "Million Dollar Boy" and "Drawn to Fuck," which are anything but your typical porn movies.

The video's two threeways include three hot guys (Juergen, Christopher, and Leo) in one and two straight guys with a female blowup doll in the other. A good percent of the solos take place outside. Over the course of the runtime, approximately 2 hours, you see 21 guys, advertised as being picked off the streets of Berlin. One of the duo scenes has Rick Belour and Hector in a really hot scene. I'm not sure of who is in the second duo scene, but it's a hot scene as well. If you have liked any of Spritzz's other videos, then you are sure to like this one as well.

REVIEW: Skinny Boys

Sometimes a title is enough. If you like skinny boys, especially European skinny boys, then this might be a good movie for you to pick up. If you don't like skinny boys, then the title tells you all you need to know. Since this is Studio 2000 release, which was apparently highjacked by a European porn producer and forced to never release an American gay porn video again, the quality of the picture, camera angles, etc. is all up to par. Look at the guys and decide for yourself.

In terms of scenes, the first has Lou Devane topping Jonathan Linz, the second has Adrian Rogers riding Jason Mannator, the third has Jerry Harris giving it to Jon Elvin, the fourth has Marty Foster fucking Dennis Wesley, and in the last, Julian Mattei bottoms for Boris Encinas, where those two are featured on the cover. The guys aren't just skinny, they have big dicks, and this being gay porn, you probably didn't expect micro-penises. Of course, like an optical illusion, a big dick on a skinny boy looks even bigger. Check out the boys and see if you get the skinny on whether they turn your crank.

REVIEW: Straight Up Dudes

I certainly can't say that I discovered Hayden Stephens, but I certainly noticed him first in "Overtime" with Tory Mason directed by Jett Blakk. I even asked Jett about him in one of our numerous interviews with Jett. For a straight dude, he seems to trigger something in me; your mileage may vary. And it is Hayden that is the main draw in this flick from Pacific Sun. The plot, such that it is, involves a bunch of straight boys that venture to a director's house for auditions.

The first and last scenes with Hayden are the best, with the first with CJ Montes and the latter scene with Mark Galfione being slightly hotter. The other scenes, with Ryan Starr and Jay Cruz in one and in the other with Shane Celtic and Gianni Luca, are okay. Overall, the video looks good and a majority of the scenes are hot enough to get you off. So not really a rave review, but if you're a sex piggy and need a constant stream of porn, then, to quote the movie "Babe": "That'll do pig. That'll do."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

REVIEW: The Best Of Chad Knight

Oh no, you say, not another Falcon anthology review. Boy, that Evan sure is lazy! This review he doesn't have to critique the scenes, just has to talk about where the scenes come from. And its true. No plot to discuss, because all of the scenes come from different movies. Of course this anthology features Chad Knight in every scene, and if you watched them in chronological order you can see the evolution in the long career of this star. (Hey Falcon, what an idea! allow for chronological viewing; I'll take my cut in the form of free porn).

The video covers 9 scenes: two from "The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue," one with Johnny Hanson and the other with Eric Stone (both great), a solo scene from "The Other Side Of Aspen III: Snowbound," a smokin' scene by and in the pool with Dean Johnson (vying with each other for most ripped) from "Summer Buddies," a pre-wedding tryst with Jeff Hammond from "Driving Hard," a hot threeway scene from "Someone's Watching" with David Grant and Trevor Hansen, barn sex with Mike Nichols from "Big River," a very young Chad getting fucked by Matt Gunther in "Buttbusters," and a mature Chad with Pierre Fitch (Paulie's favorite) and Filippo Romano in "Long Shot...Making The Game." This video is well worth it for Chad's fans, if you don't already have his movies, and a nice retrospective of his career with Falcon.

REVIEW: Dirty!

Frequent listeners to the porncast know that I have not always been kind to the new Mustang Studios. The old Mustang was reliable, one time youngest sibling in the Falcon family. I pictured the powers-that-be at Falcon as reviewing an idea or script, and saying "not really Falcon, not really Jocks, must be Mustang." Then Mustang, more recently, became the studio where you went to find a Raging Stallion-like video not made by Raging Stallion. The instant video might be for you if you like a redneck (with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy).

To be fair, the guys aren't rednecks, just the scenery is. Scene one, between Ty Lebeouf and Race Cooper, takes place outside an airstream trailer, scene two, Blu Kennedy gets fucked after trying to siphon gas out of Scott Tanner's pickup, scene three, has Max Sinclair and Tony Aziz having sex instead of hunting deer, and scene four, with Ty Lebeouf and Luke Riley mud rasslin' in a dried up swimmin' hole. If you like any of these guys and you like your sex dirty (literally), this might be a video for you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Masturbator That Wants to Suck your Blood?

Just in time for Halloween, the leader in male masturbators, Fleshlight has released a Vampire themed special edition called Succu Dry and Count Cockula.

Company CEO Steve Shubin said “With recent television and box office success, the vampire fantasy has become a very real fantasy for millions of people. We at Fleshlight have been providing men an outlet for their fantasies since our founding, so it is only fitting that we continue to do so with this fantasy, which until now, has been completely unattainable.”

REVIEW: Pin Ups Athletic

The world of gay porn viewers can often be divided up into two separate but equally important groups (shh, don't tell anyone at Law & Order that I stole their intro). One group loves solos and the other group hates solos. (There are people who don't care either way, but that kinds of breaks my thesis, so let's ignore them for the time being). For the former group, amateur porn, like XTube, is a godsend, because the best amateur porn is solos. Its a lot harder to lens a couple or threesome engaging in hot sex because you have to consider angles, positioning, etc. With solos, its you and the camera, so it's like a "two body" problem in physics; very doable. That's why for some, they might see this title and pass. As somebody who spends a lot of time in the second group, let me tell you that would be a mistake.

Normally, I feature a box cover, but in this case I have provided a back cover of this video. Why? you might ask. This way you get a better idea of how hot the 14 guys in this flick are. The guys are hot enough to convert you into a solo-loving gay, at least for the length of this video. For you solo-loving guys, here's a great addition. Pulled from Bel Ami's vast online storehouse (if you're a member, then there might not be a lot new here), there are several models who never did scenes with other models, so this might be your only opportunity. My favorites: Dominique Bouquet (better known as Jakob Stefano), Boris Malkin, Damien Rivkin, and Jonny Provost.

REVIEW: The Best Of Chip Daniels

If you're a newbie to gay porn, you might know some directors, such as Michael Lucas, Kristen Bjorn, and Doug Jeffries, only by their film direction and may not know that they were also performers in front of the camera. Same of Chip Daniels; long before he started Centaur Films, he was a versatile presence in a bunch of Falcon films. This flick from the Falcon Anthology Series features his best work, spanning 8 scenes. If you don't have the films featured, and you like Chip Daniels, this might be good video for you.

The scenes (all featuring Chip, of course) come from "Overload," one with Drew Gallagher and Chris Chamberlain, another with Ken Adkins, and another with Ray Butler and Marc Saber; from "Full Length" with Sean Davis and Chuck Hunter; from "The Abduction Series, Part II - The Conflict" with Brad Stone; "Backdrop" with Marc Saber and Scott Bond; "Big As They Come" with Craig Hoffman; and "On The Lookout" with Jeff Hammond and Tom Farrell. Some really great, classic Falcon sex scenes.


There's a scene in this flick with a translucent chess set on a chessboard lit from below and two hot guys playing chess. The way that my mind works, I was wondering if I've ever scene guys playing chess in any gay porn video. If you can think of any, leave a comment below. That may be more of an entree into my mind than the video, but, hell, it's my blog post.

This is the second (I think) video from Lukas Ridgeston Productions. If you like Bel Ami stuff, then all of Lukas' stuff is on a par with that. (I personally would rather have him in front of the camera. but these are the breaks). Of the featured boys, I only recognized Val Horner, Alex Orioli, and Ariel Vanean from other Bel Ami videos. The other boys are hot, in that Bel Ami sort of way, but nobody is a standout. If you read Lukas Ridgeston's press notes, the chess board and the moves are all related to sexual tension. Even I wind up saying "com'n, it's just porn!"

REVIEW: Road Trip Vol. 12 Lake Shasta

At this point, if you've seen any of the new Jocks videos, you know the drill. Follow X number of young, twinkie guys on a road trip, including their trip to the destination and some hot sex along the way. Normally three couplings and then a orgy with everyone. (This video only features 5 guys, and not the hamburger joint) The formula varies only with the destination and the guys. Thus, your question should be: are the guys hot?

In a word: Yes. Your millage will vary depending on whether you like the format and/or the guys. If you buy it for the scenery, then you're barking up the wrong blog. Those guys include Kyler Benz, Camden Christenson, Patrick Kennedy, Atorian Tomes, and Jake Woods. All the scenes take place on or along side the titled Lake Shasta, which is pretty, so maybe the scenery is worth something. The sex is good if you prefer your snack cakes from hostess, but of course not the chocolate cupcake kind. If it helps, the video has a lower price point than other Falcon family stuff. Check out the back cover and see if it's for you.

REVIEW: Vance Winter Taking It In

When Paulie and I talked about this flick briefly on the porncast, I'm afraid I was a bit disparaging. The "new" scene in this video, and the interstitial portions between the "old" scenes, with Vance Winter and Jeremy Bilding by the pool are quite good. Looking back, my response was probably in keeping with all of Chi Chi LaRue's "new" videos that include one new scene and a bunch of old scenes. Since I can guarantee that I have seen all the old scenes before, these "new" videos don't hold must interest for me, except for the new scenes.

Of course if you haven't seen these scenes, then this may be a good video for you. These scenes include a hot coupling between Lane Fuller and Axel Garret, from How The West Was Hung, a scene between Brad Benton and Kevin Brown, from Down The Drain, a sexy scene from Andel In America with Andel and Antonio Madiera, and a great scene between Benjamin Bradley and Josh Vaughn, from The Blond Leading The Blond. Of course, the scene to really buy the video for is Vance Winter's first bottoming on screen. He's a hot young top and he doesn't look that he's taken a lot of dick. His bottoming is exciting from that standpoint; he seems like a novice or is just really good actor. Therefore, this a a good video for Vance Winter's fans or if you haven't seen the other scenes before.

Hot House Movers N Shakers Sneek Peek

In Movers N Shakers Kyle King complains when Rod Daily keeps telling him what to do on the job. But when Daily orders him to get on his knees and suck his cock King happily complies, greedily sucking Daily's huge tool while pulling on his own fat cock.